26 Ch. 26 - Back to the Jade Palace

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As soon as their lips touched, Tigress's eyes widened in surprise. She was just mesmerized by Jin's eyes and didn't expect to be kissed by him.

'This feeling....It doesn't feel bad.' Slowly closing her eyes, Tigress decided to savor this feeling lest she might have missed out such feeling.

Meanwhile, this wasn't the first time Jin kissed someone. As a rising actor, Jin naturally has a few scenes where he has to kiss someone, so he's not unfamiliar to kissing. However, none of those kisses are romantic like this.

'I hope I'm not doing bad.' Jin thought to himself as he decided to open his eyes, wanting to see Tigress's reaction. The moment he did, he saw her closing her eyes, as if she was asleep.

At least, that's what he thought when Tigress suddenly reciprocated the kiss and pecked his lips repeatedly.

With one finally smooch, Tigress blushed a bit before facing the wall again, making Jin face her back.

"Goodnight." She said before relaxing her muscles so she could sleep.

However, Jin could hear her loud breathing, which means she's still awake and probably nervous or excited. Jin isn't an expert in reading someone's breathing so he can't determine exactly what she's feeling.

"Goodnight to you too, my little kitty." Jin then smiled as he also relaxed himself however, through the entire night, he couldn't get an ounce of sleep.

So, the morning rised and Jin was still wide awake, he doesn't know what's happening to him but his body feels energetic and excited ever since he kissed Tigress.

'I wish I could turn back time and kiss her again.'

[A/N: For those who has been affected by the dark side of the Webnovel. This is what love really feels like, not some bullshit where you meet and fuck each other then finally fall in love. I'm writing the romance part just to see if I have some talent in writing romance genre.]


Outside the tower where they were offered to sleep, Jin was the first one to get out as Tigress was still washing her face by the small pond in the bathroom.

Who would've thought people in this era used pond as a way to wash theirselves. That's why history is sometimes exciting. There would always be things in the past that you'd never expect to exist.

'Why do I feel like I've gotten stronger after healing myself from the cannon ball? Could I have really awakened my angel Bloodline? If so, where's my wings?' Thinking of this, Jin tried to look at his back but failed to do so.

'I'll see if I could bring it out.' The next moment, Jin's face scrunched up as if he's taking the biggest shit of his entire life.

'Nope. I can't bring it out, so I haven't awakened it yet.' Jin said inside his mind, popping the 'P'.

"Hey, Jin! You're finally awake! We were just waiting for you! Where's Tigress?" Viper slithered herself to approached him as she greeted.

"She's still inside, don't worry she'll go out soon." Speak of the devil, as soon as he finished his sentence, Tigress finally walked outside the tower, maintaining her serious face.

As soon as their eyes made contact, Tigress quickly looked away and fastened her pace.

"Oohh~ I'm smelling something." Viper moved her eyebrow up and down as she flashed a knowing smile to Jin.

Ignoring her, Jin started walking as Viper whispered 'Killjoy' behind him.

Approaching the rest of the team, Jin could see the eyebags underneath the eyes of Mantis and Po.

"What's with you guys? You didn't get enough sleep?" Jin asked in confusion.

"Ask Monkey." Mantis answered with a monotone voice as if he had just witnessed the entire Vietnam war.

"Well... It was my first time sleeping with a girl, so I kinda stayed awake through the entire night." Po embarrassingly whispered as if not wanting for Viper to hear him.

"I understand you, Po. I really do." Jin looked at him in the eyes with pity, as if he was looking at a fellow comrade.

Although weirded out, Po still nodded his head for gratitude.

"Looks like everyone is here. Good, let us go back to the Jade Palace. Master Rhino has prepared us an escort ship to go back home." Master Shifu walked towards them and said.


A few days has passed, Jin and the gang are finally back in the Jade Palace.

Meanwhile, Po immediately went back to his shop, to greet his dad and spend some time with him.

In the meantime, Jin got back to his room and can't help but feel like the room has gotten smaller to him.

'I should ask Master Shifu to give me a bigger room.' Making a note to himself. The first thing he did after getting back was to obviously check on his template percentage.

