49 Chapter 48 Famous scene! Thor's Hammer VS Zhenjin Shield! Conjecture of the way of skills!

[Rogers in uniform holds his shield and walks towards Loki. ]

[Rogers said as he walked: "You know, when I came last time, I saw a person who stepped on everyone's head, and we ended up fighting each other."

[Loki stands up from the ground and says: "Soldier? A man out of time"]

[Rogers said: "It's not me who is out of time."]

[At the same time, a fighter plane flew overhead, the airborne plane's gun mouth was facing Loki, and the widow sister's voice sounded: "Loki, put down your weapons, surrender immediately!"]

[Loki raised his hand suddenly and released an energy cannon, Rogers quickly threw his shield and smashed it at Loki. ]

[The scene immediately became restless, and everyone fled frantically. ]

[Rogers rushes towards Loki, uses his shield as a weapon, and smashes at Loki. ]

[Loki holds a scepter and fights fiercely with Rogers. ]

[Rogers' shield was smashed by the scepter, Loki slammed Rogers' back, and Rogers was thrown flying. ]

[Loki stretches out his hand, stares at Rogers' head with his scepter, and shouts: "Kneel down!"]

["Don't think about it!" Rogers grabbed the scepter, rolled over and kicked Loki's head. ]

[Sister Widow frowned and looked at the fighting scene below in the fighter plane: "The speed of their fighting is too fast to be locked."]

[Two people are entangled together and want to bombard with a machine/gun, but there is no way to aim. ]

[Just when the situation was urgent, suddenly, a familiar voice sounded from Sister Widow's inside line. ]

["Miss Romanov, do you miss me?"]

[The system in the fighter plane was manipulated, and a passionate music was suddenly played. ]

[Romanov smiles at the corner of his mouth. ]

[On the dark sky, a fire dashed through an arc towards the place where Rogers and Loki fought. ]

[It was Tony who came over!]

[Tony's palms slammed out a ball of energy cannons, sending Loki flying. ]

[Tony is wearing a battle armor, kneeling on one knee when he landed, his posture handsome. ]

[Tony gets up, faces Loki with both hands, the energy cannon in his palm lights up, and two small bullet clips came off his shoulders. ]

Tony's appearance directly detonated the entire live broadcast room.

The audience began to scream.

"Tony! Awesome!

"The most handsome rescue! No one!"

"Tony I would call you God!"

"See! Tony - blasting Loki away! It's no use at all!""

"Crap! Sure enough, Iron Man is still awesome! Loki is at a disadvantage compared to him!"

"Hahaha, it seems that Loki is not so helpless."

"Tony just killed him! He's going to open the tunnel!"

"Yes, he is the key person to open the channel, he must be killed!"

"A stingy villain like Loki can't live in the world."

"I found that Tony's equipment has been upgraded again!"

"It seems to be a little different, but I don't know if the performance is the same."

"Explode! A man with his own bgm!"

"Welcome to my debut Big Brother Tony!"

[Tony and Rogers stare at Loki, obviously not letting him leave easily. ]

[Seeing that the situation is not right, Loki withdrew his equipment and raised his hands. ]

[Tony withdrew the advanced weapons on the mecha and said, "That's right."]

[Rogers gasps and greets: "Stark, l"]

"Gan! Loki is such a coward?"

"Why not just straight up!"

"Humph! It's really interesting, I thought what would happen."

"Trash, lock him down!"

"Tony and Rogers stand together, there is a strange sense of disobedience."

"It's...a different era."

"No! I always feel wrong, shouldn't Loki be so weak?"

"He has teleportation, it is impossible to leave without a way!"

"Hey! So, do you have a bad feeling?"

"No, it was obviously frightened by Tony's super armor."

"Wow, Loki is strapped to a fighter."

[On the fighter, the widow sister is driving, and the voice of the bureau chief sounded in the channel: "Did he speak? 1

[Sister Widow said: "He didn't say a word."]

[Bureau/Chairman said: "Okay, bring it back first, it's too late."]

[In the cabin, Loki is tied to the side, Tony stares at Loki. ]

[Rogers is surprised: "Is there something wrong?"]

