Chronicles of the Multiversal Wanderer

Sam was your everyday person, except that he had a job unlike other fanfic protagonists who were unemployed before they were isekai'd. He was a rising actor that wishes to reach the likes of Robert Downey Jr. or Dwayne the Rock Johnson. However, just when he thought that his dream was finally within his reach. He met God. Just so you know, meeting God means that you're going to another world, so I won't explain much. "Be my angel!" "What?" |-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_| This is my fourth book and just so you know, there is a chance that this fanfic would be a harem unlike my previous non-harem fanfics. • English is not my first language • Warning: Template System • I haven't decided on a permanent cover photo yet so you guys could suggest some. • If you don't like furry because Tigress is -ehemm, then this fanfic is not for you. Confirmed Worlds: - Kung Fu Panda [Done] - Shrek / Frozen / Tangled [Done] - Hotel Transylvania [Done] - The Incredibles [Current] - Megamind [ReWrite] - Rise of the Guardians [ReWrite] - Wall-E [ReWrite] - Moana [ReWrite] - Wreck-it Ralph [ReWrite] - Monster's Inc [ReWrite] - Next Gen [ReWrite] - Despicable Me / Minions (Bababa baba banana!) [ReWrite] - Monster House [ReWrite] - Undecided [A huge thanks to SirRandom for providing me the cover pic.] You can join my Patreon - Patreon.com/SlimeSage You can also join my newly created Discord - https://discord.gg/ukcjkM8fNt

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Ch. 92 - A slight activity in the carriage (Lemon)

[Guess, who's back?]


*Glck!* x20

As the carriage was moving at an average speed, so is Tigress's bobbing head on his crotch.

With Puss sound asleep, Elsa and Rapunzel were now forced to watch Tigress sucking Jin's cock, taking it up and down as if she was fighting a great battle.

"Can I go next?" Rapunzel whispered to Jin, who nodded in agreement as he pulled his head back, feeling the intense pleasure that Tigress is giving him.

However, Rapunzel's whisper was loud enough for Elsa to hear her and quickly blushed madly. She looked outside the carriage and was now contemplating whether she should jump now or not. Cause if she didn't, she might either pass out from sheer embarrassment or from the intense feeling she's feeling right now as she watches them make out.

Unfortunately, her slight degenerate side won and she decided against jumping.

And so, Elsa could only watch and hear the sound of Tigress giving Jin a blowjob in the carriage.

*Glurrck!* 20

Feeling that he's about to come, Jin quickly held and grabbed a handful of Tigress's hair and pushed her in more into his crotch, forcing his cock to reach the deepest parts that it could reach on her throat.


At this moment, Elsa was left staring dumbly at Tigress's slight reddened face and the veins that became visible on her neck.

'H-how can she even swallow that big?!' Elsa raised a question to herself as she subconsciously touched her neck, wondering if she were in Tigress's situation, would she also be able to handle such a thing?

As Jin's cum dripped from the corners of Tigress's mouth, Jin sighed in pleasure as he finally released his grip on her hair, allowing Tigress to spit his cock out of her mouth and used her own chi to slightly heal the pain on her throat.

"Cough! Cough! You were too rough." Tigress coughed several times before complaining to him in slight discomfort on her throat.

"I'm sorry. Here, let me wipe it for me." Jin apologized and used his pinky to wipe his cum off her face before offering it to Rapunzel who was by his side.

"What? I only get the leftovers?" Rapunzel complained but still engulfed his pinky finger with her little mouth, while inside her mouth, Jin could feel Rapunzel's tongue licking and sucking his pinky inside.

"Naughty." Jin teased however, he wasn't referring to Rapunzel. Instead he was looking at Elsa, who quickly realized that Jin was referring to her when he was teasing.

That's when Elsa felt something sticky on her hand and when she looked down, she realized that her hand was wet and buried deep within her crotch, unknowingly pleasuring herself without her realizing it.

It turns out, the reason why Jin called her naughty was because of what she was doing while she was watching.

Just as Elsa was thinking on how to explain herself, Puss suddenly yelled after waking up.

"Don't take my milk!" Standing up on his two boots, Puss was sweating and breathing heavily as he unsheathed his rapier and pointed it in front of him.

"Huff Huff....where is he? Where's the Milk Thief?!" During this time, Jin, Elsa, Tigress and Rapunzel quickly fixed themselves lest Puss might see what they did during his sleep.

"There's no else here beside us, you Furball. It's just a bad dream." Jin curtly said, he's quite annoyed that Puss woke up at such a bad time, he almost got Elsa but the little shit interrupted them.

"Oh." Puss wiped off his sweat after sighing in relief.

