2 Ch. 2 - An Angel can't venture without his wings

"An Angel?" Sam gulped his saliva in excitement. He's already imagining himself as an angel with pure white wings on his back while the people are kneeling down to him.

"Sorry to burst your bubble but you won't be having wings." God's words suddenly blew all of his fantasies away.

"How can I call myself an Angel if I don't have any wings?" Sam pouted, making God chuckle to himself.

"You don't need wings to call yourself an Angel...." God said after chuckling before continuing.

"Do you remember what your mother used to call you?" God followed up with a question.

"Call me?" Sam seems to be reminiscing when he looks towards the non-existent sky while putting his finger below his chin.


"My cute little angel!"

"Come! My dear little angel!"

"My little angel!"


Suddenly, behind his mom's smiling face, God's face appeared and popped the non-existent bubble floating above their heads.

"Little angel. That's what she calls you, and do you have wings?"

"...No." After absorbing the little information he got from reminiscing, Sam answered God's question.

"There's your answer." God said with a smile.

"Let's stop talking about angels, Sam. Let's talk about what you will do as my angel." God went into serious mode, at least that's what Sam sees on him when God suddenly stares at his eyes. It's like he's piercing through every fabric of his entire being and is directly staring at his soul.

"W-what is it?" Sam gulped and sat up straight.

"You see, some universal gods out there thought that I wouldn't know their little dealings with each other." God chuckled. When Sam heard what he said, he was weirded out, from what he could analyze from what God has said, he's referring to universal gods forming a rebellion or a coup d'etat. What weirded him out was the fact that instead of frowning or getting angry, he's just smiling at them as if he's a parent that discovered that his children are entering puberty.

"And what do you want me to do?" Sam confusedly asked, which was soon answered by God.

"Ah, it's simple, really. I just want you to watch over them, and if they did something drastic like destroying a universe to gain power, I want you to stop them. Since they only want what I have, then they should not involve the rest of the multiverse in this upcoming 'play'" God said, making Sam frown slightly.

There are chances here that he might die. In fact, the chances are so high that the 100% got scared from 99% so he decided to give up his place to 99%.

In the end, the chances of dying would be 100%.

"Don't be too negative, Sam. This is why I'm giving you wings, so you could protect yourself." God said, which made Sam's eyes light up in excitement.

"Someone's excited, are we?" God chuckled before clapping his fingers.

"Let's gamble for your powers." God said as a huge Gacha Machine appeared behind him.

"Holy shit. I know that monstrosity." Sam gulped as his butt clenched on his seat.

"Don't be too afraid of him, he just wants to make people happy." God seemed to be enjoying this as he spoke.

"Enjoy?! I watched my comrades fall under the wicked hands of that monstrosity!" Sam dramatically kneeled on the ground as tears formed in his eyes. While flashbacks started appearing everywhere in his mind.

"I do feel pity for them but you should blame their luck for that." God nodded his head in understanding before cupping both of his hands and made a praying position.

"Who are you praying to? Aren't you God?"

"Well, I have quite a hobby of praying to myself. Anyways, ignoring these things, I'll be giving you three coins." God said as he snapped his fingers and a huge ass gold coins appeared beside them.

"Uhm, am I supposed to insert those to that crack?" Sam asked while pointing at the coin slot.

"Yes, you will." God smiled and answered.

"I don't think I could lift those." Sam chuckled nervously while hinting for God to at least help him insert the gold coins. However, seeing that God just remained standing there with a smile, Sam knew that he had to do things himself.

"Sigh." Sam sighed before using both of his hands and tried to lift the gold coins. And since the gold coins are lying flat on the ground, Sam was having a hard time trying to squeeze his fingers underneath the gold coins.

And when he managed to do so, Sam clenched his ass cheeks while breathing in and out.

"Foooo~ HUMPHHH!" After a last exhale, Sam immediately used his entire strength to lift the damn gold coin but it only moved a single inch.

Sam despaired at this moment and turned to look back at God, trying to see if there were any signs that he would help.

However, he was only met with God sitting on a chair while reading a newspaper.