[Tony said: "What? Loki gave up so easily?"]

[Rogers whispered: "It's as easy as you say, this guy looks very powerful.]

[Tony calmly said: Still, you are pretty spry, for an older fellow. What's your thing? Pilates?"]

[Rogers looks at Tony with a bewildered expression. ]

[Tony said: "It's like calisthenics. You might have missed a couple things, you know, doing time as a Capsicle."]

[Steve looks at Tony, finally meeting his ego mat]

[Rogers' face is helpless: "Fury didn't say that he is looking for you ."]

[Tony looked out the window and said, "Yeah, there are so many things he didn't say."]

[Suddenly, there was lightning and thunder outside the vehicle, and the weather suddenly changed. ]

[Sister Widow looked up at the thunder and lightning outside the window and said in surprise: "Where did the lightning come from?" 1

The audience was all nervous.

Everyone can't help but contact one person.

"Thor! Loki is Thor's younger brother!"

"It must be Thor who has come to save Loki! 55

"No, last time Thor was in town, it seemed that Loki was going to kill him?"

"It's not necessarily Thor, maybe the weather is bad."

"Don't worry, with Tony here, none of this is a problem."

"But the conversation between Tony and Rogers just now was a bit awkward, always teasing Rogers."

"This, Tony is this kind of character, I guess everyone will say a few words, but I like it."

"Rogers is so cute."

"Tony's mouth is really toxic"

The bureau chief is arranging those who may have extraordinary abilities to come to the Tiandao Administration.

At this time, see the situation in the live room.

His face turned a little dignified.

"Someone must have come to save Loki.""

The expert group also looked a little dignified.

Everyone was jumping for joy just now.

Now it seems.

Azure Planet Earth Era, something happened.

Loki is probably the source of evil!

Included in a clip from a while ago.

The dialogue between Loki and the armored creature.

It also revealed the importance of him opening the channel and being able to put in the Chitauri army.

If you catch Loki, at least he won't open the channel.

"If it is rescued, I am afraid that things will still develop in the direction that everyone guessed! 35

Some military/industrial bosses said: "Actually, if Loki is not released, it will be a great obstacle to our understanding of the source of destruction in that era. 995

The crowd looked puzzled.

"Catch it, it's not Loki or even the Chitauri that really destroys the age of the earth, but a more powerful being!""

"If you don't catch it, Loki will still carry out what he calls the establishment of a new world!""

Indeed, both results are very bad directions.

Everyone looked up at the screen live room.

In that thunder flashing, unknown danger seemed to be coming.

[Boom! There is lightning and thunder outside. ]

[Rogers saw Loki looking up and asked, "Why are you still afraid of Ray? l

[Loki calmly said: "I just don't like Lightning's appendages very much."]

[Dark clouds covered, and a figure suddenly landed on the fighter/plane amid the roar of lightning.

[The light and shadow flicker, it's really Thor who has Mjolnir. ]

[Tony put on a mask, opened the hatch, and Thor landed directly on the hatch. ]

[Thor hit Tony with a hammer, knocking Tony flying, then grabbing Loki and jumping out of the plane. ]

[Tony got up and said: "Halfway killed Cheng Yaojin."]

[Sister Widow asked: "Another Asgardian?"]

[Rogers said: "Is it a friendly army? 33]

[Tony interrupted: "It doesn't matter, no matter if Loki is released or he is killed, the Cosmic Cube will never be found. 35l

[Speaking, Tony walks outside. ]

[Rogers shouts: "Stark, we have an offensive plan!"]

[Tony walks to the door of the cabin wearing a steel suit: "I already have a plan, attack!"]

[After speaking, the propeller sprayed flames and suddenly flew out. ]

[Sister Widow said: "I am watching the captain of this battle."]

[Rogers opened a parachute bag, tied it to his body and said, "I can't watch the battle."]

[Sister Widow controls the machine: "They are all god-like characters."]

[Rogers tied the parachute bag and said calmly: "Only God is a lady of God. God will not dress like that. 1

[Speaking, Rogers picked up the shield and jumped into the sky. ]

I do not know how many meters high and jumped directly.

The audience in the live broadcast room was exclaimed.