[Jin Kazama Template: 68%]

As soon as his eyes landed on the number, he can't help but widen his eyes in surprise.

He didn't expect for the percentage to rise this fast! He knows how hard it is to raise the percentage considering that the higher the percentage the harder it is to increase.

'No wonder I felt stronger than never. But, is Jin really this strong? Guessing from my strength I could tell right away that if I face Tai Lung again in my current percentage, I could one shot him easily. Is Jin really the devil I saw in the character selection? Tsk, I should have visited the arcade more often.' Scratching his head in annoyance, Jin decided to put these thoughts on the back of his head for now.

'I should probably visit Po first, I'm kinda hungry.' After washing himself in the river, Jin then proceeded to go down the stairs of the Jade Palace.

'Heh. Back then I used to be scared of stairs. Well look at me now, challenging the God of Stairs!' Jin joked to himself as he chuckled.

While Jin was walking down on the stairs, he didn't notice the eyes staring at his back.

The stare belongs to a white haired man that looks similar to a human except for the weird white eyes.

"So, you're the one who's been playing around in my world." The man muttered as a bunch of huddled leaves flew past him, covering him for a second and when the leaves dispersed, he vanished.


Meanwhile, Jin was just about to head to Mr. Ping's Noodle shop when he was suddenly met face to face with the man who has been staring at him earlier.

"Mortal. Do you know the consequences of trespassing on a god's universe and even interfering with the destiny? Either you go back to where you came from or face the consequence!" The white haired man said while squinting his eyes.

"...Who...are you?" Jin tilted his head in confusion as the white haired man replied.

"I'm the one asking the questions here, boy! Go back to your world or face the consequence!" The man yelled at him as the weather suddenly changed and turned into a stormy one.

Meanwhile, in the cave, Master Shifu was meditating when he suddenly saw the sudden change of weather.

"This isn't natural. It isn't supposed to rain today." Having a bad premonition in his heart, Master Shifu muttered to himself and quickly left.

Back to Jin, he's currently panicking a little bit inside his mind as he could finally have a rough guess on who the man in front of him is.

''Oh god! He's the god of this world that God told me to watch over right? Did I apply as a nanny of gods or what?' Crying inside his mind, Jin maintained a calm smile on the outside.

'God! If you're watching over me, can you tell your son to fuck off? I'm not supposed to meet the hidden boss right at the middle! He's supposed to appear after grinding and becoming strong!' Praying inside his mind, Jin hoped that his pray would be answered by God.

As if the heavens were smiling upon him, God spoke inside his mind.

'He's Caulius, my son. You don't have to worry, he's in his Avatar, so he's not using his entire strength. Probably just a portion. And besides, each of my children have unique traits and hobbies. You might like Caulius's hobby.' As soon as God informed him about Caulius, he never spoke again, no matter how many times Jin tries to call out to him.

'I'm fucked. Thankfully, it's just his avatar. I should have a chance.' As soon as Jin finished his monologue, the white haired man thought of him as a stubborn and disobey him, so he sighed and uttered.

"I see. So you have chosen death." Shaking his head, Caulius raised his head to stare at him before declaring.

"Prepare for the consequence! Today, you will beat me in battle!" Hearing the declaration, Jin's body tensed up.

'Here it is. Wish me luck.'

"Drinking battle!" Suddenly, Caulius continued, shocking Jin, including the newly arrived Master Shifu the the Furious Six.

'Drinking...battle? What the fuck is wrong with this guy?' Jin's face twitched a bit and almost wanted to punch Caulius in the face, but resised the urge.

'Now I know why God said that each of his children have unique traits and hobbits. This must be Caulius's unique trait, which is challenge offenders in a drinking battle? Thank God it's not fight to death battle.' Jin said to himself while wiping off his sweat. Thankfully, its a drinking battle as Jin might not look that much but he's quite the person who has a very high tolerance in alcohol. So, there's chance of him winning the battle!

"Okay. I accept your challenge! When do we begin?" Jin confidently answered before asking back a question.

"Now." Caulius replied with an arrogant smirk.


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