1056 Chapter 1167 - Back and Forth

Gweheheh. With my superior magic, I don't even need to worry about chasing my opponents down. If I can keep them in their defensive half without even moving, then that seems like it would be the logical way to play.

I wonder if there's a way for them to deal with it? I wouldn't think so, given my higher ranked Skills and mind constructs.These young ants will gain those things in time, but for now, I hold the advantage of being older! I've had more time to work on this stuff!

I wonder if I can use my magic on the offence as well?


"That's going to cause a few problems," Leonidant remarked as the Endless picked themselves back up.

"I quite agree. The Eldest overwhelms us in both magic and physical ability."

"Then why do you seem so excited?"

"Let's just say I'm happy this match is living up to my expectations."


[The Eldest has certainly displayed their magical prowess and I'm certain the Endless must be at least a little shaken by that. They've brought a mage-heavy team here today and it doesn't seem to be helping them at all!

At tier seven, the Eldest has a huge advantage that doesn't seem to be offset by being outnumbered at all. One versus ten, and they are crushing this game!]

"I have to admit, I'm a little awed by what we've seen in this match so far. You may be a little more experienced with powerful monsters, but I've never seen what a creature as highly evolved as the Great One can do."

[It certainly is impressive. Speaking of which, I believe we may be just about to see the Eldest begin their next offence. Will we see another of those unstoppable charges? Or something different?]

"The Great One appears… to be utilising their magic! They've taken hold of the ball using wind mana. The Endless seamlessly flow into a defence. Walls are going up, they've conjured a wind barrier of their own. Looks like a meeting of the minds here today!"

[What exactly is the Eldest going to do? They hold the ball aloft, teasing, taunting as it drifts left and right… wait a second….]



"Oh, wow! What did we just witness?!"

[A lightning bolt! The Eldest has used their magic to catapult the ball directly through the defences of the Endless! The wall has crumbled, the wind dispersed and the ball has been buried two metres into the touchline!]

"STILL, the Great One continues to show their opponents the difference in power, and the Endless are absolutely helpless to prevent the ball from going wherever their opponent wants it to go!"

[No score of course, you have to be physically in contact with the ball for the touch to count, but the message continues to be sent!]

"We switch to the Endless now, who prepare to make their next offensive play. It's a daunting task ahead of them. If the Eldest simply repeats what they did a moment before, how can they be expected to get through?

And… yes indeed! The moment play resumes, the Eldest has once again conjured a mighty wind, daring the opposition to advance into that gale."

[What a storm. If that wind there was any stronger, it'd start to chip away at the rock! The Endless appear more prepared for it this time. They've formed a windbreak and are reinforcing it with all they have as the team huddles in shelter.

Grouped up like this, they are completely vulnerable to a charge from the Eldest, but they don't appear inclined to move. Instead, they stand astride their defensive end like a colossus. What on Pangera are the Endless going to do in this situation?]

"They have to progress the ball somehow, otherwise they'll be timed out. There is movement down there, I can see them shifting, and, knowing this team, there is definitely some thought or strategy at play down there."

[Oh! I sense it!]

"What's happening?"

[They're reaching out and trying to seize hold of a portion of wind, not that much, just a thread. What could they possibly hope to… wait?!]

"Solant has leaped up with the ball gripped in her mandibles and… HOW?!"


[With that thin stream of wind, the Endless have catapulted their leader and sent her rocketing toward the touchline! Brilliant! Ingenious! They've taken the storm produced by the Eldest and turned its power against them!]

"Such speed!"


"BUT NO! The Great One says NO! Despite the frankly dangerous velocity Solant was moving, the Great One simply sticks out one leg and snags her from the air. Those reflexes are simply… I want to say inhuman, but that much is obvious. Absurd. Unbelievable. It happened in the blink of an eye, folks, and still, the Eldest has snatched the ball and Solant clean from the air."


I stare at the little champion as she grips the ball in her mandibles still. Right now, she's dangling in mid air, since I'm holding up the ball, and I inspect her up close for the first time.

"Interesting idea," I tell her.

Using my own magic against me like that…. Clever little thing. Since they can't match my strength, they tried to find a way they could turn my own against me.

"Not quite interesting enough," she replies. "Are you going to put me down?"



I shatter the ball with a casual chomp and Solant drops down to the ground, where I loom over her to a ridiculous degree. Even for a general, she's quite small, which leads me to believe her evolutionary energy has been poured into her brain, and perhaps specialised organs that help with tactics, or perhaps battlefield vision?

"You've got a lesson to learn here, Solant, so I hope you're paying attention."

"What lesson is that, Eldest?" she asks innocently.

I clack my mandibles in disapproval and she ducks her head slightly. As if I don't know that giving her information helps her side. I bring my head down closer.

"In the face of overwhelming power, tricks are useless. You can delay, you can nibble at their strength, you can fight on the run, lay traps, do the unexpected… but eventually, there is nowhere to go, no more tricks to pull, and it's over."

"Is that why you refuse to score? You want to push us into a corner with the score at 0-0 to see what we will do?"

Wait… what do you mean no score? I glance up at the scoreboard and sure enough… nothing.

DAMMIT! Just how many rules did that idiot forget to tell me?! Although… I probably should have asked more questions….

"You're the smart one," I poke her with an antenna longer than her entire body. "You figure it out."

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