"It's still Tony handsome! Tony has a temperament!

"Captain Rogers is too ferocious! Jump right off?!"

"Others have a power system to jump down. You are in free fall and you are jumping too?"9

"Don't fall to your death..."

"Why did Thor take Loki away? He's obviously the bad guy."

"But now that Thor has come to the earth age, will he not leave again?"

"It's terrible! The gods fight, and the mortals suffer!""

'Rogers estimates that there are 10,000 unwilling people in his heart, but he has to go down. ""

"I just want Rogers to land safely."

"Poor Rogers, he can only use a parachute. 35

"What I see is only shock! Every time I see Thor, I can't accept that a person can have the power of thunder.

"You're wrong, as Sister Widow said, Thor is a god, he is a person from the realm of the gods, and he is different from humans."

"Azure Planet now, is there any talk of Asgard ? I saw a lot of people say on the Internet that there are still unknown gods hidden in the world of Azure Planet, through different passages, like the world tree. Reach Azure Planet.

"Earth era has it, and the Azure Planet Federation era probably has it. 35

"Tony, is he going to steal someone from Thor?

"Doesn't that mean the fight is about to begin?"

"Brilliant! Tony just used technology to develop a set of armor, and he is going to be tough with Thor!"


[Saul threw Loki on the ground and asked, "Where is the universe cube? 1

[Loki smiled: "I miss you too."]

[Thor angrily: "Do I look like I'm playing?!"]

[Loki struggled to get up and said: "You should thank me, the rainbow bridge is destroyed, how much dark energy my father gathered to send you to your precious earth.""l

[Thor throws down the hammer, grabs Loki by the neck and says, "I thought you were dead."]

[Loki calmly said: "Did you mourn for me?"]

["We all mourn, Father..."]

[Loki interrupted Thor and said, "Your father, did he tell you about my life? 351

[Saul looked at Loki's back and said: "We grew up together, we played together, and we fought together, don't you remember these?"]

[Loki looked back at Thor and said: "There are only shadows in my memory! I grew up in the shadow of your light. I remember that you threw me into the abyss. I used to be a king, and I should be a king."]

[Thor couldn't understand: "So you took away the world I love to make up for the contempt you imagined?"]

["The Earth I will protect Loki."]

[Loki laughed and said: "Look at how well you protect, human beings kill each other for profit, but you are helpless, I intend to rule them, why not? l

[Thor said: "Do you think you are superior?""]

[Loki said as a matter of course: "Of course."]

[Thor said: "Then you failed to comprehend the true meaning of rule, brother, the throne is not for you."]

[Loki pushed Thor away and walked to the high platform: "I have seen more of the world than you! I grew up being exiled, and I saw the real power of the universe cube. When I use him. 99J

[Saul asked: "Who showed it to you? Who encouraged you to be the king?

["I am the king!"]

["Not here!"]

[Thor angrily said: "Hand over the cosmic cube and give up this vicious dream! Come home with me. 35l

[Loki shakes his head and chuckles: "I don't have a home.]

[Thor was furious and took out Mjolnir directly. ]

[Rocky said: "You need to imitate to take me away, but I sent it out, I don't know where."]

[Saul pointed at Loki and said, "It's good for me, brother...

[Before the words are finished, a flash of fire rushes from one side, and with a bang, Thor is swept away. ]

"Shit! It must be Tony!

"Tony is so tough! Don't be afraid of it! Are you going to beat Thor directly?"

"The relationship between Thor and Loki is really bad. 35

"What the hell happened to Loki before? To put him under so much psychological pressure?""

"Or in Thor's shadow, it's probably really painful enough.

In the Tiandao Administration.

Seeing this scene, the director's eyes lit up slightly.

"It seemed like a good starting point.

"The so-called gods of the gods are not without any flaws."

When I met Thor of the Asgard before, everyone thought that the people of the Asgard were unmatched.

Now see two people arguing.

And those are the usual things.

These don't seem to be very different from humans.

As long as there are flaws, there must be a chance to hit the heart!

The assistant hurriedly walked over from the side: "Director, the first wave of four people has come to the Administration.

The director nodded and followed the assistant away.

