16 The Legendary Private Lesson

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It was already late when the two sides bade farewell.

There was no in-depth conversation or invitation to a meal. Tina did not talk about her own situation, only saying that Penguin would stay on the Holy Seal Islands for a period of time.

This was the first time Kang De knew the name of this island.

As a modern person on Earth who was in the era of information explosion, Kang De had really seen many battles. What game had he not played? What novel had he not read? He immediately smelled something abnormal from this lousy name. D*mn, it did not sound like a decent place.

It was most likely sealed with demons or devils.

What was certain was that the magical animals must know more about the origins and secrets of this island than Tina. Unfortunately, these animals were very intelligent, but they could not speak, could not understand Kang De's words, or were pretending to be stupid after understanding them… Therefore, all of this was still hidden in the fog of history.

Fortunately, the humans who could communicate finally came to this island.

He had many questions for Tina.

What kind of world was this? What kind of country, what kind of civilization, was there magic, were there dragons, were there any strange things…

Questions like that.

His mind was restless. Of course, he wanted to go to the outside world to take a look. Humans were social animals, especially when they were trapped on a deserted island for a year and could not return to normal modern society.

Of course, he wanted to go to the normal society of the other world to take a look.

He wanted to interact with the people here and experience the local customs of the other world. It seemed that this was a backward feudal society. The thoughts of people were very feudal, and the social system was also very feudal. He could use money to buy beautiful sisters who were obedient. He had to criticize such an evil place.

However, he was not in a hurry to communicate and ask Tina. There was no need to rush it tonight. Although the conflict today had been temporarily resolved, the awkwardness and distrust between the two sides still existed.

With the most basic courtesy and hospitality, he brought the animals to send Tina and the others back to their camp and expressed some kindness.

"There are no especially ferocious top-notch predators on the island."

At this point, Kang De glanced at the magical animals. He guessed that there were originally some, but they had been killed by these magical animals, especially the groundhog who especially liked to eat brains.

"You can obtain the fruits, vegetables, birds, and beasts on the island, as well as the fish and turtles in the water by yourself. There are no taboos. However, I've basically never eaten them before, and I don't know which ones are poisonous and which ones can be eaten. You have to carefully distinguish these."

Although he was rich in resources, he would not go up to them and say, "Oh my, there are so many things I can eat. Do you want me to provide them for free?"

Their relationship had not reached that stage. Taking the initiative to curry favor was naturally a bad idea. Old Wang had taught him well.

Moreover, the other party might not dare to eat it.

He took out his notebook and paper and wrote on them for a while before tearing off a page. "It's just that it's best to avoid these animals… you know."

The princess took the paper and the knight handed her a torch. On it was the drawing of various animals.

The paper surprised Tina. It was not that such exquisite paper did not exist on the continent, but it was very expensive. It was made by exquisite alchemists and was controlled by the large Chamber of Commerce. She had some, and they were all precious treasures in her collection. They were sprinkled with gold dust and emitted a refreshing fragrance. She was usually unwilling to use them.

She would not have scribbled on the paper like Kang De and used it so generously.

There was also a pen… How could such a convenient pen be made? A magic tool?

Compared to this paper and pen, although the modern speed drawing technique displayed by Kang De was also extraordinary in the eyes of the princess, it was no longer anything.

Kang De did not understand the princess's expression for a moment. "I'm sorry, I can't write your words."

Only then did Tina recover. "Ah, no, your drawing is very extraordinary."

There were animals drawn on it. In terms of skills, it was actually not much, but what was truly shocking was the concept and technique. This painting was not realistic, but it highlighted the characteristics of the animals. With just a profile and a simple outline, people could recognize what animal it was at a glance.

The kangaroo, rooster, and the like were among them. This meaning was obvious.

"They have a bad temper and their skin is thick. It's difficult to injure them with swords. The consequences are unpredictable if you anger them," Kang De said. "However, don't worry. I'll inform them tonight. They're all very shrewd. Human trap methods are useless against them so this is only a precaution."

Of course, the magical animals on the island were not only the few beside Kang De, but the kangaroos and the others were the closest to him. Some of the other animals liked to live alone, and some were proud. Their relationship with Kang De was distant and close, but they were still his allies. They would listen to him.

This was all because of his reputation.

After all, Mr. Kang De had once performed a magnificent feat of chasing after a pair of boars on the island with five firecrackers. Now, he was considered a terrifying monster in the magical animal world of the Holy Seal Islands.

"There's no danger on the island. The most dangerous thing is the black beast."

