Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera. However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig? Wait.... I've been reborn as a WHAT?! Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

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Chapter 1106 - Crouching Demon, Hidden… Demon

Odin skulked amongst the larvae that covered the ground. Now knee deep, the newborn demons were even more frenzied than normal, hacking and tearing at each other with wild abandon.

He'd been one of them not that long ago, it was difficult to remember that sometimes. Weak, having to climb up over his own kind in order to survive. Just like his life as a human.

Idly, he wondered just how many larvae were spawned across the entire stratum in an hour. Billions? Trillions? Breaking a few eggs to make an omelette was one thing, but the inefficiency in this process was almost offensive to him.

Loss of life was something Odin could relate to, given his previous line of work, but each death was supposed to be significant. It should mean something, when a creature dies. Most of these larvae wouldn't make it past tier two, and none would remember them, or even notice their passing.

Getting melancholic. Focus on the job, he admonished himself.

Lowering his frame, he turned his head from side to side, imitating the sweeping hunter's gaze that evolved demons adopted on the plain. Despite appearances, he only had eyes for the ants.

They were everywhere. Everywhere. Groups combed through the larvae like gold-hunters with metal detectors, every now and again snatching up a specimen and examining it. The lucky, or unlucky demon was either placed back with the others, or stowed carefully in a bag, thrashing like a wild… demon.

Ants travelled in huge lines, thousands of them, following trails just like an ant on Earth would, except these were even more orderly. They carried all sorts of things; metals, ores, Biomass, cores, shipping materials from distant parts of the Plains and pouring them into the gigantic nest that loomed in the distance. It was as if that immense structure were a monster itself, all the wealth and resources that could be gathered for kilometres around were flooding toward it in a ceaseless flood.

Odin was sure he could see them scuttling about on the roof overhead, though what they might be doing up there was beyond him.

Every time a group seemed as if it might come nearby, he would shift his direction, moving away from them without seeming to. A cold, tense feeling coiled around his monstrous guts, a sensation that he had felt only a few times before.

When he'd been ordered to infiltrate the Mariachi gang, he'd posed as a travelling guitarist doing roof repairs to make ends meet. With his sombrero and ladder, he'd made his way into their compound and found himself surrounded on all sides. The ranchera of death drifted from every window and each time light flashed on a sequined vest, he'd felt he had breathed his last.

That same feeling gripped him now. He was deep in ant territory, within the seat of their power. To reach even this seemingly innocuous position, he'd been required to slip past numerous patrols, several mines, six construction projects and what appeared to be a tea plantation.

All in pursuit of that ultimate power that might set him free.

To overcome the demons who had claimed him, and the grip of Arconidem on his soul, Odin needed help. He wasn't accustomed to needing help, but here, in this world, where the rules weren't fully understood, he needed to adapt. If that meant clutching onto the leg of a powerful ant, then that's exactly what he would do.

Over there!

As he swung his head in that sweeping gesture once more, he caught a glimpse of what he'd been hoping to see. Easy to pick out, even when surrounded by others of the same species, the giant ant moved over the plains like a King. Or Queen, probably, considering the norms involved.

Closely in tow were the three monsters he had seen following the creature before. Each was powerful, stronger than he, maybe, but they were nothing compared to what he saw in the one they followed.

There was a gravity to that ant that pulled him in, an unspoken authority and strength that grabbed hold and refused to let go. He could see it in the other ants as well. When the giant one passed them, they would turn, ever so subtly, to watch it go, before straightening and going about their business.

Backed by a society as powerful as this one, this was exactly what he was looking for.

Odin stalked carefully across the plains. Calculating the path of the monster, he angled himself carefully to intercept, but not too closely. This group of four had quite the appetite from what he'd seen. Every strong demon they came across was obliterated in a matter of moments. That would be his fate, if he wasn't careful.

As he moved with perfect nonchalance, every inch the prowling demon looking for prey, he watched the group's movements, and considered his next steps.

There were several ways he could play this, depending on the outcome that he wanted most. If he could devise a way to bring the ant and the demons who plagued him into a direct confrontation without revealing himself, that may be for the best. If the ant was victorious, then he would be free to go about his own business without owing favour.

He could attempt to intervene more directly, reveal himself to the ant and guide it into the conflict. Posing as the helpful messenger, he could reveal the danger and provide advice. The issue with this approach was that he lacked mastery of the magic that allowed him to converse with others. If demon speech existed, he did not know it, so how could he speak to this ant?

Would it even be interested if he did? The ants worked with some demons, that much he knew from observation, but it was a giant risk to take.


Better to play it safe and remain in the shadows, that's where he, Odin the feared assassin, was most comfortable. Decision made, he nodded to himself and then glanced about.

The ant had drifted close, too close for comfort, he would need to adjust his angle. The small demon hovered over its dark carapace, along with the black blob of… something. Good, they hadn't gone far.

Wait. Where was the ape?

Odin reacted just in time to block as a lightning-covered fist smashed into his side. The electricity ripped through his body, causing his muscles to spasm and lock even as his demonic bones creaked from the force of the impact.

Too careless!

He should have been focused like a razor's edge, not considering the future! An idiotic mistake that would cost him dearly.

The giant ape looked surprised that his target hadn't evaporated after that punch. After a moment of consideration, the massive beast's expression shifted to one of eager joy as a broad grin split his features and he pounded his two fists together.

A battle fanatic. Odin had fought this type before. There was only one thing to do.

Acting swiftly, he rose up to his full height, revealing his blades, letting the shine ripple across the bone-swords. As the ape took one bold step forward, Odin gathered strength in his legs and leapt.

A mighty leap!

He flew through the air majestically, covering dozens of metres in one bound, twisting and drifting like an acrobat armed with a dozen blades.

He landed perfectly, directly in front of the giant ant, kneeling on the ground in supplication, his demonic face pressed into the burning rock.

The ant reared back slightly in surprise and Odin felt a flicker of joy as a mind reached out to his own.

[What in the heck?!] a surprisingly young voice rang in the assassin's mind.