Another meeting room.

There were four people sitting.

One of them was Aldice.

The other three were two middle-aged men and one middle-aged woman.

The four were chiefs at the request of the Supreme Court.

The first wave found, possibly humans with extraordinary powers.

More people will join later.

The director smiled and said: "Hello everyone, I think you all know each other, we won't say much about the rest."

"I asked you to come, mainly to see what extraordinary power you have.""

Four people, whether it was Aldice or the other three.

The expressions are arrogant.

Even in the face of the chief.

But it's good to know that this is the official place.

Did not do anything else.

Aldice said lightly: "My abilities are sucking/blood and infection/infection.

The three people on the side introduced them separately.

"My name is Yun Ying, and my ability is the phantom spear.

"My name is Wang Hong, and my ability is flame.

"My name is Zhuge Bo, and my ability is ice aura.

Although the director appeared calm on the surface, there was still an uproar in his heart.

This is the true superhuman.

Not the ordinary kind that captures past life memories.

"Okay, from today onwards, you will become the first batch of extraordinary warriors of the Azure Planet Federation!""

The director turned and said: "But now let's take a look first, the past life captured by the account of Bai Shi Reincarnation.

"Hopefully it will help us in the future.

All four of them had a Thoremn expression on their faces.

"The past life of the reincarnation of the world is very strong. I don't know if he has awakened the ability."5

Zhuge Bo exudes a touch of ice.

There is a coldness in his speech.

Four people are the best among hundreds of millions of people.

Anyone who can awaken their abilities.

They are all human beings.

But they have a history of past lives in the reincarnation of a hundred lives.

From the first time I saw it to now, I couldn't let it go.

"They are too strong! The strength of each key character is terrifyingly arrogant!

The four looked at each other.

The arrogance on his face dissipated a little.

All looked at the live room screen.

[Fire bursts, Tony wears a steel battle suit and knocks Thor to the ground. ]

[Saul looked at Tony and said, "Don't touch me again."]

[Tony opened the mask and said, "Then don't take my things.""

[Saul said: "You don't know that the sky is high and the earth is thick."]

[Tony deliberately looked back and teased: "Is Shakespeare performing?"]

["Does your mother know that you ran out wearing his shawl?"]

[Thor angrily said: "What kind of green onion are you, Tin Man, Loki will accept the punishment of Asgard . l

[Tony stared at Thor and said, "When he hands over the Rubik's Cube, he will be yours, before that.

[The mask falls, Tony said: "You don't get in the way!"]

"Tony's mouth is really awesome.

"You can say that you are a person from the Asgard , and he is so arrogant.

"Saul reckons he's in denial in his heart.""

"It made me laugh!"

"Tony vs Thor, who will win?

"Isn't this nonsense, Thor is a god, Thor! Tony just has a steel armor."

"Not really."

"It's on! It's on!

"Saul I remember he could turn the hammer?"

[Thor angrily said: "I don't know each other!

[Thor turns around abruptly and smashes Mjolnir at Tony. ]

[Tony bounced off his hands and wanted to catch the hammer, but he didn't expect the hammer to be heavy and smashed him directly. ]

[On the display screen inside the helmet, multiple body damage reports flashed red. ]

[Tony said helplessly: "Okay."]

"Fu*k! It hurts!"

"What the hell is this hammer! Why can't even the steel armor be caught?"

"The damage seems to be huge, just a hammer.

"Tony don't cry, stand up!

[Thor stretches out his hand, and with a buzzing sound, Mjolnir returns to his hand. ]

[Thor stares at Tony, and the Mjolnir spins in his hand. ]

[Tony struggles to stand up, and an energy cannon bursts out from his palm, breaking Thor's attack. ]

[Both feet violently spurt the flames, Tony rushes towards Thor, his knees slams Thor into the air, and Mjolnir falls not far away. ]

[The Mjolnir flew straight into Thor's hand, and Thor held the thunder hammer high. ]

[Boom! There is lightning and thunder in the sky, a thick lightning link thunder hammer, Thor's terrible supernatural power is venting wildly! ]

"Hey! Thor got angry, it's really scary."