At the mention of danger, the knight immediately perked up. He asked, "Black beast? What's that?"

Kang De roughly described the appearance and characteristics of the black beast, including its strange appearance and the black aura it emitted. It was obvious at a glance that it was not a normal life. It had a ferocious and sinister personality and loved to kill. It had a strong desire to attack all living beings. It was inedible and would slowly dissipate into thin air after being killed.

Tina nodded thoughtfully. "It's like a product of being corroded by some evil force, but it's impossible to determine which one it is for the time being…"

"Just be careful. Arrange for people to be on night duty. They're afraid of fire."

Kang De told him a few more weaknesses of the black beast. Knight looked serious and memorized them carefully.

He sent them all the way to the vicinity of the camp. Someone opposite him held a torch to welcome them. Kang De stopped and bade farewell to the princess and the knight. Today's communication stopped.

He could only stop because there was still a barrier between the two sides. Kang De was still wary, and the other party was not over it.

This was how communication between people was. One had to slowly show their sincerity and eliminate their guard. It had always been like this.

What would happen tomorrow?

Kang De looked at the princess. Her beautiful figure was outlined in an alluring arc under the light of the fire. Even if she had an intense conflict with the knight and the others today, from the beginning to the end, the princess did not make any hostile actions and was politely expressing kindness to him.

Who would not have a good impression of a beautiful woman with an extremely good personality?

He recalled the other party's appearance when she ate snacks at his house during the day.

Even if she was drinking cola or eating junk food like potato chips, she was still following her dining etiquette. Her movements were elegant and pleasing to the eye—it was just that her eating speed was getting faster and faster, like a cute little hamster. Although she ate faster and faster, she was still very cute and beautiful.

This thought appeared in the mind of Kang De, who did not have any love experience.

—If I invite her to my house to drink tomorrow, will she agree?

Ah, how should he say it?

If he directly spoke, would it be very presumptuous and abrupt? She seemed to be a princess, the kind with very noble status. Was her skin very thin? Would she feel very rude to directly invite her to drink? Their relationship did not seem to be that close. Should he change to a more reasonable reason?

—Oh, right, I thought of it!

—Writing! I still don't know how to write their words! I can ask her to teach me!

—Then, I can pay for the tuition! There's nothing else, but there are still some food, clothes, and medicine! They seem to have drifted here, so they must be short of such things.

Kang De organized his thoughts.

At this moment, the knight standing opposite him suddenly strode over.

"Mr. Kang De, I have a presumptuous request."

He bowed to Kang De.

This way of doing things was rigid and ancient in the eyes of modern people, causing Kang De to be a little unaccustomed to it. However, it could not be helped. The Chinese were also polite people. The other party was polite enough, so he had to be polite too.

He said, "…Please speak?"

"It's like this. If possible…" The knight said, "Please allow me to visit you tomorrow. Don't misunderstand, I don't have any hostility or malice. In order to express my sincerity, I can wait at the location you specify tomorrow. After we meet, I'll leave my weapon to my follower and follow you alone."


This way of doing things was rigid and ancient in the eyes of modern people, causing Kang De to be a little unaccustomed to it. However, it could not be helped.

The Chinese were also polite people. The other party was polite enough, so he had to be nice in return.

—Visit me? You? What are you trying to do?

Kang De was stunned.

The knight continued, "I discovered that although Mr. Kang De has learned our language because of the ritual, you shouldn't know the method to write it. Back then, I also studied in the Omniscient Tower and know the knowledge and words of the various countries. If you don't mind, I'm willing to share the relevant knowledge with you."


Knight Commander Cleveland would teach him alone.

Such treatment would probably make most of the girls in the Duchy of Goethe faint from joy.

To some men, it was the same.

Of course, Kang De was definitely not among them.

—I don't want it!

However, it had been mentioned before that the Chinese were polite people.

The other party still had a huge bump on his head. He had been beaten up like this and had even taken the initiative to apologize. Now, his attitude was still so low and he was so sincere.

If Kang De rejected him stiffly, it would be too disrespectful. Moreover, it was equivalent to rejecting the kindness that the other party had first handed over—it was very detrimental to the subsequent interaction.

—Forget it, forget it. In order to communicate with Tina in the future, I'll take your lessons first.

He wanted to know some information about the other world. It was the same to ask this knight.

Moreover, his intuition told him that although Princess Tina looked gentle, beautiful, and pitiful, in comparison, this knight was easier to deceive and obtain information from.

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