Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera. However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig? Wait.... I've been reborn as a WHAT?! Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

RinoZ · Fantasy
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The Good Stuff (1021)

[If you're finished being precious, can we move on to looking at our options?]

Torrina and Corun both nod enthusiastically. The former already has a book and pen in hand, ready to scrawl down every little detail. I might well be the first tier seven ant monster in the history of the Dungeon, and they are not going to miss this chance.

Stupid monster research enthusiasts. Actually, why am I even surprised? They are literally members of a monster-worshipping cult. This is what they live for.

[That's easy for you to say,] I complain. [I feel like my end-zone is about to meet its end.]

The mythic core had been larger than I'd expected. Granin hadn't exaggerated when he suggested they were much larger than rares. The concentrated energy contained within was incredible, and after I'd maxed out my core and absorbed the monstrosity, I felt more than a little tender.

It hurt like hell! My guts feel like they're having a boxing match with each other. And everyone is losing. If it hurts this much when I'm just lying flat on the ground, I can't imagine how bad it would be if I started moving around.

[The faster you get through the menu, the quicker you can start evolving and the pain goes away. You say the same thing to Tiny every time he evolves.]

Granin is utterly without sympathy, standing in front of me with his arms folded across his granite chest. He's not wrong either.

[Fine,] I groan and start poking through the menu.

[You have reached the maximum level for your current stage of evolution. Would you like to evolve?]

I sure would.

After confirming my choice, I jump straight into the goods. What's my good mate Gandalf got to offer me? I flick my eyes through the normal options, reading through them silently for a moment.

[Well?] Granin is the first to break.

I look up at him, a cruel twinkle in my eye.


[Dammit, Anthony. You're literally causing yourself pain just to make me impatient.]

That's true…

[Still worth it,] I mutter across the link before I start to spill the beans.

I mean, I feel like I'm about to pop from the pressure inside my body, but Granin looks about the same. As eager as his two apprentices are, he's easily double the two of them put together. He probably feels like this is the defining moment of his long life. I feel a little bad about teasing them now that I realise that.

[Okay, this is what we've got for the normal tier,] I tell him and then rattle off the details of the Supreme Major, Perfect Ant Mage and Worker Overlord.

[Looks like these evolutions are the end of the road for the three generic paths,] Granin observes as Torrina rushes to scribble everything down. [This basically confirms that the System never really expected any ant to make it this far, let alone go further. For basic evolutions, the benefits are considerably above average.]

[That's in line with the thesis,] Corun chips in.

[Indeed. What did you get for special?]

[Let's have a little looksee.]

· Formica Fury (Special)

· Acid Mage (Special)

[Interesting that a berserker type class would pop up now. The way it works off of nearby ants is also interesting. I wonder where that's coming from?] Granin frowns.

From the Vestibule would be my guess.

[The Acid Mage is actually a great sign,] the old shaper says. [The remodelled acid gland it comes with is straight from the fifth stratum. That evolution actually sounds extremely strong, and it's only special. I'm looking forward to the mythic even more now.]

He isn't wrong, this evolution sounds really cool. Being able to turn mana directly into acid would be crazy strong, especially since my acid would be given a huge boost with this option. I'd be like a water bender, but with bone-melting acid.

Time for the rare options.

· Putrid Major (rare)

· Jade-Diamond General (rare)

[Another fifth stratum choice. The stat gains are extremely nice for the Putrid Major and the resets are nothing to sneeze at either.]

[I mean yeah…]

It's called Putrid Major. I don't care how good it is…

[Don't be so quick to knock it,] Granin warns me. [This evolution would actually allow you to move quite freely in the fifth stratum. You'd be almost totally poison resistant.]

[I'd also toxify everything that came near me!] I retort.

This evolution has a package of resets for my carapace, mandibles, inner plating and eyes that would basically adapt me into a fifth-stratum monster. I'd also become so putrid that anything near me would start taking damage from the aura of toxin and decay I gave off.

[I'm a communal species. Anything that makes it impossible to work with my siblings, or my precious friends, is right out.]

[Well, the Jade-Diamond General isn't bad at all,] Granin concedes. [It pretty much hits what you want it to. Great resets, amazing stats. You'd be a tough nugget with all of this defensive stacking.]

Combining my diamond carapace with an infused jade found on the fourth stratum, along with a set of additional defensive glands that would harden my carapace even further, I'd be just about unsquashable. The evolution doesn't do much for my offence, straight up, but I could take care of that sort of thing myself in the manual changes.

[It doesn't really matter how good it is,] I wave an antenna wearily, [we are only here for the mythic options anyway.]

[So you got one?] Granin asks, relief on his face.

[Wha- what do you mean? It's not guaranteed?]

[It isn't,] he shakes his head slowly. [Nobody knows why, but some paths get cut off without being able to climb to mythic and above.]

[Huh… weird.]

[Wait,] he holds up a hand suddenly, [did you say options?]

The golgari's eyes are intense, Corun and Torrina look like they might jump right out of their true-skins.

[You're gonna want to hold onto your hat for this, Granin,] I warn him. [This stuff sounds pretty wild.]