17 Shocking

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The two sides agreed on a time and place to meet tomorrow.

This was the first official exchange visit between the Earthling and the natives of the alternate world.

The princess and the others watched Kang De leave.

Tina was silent for a moment before suddenly saying, "Knight, why do you want to meet him?"

Cleveland replied, "I want to see what kind of person he is."

The princess turned to look at him.

The knight met her gaze and lowered his head slightly. "I've overstepped my boundaries, but this is something that has to be done. Is his nature good or evil? Is he greedy or restrained… All of this has to be confirmed through my eyes."

Tina frowned. "I told you not to treat him like…"

"Even so, contact and communication are necessary. With your noble status, it's not suitable for you to take the initiative to go. Let me go first."

The knight said, "I'll maintain my restraint and definitely not fight him. I guarantee it with my honor."

The princess thought for a moment and reluctantly accepted this explanation.

She thought carefully for a moment and suddenly said, "Sometimes, a first impression is very important, because this is the first judgment made by your own intuition… Then, everyone, what's your impression of Mr. Kang De?"

Head Maid Bedolla said, "Our family has served Tedrell for generations. To my shallow knowledge, this Mr. Kang De's actions are relatively relaxed and frivolous. He doesn't maintain his elegance and self-discipline at all times like a noble… He might not have received strict training and education since he was young."

She bowed lightly and said, "I apologize for my rudeness."

The princess said, "Mr. Kang De is from Cathay. Using the etiquette of the continent to judge him…"

Head Maid Bedolla slowly said, "The nobles of Cathay are also nobles. They will definitely act like the nobles of the continent. With all due respect, the nobles in the world have an astonishing consistency in the strict pursuit of etiquette and ceremony, because this is an important way for them to be narcissistic in terms of personality and distinguish themselves from lowly commoners."


The princess smiled bitterly, "Head Maid, are you praising Mr. Kang De?"

Maid Bedolla said, "I don't dare. I'm only using my shallow knowledge to explain my personal insight."

Tina looked at Captain Oswald. This man of the sea had drifted in the raging waves for decades. He had traveled extensively and seen countless places and people.

"Mr. Captain?" she said. "Please tell me your impression and opinion."

The captain replied, "I'm not a noble, only a sailor. However, from our perspective, we can't only judge a person's upbringing and status by the etiquette standards he shows. Instead, we have to see his attitude when interacting with various people."

Tina's eyebrows curled slightly. "Please be more specific."

"The way Mr. Kang De looks at us is with curiosity but not fear. When facing us, he does not feel inferior or proud. Instead, he is very… calm. I determine that he has received an extremely good education and is a true noble. He must have an extremely high status in Cathay."

He took out the pipe in his mouth and said indifferently, "Because from the beginning to the end, he has been filled with strength and confidence… He looked at us eye to eye not because he was ignorant or arrogant."

The princess nodded.

She looked at the last person. "Knight?"

Cleveland bowed and said, "I'm sorry, please wait for my confirmation tomorrow."

Tina glanced at him and nodded. "Yes."

The knight's figure was still as straight as a statue.

However, the figure of that Cathayan appeared in his mind.

Their first meeting was definitely not friendly. The misunderstanding had triggered a life-and-death battle, but the princess was right. His first impression was very accurate. The impression that the Cathayan gave him was…


Just like a pile of extremely unstable magic crystals, a little interference and obstruction would make him explode.

'Therefore, I don't want to talk to you about this first impression, so I want to confirm it with my eyes.'

He did not want the princess to think that he was talking nonsense.

However, that Cathayan called Kang De indeed gave him a dangerous feeling.

"His heart is filled with hesitation, and after the hesitation is madness. It's like the Belloran who exist throughout the entire continent. Those pitiful people who lost their faith and morals have lost their sense of self. They have become crazy and depraved in their despair and hesitation, becoming extreme and hysterical… because they have no home."

The knight pondered silently in his mind, "This Cathayan called Kang De feels very similar to the Belloran. However, he should have controlled the decline and transformation of his mind with extremely strong willpower, but his mental state is still very unstable. With a little stimulation, there will be an explosion… Just like in the day."

"I have to observe him carefully."

"If possible, I want to know his story."

"We can't let a dangerous factor appear beside the princess… We can't allow it."

'Kang De, let me use these eyes to confirm what kind of person you are.'

On the way back, Kang De shone his flashlight on the road and turned around. "Speaking of which, Tina knows where our house is… You have to be wary of others. Stay alert these few days."

The animals replied lazily and did not look worried at all.

