Claimed By The Vampire King Trilogy Book

novel - Fantasy

Claimed By The Vampire King Trilogy

Racheal Perez

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***UPDATES ARE ON TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY*** Wanted By None, Needed By Both. Josie Braille has been in love with her next door neighbor since she was 14, too bad he only has eyes for her younger sister. But then, the night before she begins her first job, masked men break into her house and kidnap her father. She turns to Grayson for help and all evidence point to one culprit, Vladimir Sedof. He was a self made billionaire with mafia ties and his very presence makes Josie loses all sense of awareness except the need to submit to him. Everyone told her that Vladimir was the devil reincarnated and to stay away from him, unfortunately, Josie has never been good at doing as she was told. Besides, Grayson paid more attention to her ever since Vladimir came into the picture. Could he be jealous? The longer she stays in Vladimir's company, the greater the pull she feels to him and the more restless Grayson gets. All she wanted was to make Grayson jealous, but she ends up falling for Vladimir's dominant personality. Now she has a decision to make between both men. At least she thought she did. What happens when Josie discovers that she is the only one in love and Vladimir doesn't want her and Grayson was never after her heart?