Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera. However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig? Wait.... I've been reborn as a WHAT?! Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

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Chapter 1300 - Anthony On Tour - Another Brick

My conversation with Rassan'tep is short, and soon I have to open up the way and slip back into the pavilion, head buzzing with what I've learned. This is the truth of the Ancients? They've had enough of Pangera and want to get the heck out?

Why? This place seems fine!

I mean, would I remove centipedes from the spawn pool for monsters? Yes, yes I would. And will. Other than that, people seem to be getting along alright.

And what happens to Pangera when this dimensional boundary is broken? Is the planet fine and the Ancients just buzz off, or does it explode!? Rassan'tep was pretty vague on this point, and I think I would want a definitive answer before I decided to worship Arconidem. I mean, is the Demon God trying to blow up Pangera or not? Fairly darn fundamental question!

Surrounded by my family once more, watching them skitter about, setting up stalls, precisely laying out the fruits of their labours, I certainly want an answer to that question!

"Sloan! Can I get a minute?"

"Sure thing, Eldest! Just give me a moment."

She finishes whatever conversation she was having and comes over to me, antennae waving furiously.

"I'm extremely busy right now, Eldest, I hope this won't take long."

"This isn't a battle, you know. It's shopping."

"The longer we are on this expedition and the more I speak with Eran Thouris, the more similarities I see. It may have been a mistake to leave Solant behind, she would have learned much."

Probably, but she has plenty to do where she is right now.

"I'll be brief then, I need to talk to Brilliant. Urgently."

Sloan's demeanour becomes grave.

"She can come to us, as I'm sure you know, but it may cause problems if an ant is detected jumping into the middle of a ka'armodo stronghold without a gate."

She has a good point, and I hesitate for a moment, but no, this is too serious. If the lizard-wizards get all bent out of shape, then I'll deal with the fallout when it happens.

"This is important, Sloan. Send word. I need to talk to her as soon as possible."

"Very well, Eldest. I'll get it done."

If anyone is going to be able to verify what Rassan'tep had to say, it's her. I need that confirmation. Just because Arconidem, who is a butthead, it must be stressed, said this two thousand years ago, doesn't mean it's actually true. In fact, why would it be true? The big demon was probably lying through his teeth and the Ancients have some other scheme in mind for which they need another member.

"Hey, Eldest. It is I! Brilliant!"


"Dammit! Where the heck did you come from?!"

The little ant gives me a superior look and I swear my antenna moves without my conscious control.


"Ouch! What was that for?!"

"Uh, disciplinary correction. Never mind that!"

"But my head hurts."

"Good. I have an important question. More than a question, a mission. A task. This will stress your mind and challenge your capabilities to their limits. Are you ready for the ineffable truths I am about to reveal?"

Brilliant practically quivers with excitement.

"Of course! I was born ready! Did you forget who I am? I'm BRILLIANT!"

"I'll connect a mind bridge, because this is sensitive information I'm not sure everyone in the Colony should know."

[You getting me?]

[Loud and clear.]

[Good. Now, I have learned, from an ancient order of hidden scholars, that this world… is a PRISON!]



Not much reaction. I decide to add emphasis.


Brilliant continues to stare up at me expectantly.

[Soooooo. Apparently there's some sort of dimensional… barrier thing? That cuts Pangera off from the rest of the universe? Or something? And the Ancients really want to break it… but can't?]

She's still looking at me, waiting.

[So… I want you to… work out if that's true.]

[It is.]



I feel like I'm missing something here. I told her the secret truths of the world, I'm sure I did. Where is her reaction? She loves this stuff?!

[What's the secret mission, Eldest? Don't tease me any further! My mind is burning with curiosity! Tell me! Tell me now!]

She's so excited she starts prodding my leg with one of her antenna

[Wait, just hold up a second. What do you mean "it is"? You already know this world is a prison?]

[Well, I know there's a huge dimensional wall that locks it off from somewhere. It's present in every dimension and forms a sphere around the planet. So prison, sure, makes sense.]

She slumps.

[Wait, that's what you wanted me to find out?]

[Yes! This is meant to be a big secret that not many people know about!]

[Oh! Oh… Well… it's one of the first things I learned when I started dimension hopping. Smacked headfirst into the wall and almost died! Good fun.]

I feel like I have a headache coming on. 

[If nobody knows this, then how did you figure it out so quickly?]



[—IANT! Ouch!]

Still finished it, eh? She's dedicated.

[Seriously, though. I refuse to believe nobody else can figure this out in two thousand years and you did it in about two months.]


I can tell she just wants to say she's that much smarter than everyone else.

[I do have advantages as a monster that others don't have. Throwing oneself physically into another dimension isn't exactly easy without having our unique advantages. Impossible, really.]

I'm guessing she's saying she has mutations that help in that regard, which obviously a normal person can't get.

[Alright, maybe you won't have an answer for this question then. If that barrier is broken, what will happen to Pangera?]

[Oooooooo. Not sure. Boom? Maybe… or perhaps… no boom. On the other mandible… boom?]

[See if you can get an answer without exploding any parts of the nest. Or the planet.]

[You got it, Eldest. I'll get right on it!]