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Clash of Titans Online


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An impulsive urge to escape the reckless abuse of his father brought Ye Qing up onto a dangerous mountain path, which ultimately led to an accident that plunged him into the depths of a harrowing, deep abyss by the mountainside. This fall which could otherwise be defined as certain death brought a change to Ye Qing's life as a female cultivator known as Madam Ye brought him under her wing. However, as far as the world was concerned, the seventeen years old Ye Qing met his demise on that night. It was Ye Qing's first outlook on human society and its multiple facets—underground syndicates of organized crime, corrupted politics, cultivators among the mundane, cultivators hidden in the shadows... All of them slowly crept onto the surface following the discovery of benefits involved with the new game: Clash of Titans Online. A game designed with an extraterrestrial highly intelligent artificial intelligence discovered in outer space now stands to be known as the Main Network. A realistic simulation of a different world, new life, and unimaginable powers that seemingly conform with the cultivation system of the real world...


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