Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera. However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig? Wait.... I've been reborn as a WHAT?! Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

RinoZ · Fantasy
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1245 Chs

Chapter 1318 - Anthony On Tour - Don’t Rise

So now I understand why I was warned about these people. They suck. It takes us over an hour to rise all the way up to the island, moving at a nice, controlled pace, and the Magpei swoop around yelling at us the entire time.

When one of them got tired and flew back up, another one would just come down! They were determined to ensure we were subject to a constant strain of threats, insults, and repeated dares to 'come up 'ere!'. How these people managed to survive at all is a miracle!

Do the ka'armodo put up with this level of nonsense? The golgari? The LEGION? Although, they aren't monsters, far from it, they were here before the Rending took place, before there was mana on the surface. So… I suppose the Legion doesn't care about them one way or the other. 

We arrive on the island itself, to be greeted by more of the preening Magpei, while others continue to fly overhead haranguing us.

Eran steps forward to speak for us, and again, the brathian Dungeon Seer continues to provide a running translation. Though I wish they wouldn't.

[As agreed in our discussions some weeks ago, we are here as part of our trade mission to the mightiest and most flourishing trade hubs of the stratum,] Eran declares.

I know for a fact we're pretty much only here because it's on the way to the Silver city. Nevertheless, I understand the urge to butter these people up. The Magpei seem difficult to get along with, to say the least.

The representative of the Wandering Isle leadership who came to greet us seems to be fairly typical of her people, from what I've seen so far. They don't wear a lot of clothing, covering the essentials, basically, and she seems annoyed to be here, looking down on all of us.

[We 'welcome' you to OUR isle,] she says, sarcastically, glaring. [I hope you can get your business done and get the HECK out of here, quick!]

For some reason, she turns to glare at me.

[You think you're all that? EYYY? All big 'n stuff? You aren't tough!]

What the heck?!

[Anthony is here as a representative of his people, who have brought many wonderful and shiny things for you to purchase,] Eran attempts to soothe her.

Only one word seems to catch her attention.


Her head snaps around and her eyes narrow.

[How shiny are we talkin'? If you're pullin' me leg, I'm gonna punch ya right in the nose!]

There's a chorus of 'EYYYY' 'EYYYYY!' from the other Magpei. I turn to the mage translating for me.

[Is it really necessary to give me all the background insults?]

[If I have to listen to it, then so do you,] she replies placidly.


Chests puffed out and strutting around us, the Magpei lead us toward the nearest settlement, a border town called Mackaw, which is where imports and exports are handled, apparently. Every now and again, a new Magpei flies overhead, challenging us all to a fight and then asking who we are and what we're doing here. Eventually, our guides tell them we are here to trade and are on our way to Mackas.

When we arrive outside the town, we are greeted by the head of the local trading guild, who is, mercifully, a human. He bows low and respectfully toward Eran as she draws near, greeting her with a wide smile, which she returns.

[Lowyn, it's lovely to see you again.]

[You are too kind, Eran. How is your esteemed husband, the great Satrap Umizan?]

[He is well, thank you for asking.]

[And is that little Piris I see? Such grace and beauty. Clearly, she takes after her mother.]

The little girl giggles and smiles.

[Whattarya laughin' at, EY?] a nearby Magpei squawks. [EYY? Ya little MIDGET?]

Thankfully, nobody pays him any mind and he slowly de-puffs before being distracted by something else.

After the pleasantries are exchanged, Eran gets down to business working out the trade arrangements, when and where the Colony will set up their temporary market and for how long. When it's all said and done, I sneak a mind bridge over to the unbelievably polite man, Lowyn, who greeted us, just to ask a few questions.

[Hey, it's me, the giant ant in front of you, nice to meet you.]

His eyes widen slightly as he turns toward me.

[Nice to meet you too,] he says, warmly. [I hope you and your people have a pleasant stay here on the Wandering Isle.]

[That's what I wanted to ask you. How the heck do you live here?]

Lowyn smiles gently.

[I assume you are referring to the Magpei?]

[No, I was talking about the weather. Yes, the Magpei!]

[They aren't so bad when you get used to them,] he assures me. [Though it does help to cultivate a certain, placid, frame of mind.]

Two Mapgie crash to the ground between the two of us, tangled around each other as they engage in a furious fist fight. Lowyn doesn't even blink.

[Your stay among us will be regrettably short, but I will lead you to the area designated for your people to rest. I hope you will find it accommodating.]

This man is a saint.

We are led to an open clearing where the temporary market will be established, and begin to settle in. For my part, that means more flopping into the dirt and letting everyone else be busy around me. Brathian tents start going up and the newly arrived ants begin putting together their stalls and displays.

[We're finally here at Mackas, is there anything good to eat?] Piris complains.

[Not really,] Marzban tells her. [It's not easy for them to grow crops up here on the island. There just isn't enough land.]

[What do they usually eat?] I ask, curious.

[Fish,] he tells me. [The Magpei are excellent fishermen and women, able to fly down, catch a surprising amount of them, then fly back up. Their endurance in the air is truly remarkable.]

Huh. Nice to know they have some good points.

[Are there many Magpei settlements on the surface?] I ask. [They've been here from the beginning, so there must be, right?]

[There are,] Eran tells me, [though usually in areas others don't want to live, high up in the mountains, for example. And that's not just because other people don't like them, they don't like other people either. It works out best for everyone. In terms of the Dungeon, there are a few large settlements in the third, but the bulk of them live in the fourth, on this island, a few other floating isles, and in settlements high above, closer to the roof above us.]

That's… high. 

[Considering how they feel about outsiders, I'm surprised they even let us in to trade. What sorts of things do they like?]

Eran smiles.

[They are surprisingly curious as a people and will look at just about anything. They love decorative items, not for themselves, but for their homes. Food is popular, for obvious reasons, as there is much they can't make for themselves. I expect your ant-crafted fabrics will do extremely well.]

[Why? They don't appear to wear much.]

[For their nests.]