Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera. However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig? Wait.... I've been reborn as a WHAT?! Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

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Chapter 1326 - Anthony On Tour - Matters of Faith

I have gravely underestimated the true danger that I will face here in the Silver City. Locked away in this warehouse, constantly watched by guards. Two sets of guards, if I'm being accurate.

My true enemy has revealed itself. Boredom!

I'm so boooored! There's a whole city out there filled with adventure, and excitement! Probably! At the very least, there must be a plethora of awesome things to see. The buildings, the fine art, the… non-inside of warehouse type of things.

After spending so much time flopping listless on a ship, the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time flopping listless inside a building. 

Well, it's nice to be inside, but that's not the point!

In a desperate search for things to distract my mind, I have delved into the very things that I usually try to avoid examining too closely: the Vestibule and the Nave.

With only ten thousand ants around, the energy flowing into the Vestibule is a mere trickle of what it usually is, and separating out the individual threads from the flow is a breeze. Meaning, I can keep tabs on any individual or group of ants without really having to try. Normally, I don't like prying in this way, but I'm bored as heck, so it's been fun to see what's going on around the place.

The other thing I've been investigating is the Nave, the various presences within it, specifically the four golden figures standing against the wall. I know they came on the trade mission, but I haven't found a good moment to talk with them, really. Unfortunately for me, there's no possible way for me to avoid it anymore. In fact, I welcome the conversation, given that I have nothing else to do.

I'm like a guy finally pairing all his socks to avoid trying to calculate his taxes.

So, I reach out to the pair via the Nave.

Hey there, it's me, Anthony.

The big lad, Jern, I think his name was, reacts in his usual calm way, but the girl, Alis, falls off something, judging by the way she yelps, then cries out again.

Sorry if I surprised you, I'm not sure how I can give you any warning when contacting like this. Anyways. Can I get you two to pop over to my warehouse? We should have a chat to try and work out exactly what's happening here.

They both agree, Alis with a significant amount of muttered grumbles, but it isn't long before the two of them appear in front of me. It's tempting to keep using the Nave to speak with them, but that's probably rude, or something? They're right here, so a mind bridge will suffice.

[Hey there, gang. How are we enjoying the tour?]

They look at each other before Jern shrugs casually.

[It's been fine,] he replies. [I never thought I'd get the chance to see the fourth stratum like this. It wasn't that long ago I was on the surface.]

[No problems with mana sickness?]

[Nothing out of the ordinary,] he says, rubbing at the back of his head. [It's been mild for me.]

[I have a few… issues,] Alis says, starting out strong but quickly wilting. She gathers her strength to go again. [We almost died when that giant hunk of rock almost fell on the fleet. I thought this was supposed to be a trade mission? Shouldn't we be safe?]

Jern shifts his feet uncomfortably, but it's not really an unreasonable complaint. All of the people aboard the ships were put in great danger when the golgari decided to do that. The morons.

[Totally agree, that was a bad move from the authorities in Greystone, and we aren't happy about it. There's no reason to bring your complaints to me, though, I was also at risk! In fact, it was me who saved everyone, remember?]

Recalling the terrors that they experienced, the two humans grow pale, but decide not to point out the danger that I put them in. For which I'm grateful.

Jern raises up a hand and I point an antenna at him.

[Yes, Jern. What's up?]

[I was just wondering if we should kneel or something? I think Priest Beyn would be mad at us if we just stood here.]

Alis starts as if she's just realising the same, then turns to stare up at me again. I stare back.

[There's really no need for that. Just because I'm the 'Great One' or whatever he calls me. I didn't ask to be worshipped, and I'm certainly not a god.]

Actually, should I say that? These two received unique Classes from the System, which they probably wouldn't have gotten without some level of faith in what the stupid priest has been spreading around.

Alis seems confused by my declaration of non-godhood, but Jern is more direct with his thoughts.

[You aren't a god?] he asks me.

[Of course not.]

[But I feel a strong, sort of spiritual connection to you?]

Ah… that's true. They are linked to me in a way that could be described as spiritual.

[That's just an effect of your Classes and my species.]

[Your species allows for spiritual connections?] Jern asks.

This guy…. His expression is totally innocent, and even Alis is looking less troubled the more he talks. Worst of all, I can't really refute it!

[Sort of…] I hedge. [I take in Will from those who…] ah, heck. There's no good way to say this…. [From those who… have faith in me.]

[Huh,] Jern says.

That's it? Just 'huh'?

[That doesn't make me a god! Lots of monsters could do the same thing!]

[Have they?]


[Not… not that I'm aware of?]


Damn this guy!

[Look, just because Beyn says something about me, doesn't mean you need to believe it. I'm not some messenger sent by the System to light a new Path, or whatever he goes on about! I'm an ant monster who just happened to help out some people, that's all!]

Jern nods solemnly, and I think I might have finally gotten through to him.


[Didn't you imply that you might know who is behind the System?] he asks, perfectly straight faced.

Alis' head whips around to stare up at me again.

[No…..] I say, my mental voice rising a few octaves…. [not at all.]

I hold for about five seconds before I break like a kitkat.

[Look, I don't know if he runs it, I never asked the guy! Honestly, I could ask him, but he's odd about what questions he wants to answer and which ones he doesn't.]

Jern blinks slowly, then nods.

[Huh,] he says.


This is not going how I hoped it would.

[Shouldn't a god be like, super powerful and stuff? I'm just a big monster!]

[I watched you almost blow up a mountain.]

[Oh yeah.]

It's true that not every monster can do that. I mean, the only reason I can is because I happened to stumble into gravity mana thanks to my knowledge from Earth, but how do I explain that to them without coming across as even more sacred?

[If it's all the same to you, Mr Anthony,] the big lad says respectfully, [I'll keep thinking of you as my god.] 

Alis looks towards him, then nods her head, most of her hesitation gone. I slump to the ground in defeat. 

[Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you. Putting all that aside, talk to me about this Class of yours.]