Just like that, for the rest of the journey, Puss stayed awake for the whole time so there's no point in continuing their interrupted session, so Jin could only grumble inside. It's not like he can't kick Puss off the carriage but he can see that Rapunzel is quite fond at Puss's cuteness and decided against it or else Rapunzel might complain to him for the rest of the day.


Soon after, the carriage finally arrived back in Arendelle where they were met with Agnarr, Iduna, Anna, and even their butler, Kai's worried faces.

"Elsa! Where have you been!" Just as Agnarr was about to confront Elsa for her sudden leaving without getting permission from them, Iduna suddenly beat him to it and advanced forward as Iduna quickly engulfed her daughter into a deep hug.

"I'm sorry for not telling, mama. It won't happen again." Elsa apologized as she knew that what she did is bad and she shouldn't do it again in the future.

"Where have you been, sis? I was worried we wouldn't get to play anymore." This time, it was Anna's turn to hug Elsa, not giving Agnarr any space to hug his daughter, so he could only stand awkwardly on the side.

"I just went to....." Seeing that Elsa was struggling on making an excuse, Jin decided to help her out.

"We actually found a very secretive syndicate that threatens the safety of this world." Jin stepped forward and spoke, gathering the attention of everyone on him. Though what they didn't know was in fact, he was just lying and there's no way a syndicate called Illuminati exists in this world, right?

"Syndicate?" Knowing what syndicate means, especially when Jin said it is secretive, as a King, Agnarr should watch out for these kinds of groups of people.

"Yes, they're called the Illuminati and luckily, we managed to repel them off before they could cause further damage." Jin said, as Agnarr placed his finger under his chin and said.

"This is bad then, perhaps I should announce this on Solstice Summit."

"Solstice Summit?" Jin asked in curiosity.

"It's a grand meeting of every Kingdom under the alliance, our Kingdom is included. In this meeting is where the Kings such as I, discuss anything related to politics and it is also the best time to offer trades with other countries." Agnarr explained as Elsa and Anna stared at him in interest. They've actually heard of this Solstice Summit but they only saw their father leaving for other kingdoms as the meeting usually happens in other kingdoms.

"In fact, the next Solstice Summit will occur in our Kingdom next week. Which is why I've been preparing for the grand occasion and also why I decided to open our gates to the outside world." Agnarr said before turning to Elsa.

"Elsa, you're the next on the throne, which is why I'll be needing your presence in the meeting so you could get a glimpse of what Solstice Summit is about and what happens in it." Agnarr said, inviting Elsa in a very grand meeting between Kings of several kingdoms around the world, forgetting the fact that he's supposed to reprimand Elsa for leaving without informing them.

"I will, Papa." Elsa nodded her head and said, she was actually excited as this will be the first time she would become involved in the works that her father does. Not knowing the corruption and deadly thing that is called Politics.

'Hmm, that's interesting. Such a thing wasn't mentioned in the movie. Was it because Agnarr and Iduna died before the Solstice Summit, which is why it was never shown and probably happened in the background behind the canon.' Jin analyzed and said to himself.

'Hopefully, this would just be a meeting between old foggies and nothing bad would happen. The Kingdom wasn't frozen to ice, so no one knows except for us that Elsa has ice powers.' Jin assured himself as he felt like his days of leaving this world are coming. Though there's still one problem left.

'Elsa still has feelings for me. I can't just leave her hanging like that, I'm afraid if I leave her here alone, she might go crazy or else.' Jin said to himself before making a goal in his mind. Before leaving, either he makes Elsa lose her feelings over him or he makes the first move and makes her his so he could bring her with him in another world.

'Yeah, I'll be doing the latter. After all of our interactions, I've formed quite a bond with her, so there's no way I'll be letting her go to another man beside me.' Right at this moment, Jin has decided to change himself.

'All this time, I was dense on other women's feelings on me because my current women are already occupying my mind, so I've been ignoring others.' Jin uttered the reason for his denseness.

With this goal in his mind, Jin decided to make Elsa confess by giving her signals and hints. As much as he wants to confess first and be done with it, Elsa was the first one to fell for him, so she should be the one to confess.


"Are the preparations finished?" Inside a dark cave, 5 men sat amongst each other with a circular table in front of them. One of them asked in a deep voice.

"Yes. After years of preparation, we would finally be able to take over the entire continent." An old woman said in return.

"Thankfully, he gave us the strength that we need in this operation. As long as we do our end of the deal, he won't bother us anymore. Are you certain that the Flame Predator will be in the Solstice Summit?"

"According to our sources, the chances are high as the Flame Predator was said to be close with Arendelle's first born princess."

"Elsa...I heard some rumors about her having ice powers. Are those rumors confirmed?"

"Not yet, but once we proceed with the operation, we'll know."

"Good, then prepare an emergency plan against her just in case the rumors turn out to be true."

"I understand."





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