Seriously?! Not a single shred of pity?

Sam's mouth twitched before sighing in acceptance. Looks like there's no such thing as free lunch in this universe.

And so, for the next few years, Sam kept on pushing and pulling a single coin and finally, he managed to make the coin reach the Gacha Machine.

Now, the only thing that's left is making the coin enter the coin slot.

Sam froze when he realized this and stared up at the Gacha machine, he saw that the Coin Slot is at least 30 ft tall up above.

"G-God?" Sam tried to ask God for help but saw that he's nowhere to be seen except for a ladder.

"As I expected." Sam sighed before walking towards the ladder to pick it up.

After that, Sam placed the ladder with its tip right beneath the ladder.

"I hope this ladder is durable enough." Sam muttered to himself before eventually taking a few more hours before he finally managed to lean the coin towards the ladder, vertically.

And since the ladder was tilted a bit, enough for him to just push the coin and let physics do the work.

So, basically, Sam placed the bottom of the coin on his shoulder while eventually climbing up the ladder as the coin rolls upward.

After a few days of non-stop pushing and climbing, Sam finally managed to slip the coin in its coin slot.

"Ahhh! Finally!" Sam screamed on the top of his lungs as he slumped back down on the ground while his chest kept rising and sinking.

"It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Woahh! You almost shocked me to death!" Sam was startled when God's voice suddenly appeared behind him.

""You're not gonna die, you're already dead." God chuckled before looking at the tall Gacha Machine and continued.

"Ah, looks like he's satisfied with your determination and hard work. So, he's giving you something very valuable." As soon as God finished his words, the Gacha Machine started doing its job and after a few seconds, a large ball fell on the prize section.

"Is this it?" Sam asked God for confirmation. Getting a nod from him, Sam excitedly picked up the large ball before opening it with his barehands.

A bright light flashed on Sam's face that almost blinded him.

"Oh fuck! Shit!" Sam cursed as he closed his eyes and dropped the ball that is slowly fading away into small wisps of light.

This mote of light then entered Sam's body.

When Sam opened his eyes, his face turned into horror as he saw that the ball was gone now and tracing back at what he did after the flash of light, he realized that he must've dropped it somewhere.

When he tried to look for it, Sam found no trace of it as a bad thought climbed on his train of thoughts.

'Does that mean everything that I did is in vain?!' Just when Sam was about to burst into despair and cry out in pain, God's voice spoke behind him.

"It's not completely gone, don't be afraid." God's reassurance made Sam stop crying and sigh in relief.

"W-where is it, then?" He asked.

God then pointed at his body, specifically right at where his heart resides.

"It has entered your soul. You just need to look for it." God said as Sam looked down at his body and asked in return.

"Where?" Just when Sam was about to ask again, his mind suddenly went blank as several pieces of information invaded his mind and resided in his memories.

[Congratulations! You got the Template System!]

When a screen appeared on his vision, Sam was speechless.

"Uh, it's not like I'm complaining or something but isn't the system too overrated? It's also too overused." Sam scratched the back of his head and said.

"You don't want it? I could give it to someone who'll appreciate it more than you." God said as he made a motion gesture as if he's about to take the system away.

"Wait no! I'm sorry!" Sam almost got a heart attack when he heard God's words, so he didn't hesitate to apologize.

"This is my first advice to you, Sam...." God chuckled and said.

"...Always appreciate the things that are given to you. There are many people out there that would want to be in the same place as you are now." God then gave him a disappointed glance, making Sam guilty at being such a Karen.

"...I'm truly sorry. I shouldn't have said that." Sam apologized with his head down.

"Apology accepted." God smiled and forgave him, making Sam smile for being given a second chance.

And this time, he won't complain anymore and he would accept whatever it is given to him!

With a fiery gaze on his eyes, Sam turns his eyes at the other 2 coins before determination welled up inside of him.

Whatever he would get next, he would treasure it like how he treasure his life.

God smiled at seeing the change before speaking.

"What are you waiting for? Go for it!" God gave him his support, making Sam smile in delight.

"Thank you, God!"


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