Classroom of the Elite: A tale of Nanaya

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-12- A sudden invitation

The first day of formal classes didn't have any particularly notable aspects. Even in the classrooms, teachers mostly provided explanations of the learning guidelines and promptly announced the end of the class.

This surprised the students of Class D. Initially, they expected the teaching in this school to be strict and tense due to its high reputation for near 100% college and employment rates. Consequently, the students were on edge.

However, the reality was that the learning atmosphere was relaxed, and the teachers were exceptionally cheerful and friendly, leaving an unusual impression.

Even Chabashira Sae, the class advisor, said, "Whether you attend classes or not is your personal freedom. None of the teaching staff, including me, will interfere. Handle it yourselves."

With such a statement, how could it not be relaxed?

As a result, not much time passed into the first day of formal classes, and students began to lose control in the laid-back learning atmosphere.

Some openly talked during class. Some arrived late without any restraint. Some acted like big shots, almost sleeping in every class. There were even many who started playing with their phones, creating chat groups, and inviting others to play during lectures.

Facing these phenomena, as Chabashira Sae mentioned, the teachers noticed but showed no signs of advising. They continued teaching as usual, seemingly indifferent.

Consequently, almost no one was earnestly paying attention.

"This is an unexpected phenomenon..."

Hori observed the scene and felt an accumulating sense of strangeness about this school.

Even Horikita Suzune, while disdainfully watching the scene, expressed her doubts under her breath.

"Can a learning environment like this really cultivate the talents this school needs?"

If people can lead such a dissolute life for three years, and the country guarantees employment or further education afterward, allowing an incompetent group to flaunt their low intelligence in various industries, wouldn't this country eventually be doomed?

Only Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, somewhat envious, gazed at the classroom's scene.

It was clear that this guy wanted one or two friends to chat and pass notes with during class.

Unfortunately, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka was destined to be one of the unpopular ones in the class. It might be quite a struggle to make friends.

And so, the time for today's classes passed in a state of laxity for the first-year Class D students.

It's worth mentioning that around lunchtime, Hori went to the school cafeteria to eat.

There, students from all grades frequented, and they could choose the meals they wanted by paying with points.

The noteworthy part was that even the cafeteria offered free meals.

Naturally, the quality of these free meals wasn't something to anticipate.

However, it served as a form of relief.

Knowing that they wouldn't starve even without points, some freshmen probably became even more reckless in spending their points, right?

Hori, however, chose a free meal without considering his financial situation, ate, and then returned to the classroom to continue the afternoon classes.

The time for dismissal arrived unnoticed.

"Hey, how about going to Keyaki Mall for a stroll?"

"I want to buy casual clothes for the holidays."

"Going to sing karaoke seems nice."

"I heard there's a very popular café; let's check it out."

The students in the class had completely adapted to the relaxed and easygoing atmosphere, enthusiastically chatting before the teachers left the classroom.

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka observed the scene and eventually turned his head, looking at Hori.

Seeing this, Hori, who was packing up his bag, silently looked back at him.

The two of them locked eyes.

After a moment, they both spoke simultaneously.

"How about—"


The former was spoken by Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, and the latter by Hori.

In other words, just as Ayanokouji Kiyotaka was about to say something to Hori, Hori cut him off with a single word.


Ayanokouji Kiyotaka fell silent immediately.

Hori remained speechless.

"Are you really so desperate to make friends that you've set your sights on me?"

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka chose Hori because he realized he couldn't make friends in a short time. However, Hori saw through this and rejected him outright.


Ayanokouji Kiyotaka sighed. "Don't you have any place you want to go with others?"

"Nope." Hori answered straightforwardly. "Even if there were, I'd prefer to act alone than with others."

This was because being alone was more convenient for Hori. He had been accustomed to this way of doing things since childhood.

However, before Ayanokouji Kiyotaka could react to this statement, Horikita Suzune, who was also packing up her bag, interjected.

"It really sounds like someone who can't make friends."

Horikita Suzune's remark was a sharp critique.

In response, Hori had only one thing to say.

"Pot calling the kettle black."

In this aspect of not making friends, Horikita Suzune truly had no qualification to say such things.

But, of course, she would say it, wouldn't she?

"Don't get me wrong; I just don't see the need to make friends."

This was Horikita Suzune's stance.

Hori glanced at Horikita Suzune and retorted with a direct statement.

"Doesn't that sound more like someone who can't make friends?"

Facing this blunt sarcasm, Horikita Suzune closed her mouth, her gaze at Hori turning increasingly unfriendly.

At this moment...

"All first-year students, please be advised. All first-year students, please be advised."

This was an announcement from the school.

"Starting at 5 PM today, there will be a club orientation meeting at the first gymnasium. Students interested in joining a club, please gather at the first gymnasium."

This announcement intrigued many freshmen.

"A club orientation meeting?"

"Isn't that a recruitment event for various clubs within the school?"

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and Horikita Suzune, momentarily distracted, raised their heads.

Hori, on the other hand, was not interested.


"In addition, this is an invitation from the Track and Field Club."

The broadcast suddenly changed its tone, delivering this notice.

"We sincerely invite the outstanding freshman who had a tie with the Student Council President in a morning race to attend the orientation meeting. We hope that this freshman will come to the first gymnasium upon hearing this broadcast."

This kind of announcement made Hori pause in his actions.