Kang De was still worried and said, "When I explored the warehouse of the mall, I got a few boxes of Squeaking Rubber Chickens. Later, scatter these things on the path we have to pass through and treat them as alarms. Don't step on them recklessly… If not for the lack of electricity, I would have brought the surveillance camera too."

The animals immediately revealed surprised expressions.

They liked young silly toys like the Squeaking Rubber Chicken.

Kang De rolled his eyes, "Also, don't pretend that you don't understand what I'm saying… In the past, you didn't understand Chinese, so I accepted it. Now, I've even learned the foreign language…"

He switched to the new foreign language he had learned, "What's the Holy Seal Islands? What's the altar below? What's with the superpower I awakened?"

After saying that, the animals looked at Kang De with shining eyes.

Clearly, they were very interested in the superpower that Kang De had displayed.

"Alright, alright. I'll perform for you when I get back."

Back to the valley.

After lighting a bonfire, Kang De sat beside it. The animals sat in rows and looked at him eagerly.

"That's about it…"

He stretched out his hand towards the flames and the mental beam spread out. Elements were extracted, and the flames dimmed. They transformed into a flying red ball of light that gathered at his fingertips and attached to a fruit knife.

The thin blade emitted a red flame.

Kang De twisted the knife and fiddled with it. Then, he gestured to the animals, "Then, the fruit knife gained the fire enchantment… Its lethality has greatly increased. This ability can probably be called an enchantment technique. It seems to be very powerful and can greatly increase the lethality of my weapons. I've also thought of many high-level combinations and tricks, such as…"

Before he could finish, the parrot fell to the ground.

It laughed like a quacking duck.

It rolled on the ground. "Shocking! Shocking!"

Then, the animals exploded. The pigeon, chicken, and swan laughed together. The kangaroo pounded the ground, and the groundhog and wolverine rolled on the ground.

They seemed to have seen something extremely funny and laughed crazily.

Kang De felt embarrassed. D*mn, why were they laughing at such a cool ability?

He said grimly, "Stop laughing."

The gorilla also bared its teeth and roared at the animals. The animals did not notice and continued to laugh wildly.

Kang De shouted, "If you laugh again, don't think about snacks and alcohol anymore!"

In the next moment, the animals immediately sat up obediently.

"…You're indeed hiding many secrets."

Kang De pinched his eyebrows and said, "Is it that funny?"

The animals nodded wildly.

Kang De sighed. "I used it wrongly? This superpower is not meant to be used like this?"

The animals nodded even more wildly.

Kang De asked, "What's the use then?"

The pigeon stood up with its head held high and its chest puffed out. It stretched out its wings and hugged the parrot, looking like it wanted to show Kang De its abnormally vivid body language.

But in the next moment, the kangaroo stopped it.

The kangaroo cried out seriously a few times, and the animals immediately fell into deep thought. Those beast faces revealed human expressions again. There was deep thought, and then sadness.

The kangaroo immediately turned around and stretched out its thick arm to pat Kang De on the shoulder.

Its eyes were filled with a gentle light.

It was as if it was saying that this usage was fine.

It was as if the "proper use" that these animals thought was an extremely heavy burden.

Kang De said, "I don't understand."

The kangaroo waved its hand and turned to leave. The animals seemed to have lost interest immediately. They stood up and slowly walked away, leaving Kang De in a daze.

This feeling of being kept in the dark was really uncomfortable…

Kang De looked at the gorilla, who did not leave. It also looked at him in a very blank manner.

The gorilla seemed to be completely unaware of this.

Be it the Holy Seal Islands, the secrets hidden here, the origins of the animals, or even this superpower, Kang De had once asked these animals who were filled with intelligence. The other animals were all pretending to be stupid, but only the gorilla knew nothing.

"Sigh… what a headache."

Kang De's mood became a little gloomy.

After experiencing the wild laughter just now, he could not be bothered to show the animals another enchantment magic show that was operated based on the Two Flowers Law.

"Go to sleep, go to sleep. Gorilla, you should rest early too. Be more alert at night."

As he spoke, he returned to his room.

At sea.

On the Wayne Wings.

This powerful elf's main ship floated on the sea.

"Master, do we still have to wait here?"

"Captain, today's meditation made me have an uneasy premonition. My intuition even urged me to advance immediately and kill all the humans on that ship…"

"But they entered the forbidden sea area. That's the Holy Seal Islands."

"It's precisely because of this that I have an extremely uneasy premonition. It's as if a seed of destruction is about to be planted. My soul howls and urges me to take action and kill this dangerous bud. Tonight, I want to pray again."

"Yes, Master. The Wayne Wings depends on your judgment."

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