Classroom of the Elite: A tale of Nanaya

I had a dream. I dreamt of a chilly winter night. I dreamt of a pure round moon. I dreamt of pitch-black deep mountains. I dreamt of a feast of fresh blood. A young man stood there. ////This book and story is not mine. The original author name is 如倾如诉. Support the original author. I'm just a translator. Update will be uncertain cuz I got other two book I'm translating. Could be daily, I dunno. I don't own the cover either, just found it on Google. /////

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For a moment, it felt as though time itself had stopped.

Feeling the soft body pressed against his back, Hori immediately understood the situation.

And the situation was revealed in the next second.

Because a pair of slender but strong hands wrapped around Hori from behind, embracing him.

"...What are you doing?"

Hori frowned deeply and questioned.

Kushida Kikyou had wrapped herself around Hori from behind, pressing her body against him.

Hori could even feel the touch of Kushida Kikyou's ample chest against his back.

Although not as prominent as Sakura Airi, Kushida Kikyou was still quite well-endowed, at least a D-cup.

This well-proportioned, cute, and undoubtedly popular girl at Advanced Nurturing High School, the most popular girl, was tightly hugging a boy from behind on the deck of the cruise ship at night.

And this boy was publicly known to be in a relationship with Class B's Ichinose Honami.

If anyone saw this scene, it would undoubtedly cause a huge commotion in the first year.

Especially for the students of Class D. If they saw this, they would be utterly shocked, with people like Sakura Airi and Ike Kanji being particularly affected.

Honestly, this was not something Kushida Kikyou would typically do.

The girl who wanted to be friends with everyone surely understood that if this scene was witnessed, it would alter nearly all interpersonal relationships in the class.

For one, Sakura Airi would definitely stop interacting with Kushida Kikyou.

This was something Kushida Kikyou, who wanted to be friends with everyone, would never want to see.

Hori couldn't believe that Kushida Kikyou didn't understand this.

Yet, even understanding it, Kushida Kikyou still did it.

The reason behind this must be quite significant.

Hori thought for a moment and then somewhat understood the reason.

Kushida Kikyou likely wanted to say...

"Have you aligned yourself with Horikita?"

When this question came from behind him, the ambiguous atmosphere was blown away by the cold sea breeze, becoming extremely oppressive.

"Why are you with that woman Horikita when it's always been me by your side?"

The voice reaching Hori's ears was no longer Kushida Kikyou's usual sweet and cute tone but a low voice compressed with hatred and resentment.

It was the true voice of the girl named Kushida Kikyou.

The one hugging Hori now was not the little angel of Advanced Nurturing High School but the little devil who had once again appeared before Hori, revealing her true face.

This gave Hori a feeling.

It was as if he was not being hugged by a girl but being targeted by an assassin from behind.

(This is quite an interesting experience...)

The corners of Hori's mouth lifted slightly.

When had Hori ever been taken from behind by someone? When had he ever been targeted from behind?

Even within that clan, the only person capable of getting behind Hori and attacking him was his adoptive father.

However, even Nanaya Kiri, who could get behind Hori, couldn't manage to target his vital points.

So, this felt novel to Hori.

With this feeling, Hori spoke with a slight, sarcastic smile.

"If I say 'yes,' what are you going to do about it?"

At these words, silence fell.

Kushida Kikyou did not respond.

But Hori knew what kind of expression she had.

She was probably biting her lip, not knowing whether to believe it or not, with a twisted look on her face.

Not wanting Hori to see this look was likely why Kushida Kikyou chose to hug him from behind.

Showing her true face to others was Kushida Kikyou's taboo.

But now, it seemed she couldn't suppress her negative emotions anymore.

"Horikita... Horikita... Horikita... What's so good about that woman...!?"

Kushida Kikyou's voice sounded like a curse.

"She's just a bit cute and good at studying. Other than that, she's useless. What's the point of getting close to her for you?"

Hearing this, the sarcastic smile on Hori's face deepened.

"So you know there's no point in getting close to Horikita?" Hori said mockingly, "Then why do you still try to get close to her? Even if it's just on the surface..."

"I..." Kushida Kikyou was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Hori's expression turned indifferent again.

"You should know," Hori said calmly, "In this Advanced Nurturing High School, the school has created a competitive environment for everyone to grow and eventually become useful talents."

This was the fundamental purpose of Advanced Nurturing High School.

"So what?"

Kushida Kikyou's cold voice came from behind.

"So what?" Hori smirked, "Do you really think the school put you and Horikita in Class D for no reason?"

Kushida Kikyou's breath caught slightly.

Maybe Kushida Kikyou had never even considered such a possibility?

"Without a doubt, the school administration knows about your past with Horikita, yet they still placed you both in the same class. The reason likely isn't just because you both have significant personality flaws."

Hori didn't turn around; he simply felt the presence of the girl behind him as he explained.

"Although it's just my speculation, the administration might be interested in seeing the outcome of the feud between you two."

How would Kushida Kikyou react to someone who knew about her past, whose very existence was unacceptable to her?

How would Horikita Suzune respond to someone who hid their true nature and inexplicably harbored deep resentment towards her?

Would the conflict between them lead to a positive or negative outcome?

In this irreconcilable situation, could they establish a competitive relationship and grow from it?

These might be the things the school administration wants to see.

"...So what?"

After a moment of silence, Kushida Kikyou responded coldly.

Hori, naturally, did not have a strong reaction.

"Nothing much."

As he said this, Hori's body shifted slightly, and before Kushida Kikyou could react, he effortlessly freed himself from her embrace.

Kushida Kikyou's body froze.

Hori suddenly turned around, reached out, and lifted Kushida Kikyou's chin, making her face him.

He looked at Kushida Kikyou's somewhat rigid and delicate face and suddenly smiled.

"I just wanted to say that I'm quite interested too."

Leaving these words, Hori released Kushida Kikyou and walked away.

It was only then that Kushida Kikyou reacted.

Watching Hori's departing figure, her eyes flickered with various emotions.

The night quietly passed by.