Classroom of the Elite: I Have the Ability to Read Minds! (COTE)

Shimizu Yuto possesses the extraordinary power to read the minds of others! Joined by his childhood friend, Sakura Airi, Yuto enters the prestigious Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. Witness as he masterfully leverages his abilities to gather information and advance his own goals. But what shocking secrets will he uncover? Sakura Airi: "I dream of marrying Yuto!" Karuizawa Kei: "I need Yuto to protect me!" Chabashira Sae: "What is this mischievous student plotting? Does he truly expect me to become his maid?" Horikita Suzune: "Why has Yuto been summoned to the Student Council? Did my brother give his seal of approval?" Kushida Kikyo: "Is he aware of my past?" Ichinose Honami: "Would Yuto agree to be my fake boyfriend?" --- Support Me: patreon.com/U22 YouTube.com/@animexfirst --- Please Note: I do not own anything in this fanfiction. The copyright belongs to their respective creators.

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Our Goal, Completely Aligned!

Chapter 48: Our Goal, Completely Aligned!

Chabashira Sae gently hummed in agreement, then continued to recall her past experiences.

"I was not as good as you. I failed to realize, based on the homeroom teacher's narration, that information could be purchased with points."

If Yuto hadn't extracted a lot of information related to points from that old lady's mind, he wouldn't have approached Chabashira Sae to buy more information.

"Afterwards, various exams and tests resulted in six students from my class being forced to drop out."

Yuto raised his eyebrows at Chabashira Sae's words. Did the school really have the power to drop students out?

He kept this terrifying piece of information in mind.

"After a series of chaotic events, the students of my class came together, and due to my active involvement, I was elected as the leader."

"They believed that I would be able to lead our class to promotion and then graduate from Class A."

"After that, everyone in my class worked hard to promote our class."

"Subsequently, we didn't lose any more classmates while continuously accumulating class points."

"By the third year of graduation, our Class D had been promoted to Class B, and only less than a hundred points behind Class A."

Speaking of this, Chabashira Sae took a deep drag of her cigarette, exhaling a captivating aroma, her face showing a hint of pain as she recalled her past memories, "At that time, we firmly believed that our class could surpass Class A in class points and that we would all graduate together from Class A."

"But... unfortunately, I made a mistake at the worst possible time."

Chabashira Sae closed her eyes, her slender fingers crumpling the cigarette she held. "As their leader, I made a mistake, and as a consequence, my class descended into chaos, shattering all our aspirations and dreams of surpassing Class A."

"I see," Yuto said softly, echoing her words.

Three years, enduring countless tests and hardships, they were just one step away from their desired goal, yet their leader made a mistake at the worst possible time, resulting in a missed opportunity.

Such a situation is enough to induce despair, becoming unbearable.

"Sigh..." Chabashira Sae exhaled deeply, regaining her composure from the memories of despair, and looked towards Yuto.

"Shimizu, after that we graduated, and I chose to become a teacher at this school. My past failures and mistakes became my obsession, so I want to ask you a favor."

Yuto's handsome face showed a hint of reluctance, as intelligent as he was, he had already anticipated what Chabashira Sae wanted to ask him for.

Because of her mistake, her class failed to advance to Class A, so Chabashira Sae pinned her hope on her students, hoping they could fulfill her wish that turned into obsession.

That is — to promote Class D to Class A.

Facing Chabashira Sae's intense gaze, Yuto said helplessly, "Just say what you want to ask, sensei. If it's something I can do, I will consider it."

"Shimizu, shouldn't you just agree right away!" Chabashira Sae said with a headache.

She did not expect that after sharing her past experiences, this bad boy was not moved and did not agree to her request right away.

Although Chabashira Sae liked cautious students, Yuto was too cautious and wary, making him difficult to persuade.

"Of course not, what if you're asking me to be your boyfriend?"

"Then I would be at a huge loss!" Yuto retorted with a smile.

Chabashira Sae glared at him, thinking that she would be the one at a bigger loss in such a case.

"I wanted to ask you to become the leader of Class 1-D and lead everyone to surpass Class A," Chabashira Sae said straightforwardly.

"Shimizu, you also know that only students who graduate from Class A can enjoy the special privileges of this school, right?"

"So our goal is completely aligned."

"There's nothing wrong with what you said," Yuto nodded.

"So, do you accept it?" Chabashira Sae asked.

"It's not about whether I accept or not, but whether the rest of my classmates are willing," Yuto casually responded.

Yuto was not an ordinary student; he was not very enthusiastic about the privileges of this school.

However, he also did not want to stay in Class D forever, as everyone in this school knows that Class D is the class with the poorest overall quality among the four classes!

Although Yuto did not directly agree with her to lead Class 1-D to surpass Class A, Chabashira Sae knew that Yuto had the intention to promote his class, which was enough for her!

After all, there are still three years left until Yuto's graduation, and she has no need to be too anxious for now.

Chabashira Sae, who graduated from this school, knew very well that being hasty was the beginning of most mistakes...

Yuto turned to look at Chabashira Sae, who now had a relaxed expression, and said, "Chabashira-sensei, you mentioned dropouts just now. Does this school actually allow students to drop out?"

"Yes," Chabashira Sae gently nodded her head.

Actually, she should not have revealed this information to Yuto at this time.

Because the first month of the freshman year had not yet passed, it was not allowed to let the new students know about the school's dropout information.

Otherwise, if found, they will face severe punishments.

But for the sake of realizing her obsession, Chabashira Sae was willing to take a risk and tell Yuto anything he wanted to know!

She might even proactively reveal some secret information to Yuto!

Chabashira Sae lowered her voice and said, "Shimizu, if you become the class leader, make sure no one in the class drops out, because for each student that drops out, 300 class points will be deducted."

"300 class points will be deducted, huh." Yuto showed a surprised expression.

Currently, all four classes start with 1000 class points each year. If four students were to drop out, then 1200 class points would be deducted.

Then the question arises —

"Chabashira-sensei, if four students are dropped out from a class with only 1,000 class points, will that class's class points turn negative?" Yuto curiously asked.

"No, if class points fall to zero, no matter the reason, be it student dropouts or other causes, it will not turn negative," Chabashira Sae answered.

"I see," Yuto nodded, understanding what she meant.

"Shimizu, are you worried that Class D's points might drop to zero within this month?"

"Sort of," Yuto answered nonchalantly.

"Well, don't worry, 1,000 class points may seem like a small amount, but in reality, it's quite a lot. Moreover, since the establishment of this school, there has never been a class that lost 1,000 class points within the first month of starting," Chabashira Sae said.


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