Chronicles of the Multiversal Wanderer

Sam was your everyday person, except that he had a job unlike other fanfic protagonists who were unemployed before they were isekai'd. He was a rising actor that wishes to reach the likes of Robert Downey Jr. or Dwayne the Rock Johnson. However, just when he thought that his dream was finally within his reach. He met God. Just so you know, meeting God means that you're going to another world, so I won't explain much. "Be my angel!" "What?" |-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_| This is my fourth book and just so you know, there is a chance that this fanfic would be a harem unlike my previous non-harem fanfics. • English is not my first language • Warning: Template System • I haven't decided on a permanent cover photo yet so you guys could suggest some. • If you don't like furry because Tigress is -ehemm, then this fanfic is not for you. Confirmed Worlds: - Kung Fu Panda [Done] - Shrek / Frozen / Tangled [Done] - Hotel Transylvania [Done] - The Incredibles [Current] - Megamind [ReWrite] - Rise of the Guardians [ReWrite] - Wall-E [ReWrite] - Moana [ReWrite] - Wreck-it Ralph [ReWrite] - Monster's Inc [ReWrite] - Next Gen [ReWrite] - Despicable Me / Minions (Bababa baba banana!) [ReWrite] - Monster House [ReWrite] - Undecided [A huge thanks to SirRandom for providing me the cover pic.] You can join my Patreon - Patreon.com/SlimeSage You can also join my newly created Discord - https://discord.gg/ukcjkM8fNt

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Ch. 97 - The Reveal!

"Alright, that's it. Looks like you really want us to use the secret weapon." A bald man with a large scar said with a scowl, from the looks of it, he seems to be the leader of this small group of bandits.

'Secret Weapon? What is this? Some generic ass villains in superhero movies?' Jin's face twitched as he spoke to himself. Though he also wonders if the said Secret Weapon is somehow related to the explosion that happened earlier.

The leader of the bandit group suddenly took out a trumpet from his pocket and mercilessly showed it to the Kings as if he wanted them to be mesmerized by the power that he holds.

"The Trumpet of Destruction!" The bald man grinned madly while the Kings stared at the Trumpet with both curiosity and slight fear towards it since they tend to believe that what the bald man exclaimed about the trumpet was true.

"Now, either you give me the Flower or I'll have to resort to using this." The bald man threatened while his eyes glaring at Agnarr.

"Just give it, Agnarr. There's no use hiding it." Surprisingly, Rapunzel's father, Frederic was the one to speak in helplessness.

"Brother? Are you sure about it?" Agnarr exclaimed in surprise, not expecting that his brother would be the one to give up first. They made a promise to each other to not reveal the Flower that they found years ago as this is the same Flower that healed Frederic's wife and also the source of Rapunzel's powers.

Yes, they not only found the Flower years ago but also found two of them in which the other one is used to heal Frederic's wife while the other one was kept to Agnarr for safe keeping as they realized the incredible power that the Flower can bring. Especially now that they found out that Rapunzel seems to have inherited a portion of the Flower's magical powers.

While both brothers were having their small conversation, Jin was having the surprise in his life.

'Wait what?! Rapunzel and Elsa are cousins?! How come I didn't know this?!' Jin remarked in surprise as he finally realized why Arendelle and Corona Kingdom are very close especially in connections and trades. It turns out because the Kings of both Kingdoms are brothers!

"Fine....I hid it in a secret corner in the garden." Agnarr looked down on the ground in defeat before revealing the location on where he hid the Flower.

"No no. You will come with me and take me to it. Now, stand and show me the way." The bald man didn't want to find it by himself, instead he seemed to be in a hurry and told Agnarr to show it to him instead.

Agnarr gritted his teeth but was forced to comply, so he stood up and started walking outside.

Meanwhile, Jin's eyes never left them, as much as he wanted to interfere and help, he needed to know who is behind these bandits and the easiest way is to obviously let them get what they want and that's when they will lead him to their secret backer.

'If everything goes according to my plan, then everything will be smooth.' Jin said to himself, assuring that nothing will go wrong, right? Though his guts were telling him otherwise.

If it was the previous Jin then he might have ignored this gut but after learning his lesson by previously ignoring his guts which resulted in Rapunzel and Elsa being kidnapped, Jin knew that he should trust his gut this time.

'Fuck it. Once they got the flower, I could just use it to threaten that bandit to tell me who is behind them.' Jin changed his plans and decided to be straight and bulldoze his way in getting what he needs. At least it is more effective than waiting for nothing because it turns out you have been dancing on your enemy's palm all along.

Once Agnarr stands up and starts walking, the bald man follows suit but not without ordering his companions.

"You all, make sure to watch over them." After receiving a bunch of nods and 'Yes' from his comrades, the bald man smiled in satisfaction before following Agnarr outside.

Meanwhile, Jin took this as a chance and followed them outside.

At first, Jin was thinking of taking down the bandits in one fell swoop after their leader want out but Jin contemplated and decided against it.

After all, there's a small chance of having a mole among the Alliance between the Kings.

