Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera. However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig? Wait.... I've been reborn as a WHAT?! Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

RinoZ · Fantasy
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Chapter 1253 - Demonic Change

[Here's your core, little guy. Sheesh, this thing is about the same size as you.]

The master rolled the mythic core up to Invidia using one foreleg, letting it rest on the chamber floor right in front of him. The demon looked down at the spherical gem, seeing the powerful flows of mana within and around it.

He wanted it.

[I know, I know, almost all of your body is stuffed into a pocket dimension, I get it. Even so, it's going to hurt like heck when you absorb that thing, so be careful. Was it helpful? Talking to the golgari, I mean?]

Invidia considered the question seriously.

[Yessss,] he hissed after a pause. [I learned much I didsssss not knowsssss.]

The master's eyes glinted, pleased.

[Nice, I'm glad you were able to pick up a few things. They know a heck of a lot more than me, that's for sure. Is there anything else you need? Something I can get for you, before you take the plunge?]

Again, the little demon took a moment to think, his gigantic brain turning the question over with care.

[I havessss a question.]

The master froze for a moment, then waggled his antennae nervously.

[Oh? Of course, ask away. I'll answer as best I can.]

The master lacked confidence, and thought Invidia was going to ask an esoteric question he couldn't answer. Invidia thought he might be right. He himself didn't have an answer to this question, but if anyone did, it was the ant in front of him.

[What ssssort of demon isssss Invidia?] he asked.

The master slowly rubbed at the top of his head with one antenna, an air of confusion around him.

[You don't know?] he asked, sounding puzzled.

Invidia shook his head.

[I am notssss ssssure.]

The big ant reached out a single leg to poke at one of his spindly arms.

[That's an easy one. I thought you were going to ask me something hard.]

[You havesss an anssswer?]

The little demon was quite surprised. 

[Of course! It's not difficult. You want to know what type of demon you are? That's just asking the wrong question. You're one of a kind, unique. There is no 'type' that fits you.]

Invidia frowned, confused. His master tried to explain.

[Look, you aren't going to find a box to fit yourself into, that's not how it works. Demons may share obsessions, but that doesn't make them the same. Each of you is different from the others, and the further you evolve, the more pronounced those differences become. Don't fret about making the right choice, and just pick what feels correct to you. No matter what happens, you're always going to be part of the team, part of the family.]

The big ant turned and began to walk out of the chamber.

[You've got way too a big a brain to be worrying about such irrelevant stuff, little guy. Get to evolving already! I'll meet you on the other side.]

Invidia remained still, pondering what the master had said for several long minutes. He was unique? He had never felt unique. How was he supposed to know if he was or not? Was there a method?

Ultimately, he pushed such concerns aside, something else the master had said resonating with him much more strongly. Regardless of what happened, he would have a place, he would be a part of something larger than himself.

It was something he already possessed, but Invidia treasured it all the same.

 [Would you like to use the evolution menu?]


 [Congratulations on reaching the maximum level for your current species. Evolution will allow you to change your form and increase your stats as a monster.


 Warning: evolving will make securing XP and Biomass more difficult as fewer rewards are given for preying on creatures less evolved than yourself.


 Your evolution options are as follows:

· Greater Demon of Envy

· Demon of Desire

· Demon of Gluttony

· Eye Demon of Spite (special)

· Watcher of Endless Envy (special)

· Vacuum of Want (special)

· Green Eyed Beholder (rare)

· Lesser Watchdemon of Possession (rare)

· Gaze Demon of Approbation (rare)


No mythic option. Invidia was disappointed. He had wanted it ever since his master had achieved such an evolution, but he'd known such a thing was unlikely for him. At his next evolution, he had a much higher chance, especially if he chose wisely now.

As expected, variations of his obsession appeared, and even at the lower ranks, he had the ability to change the direction of his obsession entirely. Invidia had no desire to spend an entire evolution turning himself into a gluttony or desire demon. As his master had said, he would refine who he already was, that course of action felt the most natural.

He aimed his attention directly at the rare evolutions. It was from these three he would make his selection.

[Rare Evolution: Green Eyed Beholder (rare). +100 Bonus to Cunning. +100 Bonus to Will. +20 Bonus to Toughness. A creature of powerful Envy that desires all it sees, and sees all. The mind and the will to reach for everything. The Eye of Envy will be reforged into Allsight Jade (warning, this will reset all mutations), and two further Eyes of Envy will be added. A Condensed Will Accumulator of Soul Crystal will be granted for free.]

See all, be envious of all. Invidia wanted it. A powerful new version of an Envy demon, greater than he already was. The added brain matter was valuable, as was the added Will. With the accumulator, he would be a force to be reckoned with, able to direct the flow of mana and impose his version of reality with indomitable strength.

[Rare Evolution: Lesser Watchdemon of Possession (rare). +120 Bonus to Cunning, +80 Bonus to Will. +20 Bonus to Toughness. It is not what others have, but what you can take from them and hold that truly matters. The Lesser Watchdemon can see even into the hearts of its foes, and can take what they wish. You must specify that which you seek to possess. Eye of Envy will be reforged into Luminous Sapphire (warning, this will reset all mutations). A Spirit Sight Gem of Soul Crystal will be granted for free. A Possession Engine Demon Silica will be added for free.]

Intriguing. No longer obsess over that which he did not have, but that which he had successfully taken from others? A more active obsession, rather than a more passive one. It was a change, but did it feel natural?

[Rare Evolution: Gaze Demon of Approbation (rare). +80 Bonus to Cunning, +120 Bonus to Will. +20 Bonus to Toughness. Appreciation, Applause, Goodwill. You hunger for approval and you will have it, no matter the cost. Eye of Envy will be reforged into Burning Ruby (warning, this will reset all mutations). An Emotion Maw of Red-Void matter will be granted for free. A Goodwill Drain of Soul Crystal will be added for free.]

Another interesting choice. Invidia blinked his one green eye as he considered each choice carefully. There would be a lot of work in the manual evolution screens, no matter which he selected. He needed to reset his brain and neural adaptor as well, possibly his Mana Manipulation Cortex too, which would take a good chunk of evolutionary energy, but would set him up for his next evolution better. Hopefully a mythic.

But now… which option drew him in? Which did he want the most?

Of course, he wanted all of them, but he would still have to choose.

The more he considered, the more he was drawn to the second option. Of the evolutions before him, it was the only one which gave him the freedom to shape his own obsession. To hone it himself, as many other demons had, such as the knowledge demon, Allocrix.

Also, it was strong. A lesser form at tier seven beckoned a greater form at tier eight. That increased his chances of mythic evolution.

But what was it that he wished to possess the most? Invidia had spent all of his existence as an Envy demon wanting everything, without exception. Of all the things he'd wanted, which did he truly wish to possess?

He thought of his master. He thought of the freedom that had been given to him. He smiled, a frightening, toothy maw splitting the air beneath his fluttering frame.

Yessssss. Your friendssssship. I will havesssss it!