Clan Cultivation: I Transmigrated With My Smartphone

Author: The Lost of Carthage
Eastern Fantasy
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What is Clan Cultivation: I Transmigrated With My Smartphone

Read ‘Clan Cultivation: I Transmigrated With My Smartphone’ Online for Free, written by the author The Lost of Carthage, This book is a Eastern Fantasy Novel, covering CULTIVATION Fiction, KINGDOMBUILDING Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Lu Xuanji transmigrated to the Zifu Realm and realized that cultivation was an arduous journey. Due to the monopoly of r...


Lu Xuanji transmigrated to the Zifu Realm and realized that cultivation was an arduous journey. Due to the monopoly of resources, the strong grew stronger while the weak turned weaker. His clan was in a difficult situation. As he munched on cold, leftover food, he thought of the pathetic situation that his clan was in. Thankfully, his cellphone transmigrated along with him. The File Manager app, which could store a large amount of information, was used to store 10,000 scrolls of martial arts techniques. The Fortune Reading app, which could analyze information input, was used to deduce future events and break down martial arts techniques. Google Maps, which showed panoramic views of different terrains, was used to locate enemies and identify spots for minerals. The Phone Banking service allowed him to exchange currency for spiritual stones. The mobile game, Orchard, allowed him to get spiritual fruits by planting trees. As such, Lu Xuanji led his clan to rise up to the pinnacle of life.

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A Chinese version of the Japanese light novel, where a high school student goes to a magical isekai world with a smarthphone? ...........................


Trial Read Review (only from synopsis): (IOHOSBICPAHTTP) - So this guy is in a world where this virtual game can merge with reality. He levels up one skill (the fireball, supposably) and it becomes super OP that it can literally blast a hole through the earth. Honestly, can’t see much potential in this one. It’s like any other virtual reality power and does not seem to have much diversity in its plot. This will have to go in my maybe read list. (1MTDBIABT) - Guy gets doomsday system one month before doomsday. This sounds like an interesting plot with some potential (I hope). All I wish for is it to not be like on of those trashy apocalyptic novels.I will put this on my read list for now. (MCCIE) - Guy dies then his conscience goes into an eyeball. It can evolve and whatnot and he gets OP. If I’m being honest about this novel, I’m not feeling good vibes. It sounds like one of those grindy novels with no actual plot. Oh well, I will check it out. (ICVCA) - Guy transmigrates but can see the stats of other humans. Whoopee do. What a fun plot (that definitely has not been used many times before). I honestly am sick of these types of novels. But who knows? Maybe this one will be good (not placing my bets on it). (OG:IAAPP) - This plot is basically like the first one excet that he gets the privileged player system which allows him to get more EXP and more things in general. I honestly can not get why so many writers follow this plot. It has been overused too many times. I will maybe read this one (if I get super bored). (EHFS) - Protag gets four skills. But so does everyone else. This is the synopsis. That’s all. (CC:ITWMS) - If you have read my reviews before, you will know I like sect/clan/company or whatever building novels. This is one of those except that he has his smartphone which can do many things. Google maps makes him see the terrain, banking system lets him exchange currency, ect. This is one I will definitely read.


This novel is steady and well paced not like other trash novels with fillers.It definitely has the potential to become a 1000 chapter novel.please don't let it be buried.There are already countless fillers.




Extremely bad book. Read 19 chapters and its a sure drop book do not choose it. I wasted time on it, and i rarely say so. Maybe it's better after 30-40 or whatever chapter but you really can eat cactus, if you able to read until then.


I understand if the story is slow. But this is wrong advertised. It would be better to say that there is no system since it is very underutilized. It is said to be clan cultivation novel but I have not seen MC help anyone. There are multiple time skips but I don't feel any progress. It is different, but not "good" different. There have only been 20 chapters till this though.