Since Jin suspected that there was a backer behind the bandits, then he also suspected that among the backers, one of them must be part of the Alliance since that would explain how they got into the meeting room without much hassle.

After hurriedly leaving through the windows where he got in, Jin sighed in relief when he didn't lose them.

"Hurry up!" The bald man pushed Agnarr by his back, forcing him to walk faster towards the garden.

They first passed through several walls and turns before eventually arriving at the garden, where Jin and Agnarr had their conversation when they first met.

"It's right here." Agnarr said while approaching a lone corner in the garden, a corner that even Jin was surprised to see since the last time he was here, he failed to see this corner.

'He really knows how to hide things huh?' Jin praised Agnarr in his mind while watching closely at Agnarr pulling out several bushes that are obstructing his way.

After the bushes were pushed away or aside, Agnarr finally stepped aside, showing the bald man and also Jin, the shining Golden Flower that seems to radiate enough light to be called a light bulb.

'So this is the flower that gave Rapunzel when powers huh? I don't know where it came from or how it came to be but I'm sure as hell I'll take this flower for myself and satiate my curiosities towards it.' Jin declared and made a note to himself.

"Finally....Hundreds of millions of golds will be mine! With this flower, surely they would comply with my deal!" The bald man looked at the flower with greed in his eyes, while unconsciously revealing some relevant information that made Jin mentally laugh at him. Who in their right mind would utter their secret deal out loud?

'Alright, that's it. Time to make my move.'Jin said to himself and was prepared to incapacitate the man when suddenly, his sharp senses heard a disturbance in the air, specifically right on top of them.

Curious, Jin looked up and saw a small dot that slowly enlarged as time went on.

What is that? What the fuck is that!?

As the small dot was large enough, Jin could finally figure out that the small dot was actually a shining figure.

"A knight?" Muttering in confusion, the silver knight reached enough velocity to reach the ground and cause clouds of dust that obstructed the entire garden, including the bald man and Agnarr.

Seeing his chance, Agnarr took the opportunity and quickly tried to take the trumpet from the bald man's hands while the said man was still distracted from the sudden interference of the falling knight.

"What the?" Feeling the emptiness in his hand, it was already too late for the bald man as Agnarr used his all to punch the man in the face.


However, there is a large stark difference between the bald man and Agnarr. While Agnarr stands at 6 ft tall, the bald man towers with him by another foot, so the punch not only doesn't take the bald man down but also angers him.

"How dare you!" The bald man angrily grabbed Agnarr by his chest, causing the trumpet to fall from his hand.

"You're lucky I spared you until now!" The bald man menacingly said before unsheathing his large blade and pushed it towards Agnarr's chest.

But before he could do that, Jin finally made his move and pinched the tip of the large blade with his two fingers, shortly after arriving in between them.

"What is it now?!" The bald man grew irritated from another interruption.

Jin didn't speak and simply put pressure on the tip of the blade through his index and middle finger.

The blade cracked and shook for the first few seconds before the large blade snapped and turned into small pieces of metal as if it was made of porcelain glass.

Jin then took his chance to grab the bald man's face while he was distracted before lifting him off the ground through his hold on his face.

"Now, you either tell me everything I need or do I have to resort to violence? Trust me, I'm quite an uncontrollable pers-" While Jin is still on the verge of asking questions, another silver knight fell from the sky and landed on the ground, causing another cloud of dust.

"Fuck it. I'll handle you later." Jin has been curious on why there are knights falling from the sky but he was so focused on his goal that he decided to put this matter in the back of his head. However, now that another knight fell, Jin knew that something was wrong on the other side.

Jin used his fingers to tap a few times on the bald man's abdomen. If someone were to look at it, they would see golden chi appearing wherever he taps his finger on.

After 5 taps, Jin finally released the man from his hold before flying and left to investigate the cause of the falling knights.

Agnarr, who was by his side was confused on why he left the bald man alone when he noticed that the bald man was still and unmoving.


Meanwhile, Jin reached enough latitude to oversee the entire Arendelle Kingdom and that's when he saw destruction and chaos everywhere.

Though it is not that much but he could see several buildings destroyed or on fire.

Jin's eyes scanned the entire area and saw hundreds of knights fighting against each other, with the only difference is the flag on their armor is different from the ones in Arendelle.

Jin also saw Tigress and Elsa fighting against the knights with different flags, making Jin even more confused.

'What the hell is happening here?!'


[I just made an announcement in Discord that would probably fend off most of the readers here but since most of you don't have Discord, I'll also announce it here...]

[You see, I realized that the world that Jin visits would be a breeze for him as his strength is already OP. So, I decided to add a challenge and a spice in his next world which is the Hotel Transylvania world. I decided to add an oc reincarnator that would obviously be his enemy.]

[Yes, you can leave now. Goodbye. There's no need to announce yourself. No, you can't change my mind as I'm already writing the reincarnator character.]

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[I know you have many questions, but my decision is absolute.]

[I only have a few assurances for some of you guys if you ever decide to keep reading.

• Obviously, the reincarnator would be strong but not as strong as Jin as he's literally the main character though he would still pose quite a challenge to Jin

• Lastly, no there would be no ntr that will happen.]



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