"This is the real thunder, and anyone who encounters it will be wiped out!

"Sure enough, the people of Asgard are still powerful."

"Loki's scepter can control people's minds, and Thor's Mjolnir can control lightning, so shameless.

"I can't fight at all, I don't know what to do next."

"Tony can't have an accident."

The Heavenly Dao Administration, the Extraordinary Conference Room.

The four of them looked at the screen Thoremnly at the same time.

The director asked, "How does your ability compare to his?"

The four shook their heads directly.

"A world of difference!"

"Although I have seen Thor kill a robot before. 35

"But this kind of thunder that can easily mobilize such a terrifying thunder is still very scary.

"Even if it's us, under this thunder, I'm afraid it will be shattered!

The chief took a deep breath.

Some helpless sighs.

The full picture of creature attacks in Asgard or other realms is still unknown.

Just the tip of the iceberg revealed.

Even the extraordinary of the Azure Planet Federation.

Can't resist.

"I don't know if Tony can handle it."

"If Tony is okay, the importance of the steel suit will be raised a level again.

Everyone looked at the live broadcast room.

[The terrifying thunder illuminates the surroundings, Loki sat on it with great interest and watched the battle below. ]

[Thor moves the hammer and controls the Thunder to slam it towards Tony. ]

[With the sound of crackling, the huge thunder and lightning are like hot white light, wrapping Tony's whole body. ]

[Tony backs up again and again, the impact of the thunder is extremely powerful, sparks are scattered all over his body, and part of the armor is burnt and damaged. ]

[Stumbling, Tony frowns. ]

[Jarvis suddenly said: "The power reaches 400%! 1

[Tony whispers: "Not bad."]

[Immediately, the palms of both hands face Thor, and suddenly blast out an energy cannon that is even more powerful than before. ]


[Thor was blown away directly in the beam of light. ]

The barrage suddenly exploded.

"Damn it! Cow!"

"Charging treasure, this is it! 55

"Laughing to death, how do you feel that the past life of a hundred reincarnations is so cola?

"With thunder, shatter the darkness!

"Saul is shooting himself in the foot.

"Thor brand power bank, Tony said it was good after using it.

"The steel suit is still powerful, I thought it would be directly electrocuted.

"But they are friendly forces, and what they do when they fight is to protect the earth."5

"The culprit is Loki watching the play above!

"Fight Loki, Thor, you should find the Rubik's Cube first."

"Tony is the same, why is it indiscriminate when he comes up!"

"You can't fight anymore. If there are casualties in the fight, the Zitarui creatures should lose a power in the future."

Several military leaders in the expert team.

After seeing the steel battle suit being charged, his mouth is all O-shaped.

This scene is different from what they realize.

"In the steel battle suit, can it be reverse-charged?"

"However, the metal in the whole body of the steel suit directly forms a metal cage, which is equivalent to Tony being in an insulating state. 35

"The power of the Ark reactor can not only be released in the forward direction, but also stored in the reverse direction. The key is that the stored energy is too high."

"A four-fold increase is a bit ruthless."


"I think we need to take that into consideration when we think about R&D.

"If Thor's electrical energy hits ordinary people directly, it should be a pile of gray carbon.

"People from Asgard are extraordinary."

Everyone was shocked when they saw it.

More shocking.

Tony is just an ordinary person.

He doesn't have any superpowers himself.

Not even as physical as Rodgers.

But it actually relied on a steel battle suit abruptly.

There have been back and forth fights with Divine Realm Thor.

And it didn't fall directly to the downwind.

For the entire Azure Planet Federation, this is like a shot in the arm.

Asgard or Qitarui creatures, it seems that it is not as invincible as imagined!