In this novel, for those wondering the smartphone has got barely any mention and is a magical treasure used to copy cultivation methods. It is a great novel and I hope this gets voted and gets selected. Until now it doesn't make the protagonist invincible or grant any special powers. Really good writing and this is the most realistic form of cultivation in a really long time. Please voTE!!!


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Waste of time. Though it was have been good since it had so many reviews but I was wrong. ..................................................


The author writes like a child, he tells and doesn't show, it's literally "The MC did this, the MC did that, cue timeskip" every character is poorly written and it's like reading robots interacting.


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MTL? [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


the streets beds a clan building novel ExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExp


The Story is well written. I like that the MC is not way to OP like in other stories. Comfy pace. However you should try to upload more frequently.


Since this story is about to get buried in Webnovel I figure I'll write my first review ever. Hopefully it will be found and picked up later. It's 5 stars because it has a solid premise and also has potential. I'd honestly give it 4 stars based on what is shown as of the 36 chapters here, but 99% of people seem to have a pass or fail type of rating system so I can only adjust it in the future so as to not harm the novel. For those purely desiring an overpowered system, an OP mc, a pet taming, or an extremely fast paced novel where the MC is already in core formation or tier 3 power in less than 40 chapters... this novel isn't for you. For those who want a slower paced novel (built for a 1000+ chapters easy) with a lot of world building and some hardships where the mc is actually shown to struggle.. the target audience is somewhere in this group. This story reminds me a bit of the earlier translated web novels from when translating xuanhuan and xianxia web novels started to blow up, albeit not quite at their level yet. Now, the synopsis and title may be a little misleading, but I'd still say the story so far has been oriented around the mc's clan. I am interested if it will be like this in the far future of the story though, as it seems hard to maintain since mcs usually grow too fast for their clans to keep up without what are basically cheats, so 99% of the time they get left behind. His smartphone thankfully isn't too overpowered yet and only has 2 of the functions listed as of chapter 40. Granted, the trading currency for spirit stones seems extremely broken so I kind of hope he never gets that one. The story also "skips time" pretty frequently, but it at least makes sense. In a story of immortal cultivation where the mc is cultivating at a fairly normal pace that's bound to happen as there will be lots of downtime. There is a decent amount of explaining and world building, especially at the start, which I know can turn people off. Lastly, the author is trying to give the idea that the mc is a normal cultivator struggling with his path to immortality. Alas, he is still an mc with a couple cheat codes that give him an edge. Overall, the story has potential and hopefully the author can grow with this one. It is a tough writing style/novel to attempt and it's not for everyone to like.


I dont really get it, why the pople here give 1 star ratings. There so many reallly trash trash novels that people give 5 stars and to this one you give 1 star? I dont think that it derserves 1 star. Story develepment is slow, many cultivation novels are the same. He has a „system“ not really. He has phone that can help him in many things like, Upgrading his cultivation Manual or saving data. But he didnt really use it much and he is not OP right now. Wich is good. I think that Starting from chapter 40-60 he will use it more and more. But like the title says its the story is not only about mc getting stronger. Its avout whole clan getting stronger. Until now the story is ok. Not amazing but ok. I would rate it 8/10. ( Most of the storys here on webnovel are 2/10) Give it a try guys😁


Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad


The writing is quit good. Story development so far is slower than a turtle. Since the development is so slow we dont know that much about the mc, but he used his phone, which is supposed to be his cheat according to the synopsis, 1 time in the first 18 years. That brings some questions for me... The updates are a joke since it is only in the trial phase. The world setting is ok I guess, though I'm still confused how some things work. The biggest minus is the really slow passed writing so far. I hope it picks up some momentum.


At least they didn't have Tinder on their device. It would be a nightmare for a jade-skinned virgin tracker to form some crazy harem. To take up more space an update. The fertilizer crisis (Potassium) in Brazil is already being discussed by politicians. They want to dig up indigenous land in the north to extract potassium from the soil. Nothing like a good European war to extract the urge for genocide from Brazilian politicians.


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