[Thor climbs up, stares at Tony, stretches out his hammer, and rushes out. ]

[Tony's four thrusters spray powerful energy, turning into a fire and rushing out. ]

[The two collided in mid-air, and Tony actually knocked Thor straight up. ]

[Tony takes Thor directly to the sky, the thruster accelerates several times, and presses Thor on the steep mountain with force. ]

[Under the extreme speed, Thor kept hitting the mountain peak, and immediately turned upside down, and the two collided into the woods. ]

[Thor punches Tony in the head. ]

[Tony waved a fist and was caught by Thor, and he was also caught with a left fist. ]

[The two wrestle with their hands, and sparks sputter on Tony. ]

[On the display inside the helmet, it shows that a large number of parts are damaged. ]

[Suddenly Tony opened his right hand, and a ball of energy cannon slammed into Thor's head at close range. Thor was impacted and let go of his hand, and Tony took advantage of the trend to hit Thor with his iron head. ]

[Thor also slammed his head into Tony, and with a loud bang, Tony was directly swept away by Thor. ]

[The ground rolls backwards, the propeller sprays flames to stop the retreat, and Tony rushes out again. ]

[Flying close to the ground grabbed Saul's legs, and slammed into the tree while spinning in place. ]

"Uh.... Fighting is a good fight, what a joke. oo

"This end of Thor is really iron! They all made a sound."

"Damn it, I just saw that when Thor went down, there was a dent in Tony's helmet!"

"This physical quality is indeed a strong man in the realm of the gods!""


"I suddenly remembered, won't the battery explode when I just charged it?

"Let you know, that's not Tony anymore.

"I feel that Thor's body is a little invulnerable.

[Thor gets up, punches Tony to the flesh, punches down, and the sound of metal slams echoes in the air. ]

[As soon as his hands are turned, Tony is actually spun by the entire volley and smashed to the ground. ]

[Thor stretched out his hand, Mjolnir flew back to his hand on its own, raised it high, and with a loud shout, he would hammer Tony to death under his feet. ]

[In an emergency, Tony sprayed thrust with his feet, pushed him directly down the ground, and hit Thor.

[Tony flew back and was about to attack Thor again, when suddenly a shield spun and hit the bullet. ]

[Rogers stretches out his hand to catch the bounced shield and says, "Is it enough?"]

"Wow! Rogers didn't die?! 99

"From such a high place, even if there is a parachute, the sky is so dark, it's very fork."

"Like two elementary school students fighting, now Rogers' parents have come to fight."5

"One thing to say, Tony's steel armor is really a bull.

"It's very smooth to use, and I fought back and forth with Thor."

"Thor's Mjolnir also exploded and returned automatically, as if it was extremely powerful."

"Rogers is also here, the three of them are not going to fight together, are they? 99


"I reckon, Rogers probably won't, he just lived longer."

"You can't say that, his shield can also resist energy cannons. 35

"And he seems to use some cleverness, the shield hits Tony in that complicated situation, and it can bounce back to his own hands.

"This is kind of incredible. 99

"The cruise/navigation control/guidance shield is as magical as Mjolnir.

"It's so cool to watch! This picture may be more stable than the previous part because Tony himself is there.

Supreme Court.

Many elders are still paying attention to the situation of this live broadcast screen.

Seeing that Rogers easily took the shield off again.

Elder Sith suddenly frowned.

Then he looked at a few elders and said, "I remember that there was a citizen with an activity of more than 700,000. The previous life captured was the inheritor of a martial arts family, right?"

"He seems to have said a so-called cleverness? The theory of inner strength?"

"I doubt that Rogers has this kind of power, otherwise I can't explain how the shield returned to him so obediently.

Elder Li Longshen added: "It is not only skill, but strictly speaking, it is called the way of skill.

"His casual movements may have been in line with the principles of physics and mechanics, and his relaxed skills could allow him to accurately catch the shield.

The crowd whispered.

The way of skill, when that citizen captured the memory of that past life.

Everyone was excited for a while.

Thought it would be something different.

But in the end it was all just a legend.

Unexpectedly, Rogers seems to have this kind of power in his hands.

Subconsciously, everyone wondered whether the author of the reincarnation would awaken this ability.

[Rogers jumped to the ground, stared at Thor and said, "I don't know what you came to Earth for.]"

[Thor angrily said: "I'm here to smash Loki's conspiracy."]

[Rogers said: "Prove it, put the hammer down."]

[Tony chattered: "This is not good, bad idea, he loves his hammer."]

[Thor slams the hammer and throws Tony away with a bang. ]

[Saul said angrily at Rogers: "You let me put the hammer down first? Luo 1

[Thor is furious, jumps up abruptly, raises Mjolnir high, and suddenly hits Rogers's position. ]

[Mjolnir seems to carry the power of ten thousand, with a terrifying halo of thunder flashing on it. ]

The audience in the live broadcast room was going crazy.

The power of this attack is bound to be very strong every year.

Rogers is nothing but flesh and blood.

How could it be stopped.

"Tony, come on, Rogers is a human, he can't be killed! 35

"This Thor, really love his hammer."

"Captain Rogers, tell me, why did you let him put down the hammer for nothing?"

"Obviously they belonged to a group, but now they have started to do it themselves. 99

"Gan! Is this the meeting of the three giants?"

"It's enough that the murderer Loki is still watching you outside.

"Damn, don't you know what unity/knot is?"

"Hey, Rogers must die this time.

'Thor killed Rogers in anger? I don't know if Chief Fury will explode in place.

"Speaking of which, that Dr. Banner doesn't know whether to find the wave of the Rubik's Cube.

[Thor raised Mjolnir aloft, terrifying power permeates, and slams down suddenly. ]

[Rogers looks awe-inspiring, holding his shield horizontally, and actually wants to use the shield to resist the blast of Mjolnir. ]


[The Mjolnir slammed on the shield in an instant. ]

[Light like the sun bursts out in the center. ]

[The terrifying wave shatters the surrounding trees!]

[The dazzling thunder light will illuminate the whole mountain area! ]

[All three of them were blown away by the violent impact. ]

[Tony took away the wood that was on his body, and the three of them staggered to their feet. ]

Viewers watching the live stream.

All were so excited that they stood up.

The Mjolnir just fell on the shield.

The terrifying light that erupted was really like the sun.

The shock wave was so strong that no one expected it.

It's just an attack, and this kind of power will break out unexpectedly.

And what shocked everyone the most.

It was Rogers' shield and Rogers himself.

"Damn! If it were me, holding up that shield, Thor would go down with a hammer and give me a high-pressure headshot.

"The hardness of Rogers' bones is not worse than that of a steel battle suit, right?"

"Shields, brothers, this shield is the most important."

"Without this shield, Captain Rogers would have been smashed by a hammer."

"Mortals only talk shit!"

"How do you feel, Thor relies on this hammer."

"It seems that the three of them have reached an agreement, it's not a fight or an acquaintance.

"It's okay if Loki gets caught, that's what worries me the most.

Rogers resisted the bombardment of Mjolnir.

It only caused a shock and an uproar in the Azure Planet Federation.

But within the entire military/industrial equipment system.

Roll up the tsunami again!

This shield, the craft is deceptively simple.

But the actual defense and role.

It has greatly exceeded everyone's expectations.

Every time the attack is strengthened, it seems that there is no way to destroy this shield.

Expert military/industrial bosses realize.

The material of this shield should come from the earth, which is the Azure Planet.

"So, in the current Azure Planet Federation, is there still material of this material?

"Is it synthetic? Or a product from a natural ore?"

Many military/industrial leaders looked at each other.

Everyone has hope in their eyes.

This shield is so important!

"Even if it's only a small part, we can make a hole-breaking cone and place it on the front of the spacecraft to break the hole. 99

"Look, you must try your best to find this material! 39

"There's no way to start, how can I get you to tell me now.""

"If you dig three feet in the ground, you have to find it!"

In the Supreme Court, many elders also realized it.

What's behind this shield.

Elder Wu Chengen said: "The way of skill and this indestructible shield are a perfect match."

"And his superhuman physicality.

Orson looked around and said: "If our medical biology team is progressing gratifyingly, and if we add this shield and let the few people who have awakened relevant memories to help train, then we can build a strong team!

Everyone's eyes lit up.

This is a good idea and plan.

But there are a lot of things that need to be met.

An elder sighed: "Loki is also caught , why is there a fault in the last piece of history of the Azure Planet Earth Age?"

"The so-called Chitauri Army has not moved yet."

"I always feel that things are not as simple as I imagined."

Several other elders nodded at the same time.

Immediately, they all looked at the previous life screen in the live broadcast.




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