6 Recovering Memories

-"Pique! Pique! Pique! Pique! Pique!"

His name kept ringing in her head as her mind was suddenly transported back to the past.


Felicia could hear a loud ringing in her head as her vision blacked out. She could hear voices playing out.

-"I will have you one way or the other,"

-"I will enjoy doing this... good thing the drug will erase all memories you had before this,"

-"Look, it's not what you think man..."

-"Come on man... Don't say nothing, we can both take turns!"



As these voices played out in her mind Felicia could make out who these voices belonged to.

'So it was Pique...' An intense wave of disappointment hit her as she came to this realization.

She could hear the screams of pain in the background which had her wondering what truly went down but at this moment she already knew who saved her.

'Jonathan came to my rescue,' Even though she was disappointed, she couldn't stop the tinge of red from appearing on her face as she recalled being in his arms.

Her memory of when she opened her eyes to see him carrying her away played out in her mind.

She still held her head in pain as these memories returned.

"Are you alright sweetie?" Her mum voiced out from the side after noticing the look on her face.

The girls also had worried looks after seeing how Felicia reacted and went quiet for some seconds.

"I'm fine..." Felicia responded while her face regained its usual glow.

She had decided to keep this to herself in the meantime because she didn't want her family's relationship with that of Pique's to end. However, now that she knew Pique for what he truly was, a disgusting and rotten person on the inside, their relationship had ended.

From here she started devising a plan to make sure Pique never tried to lay his hands on any girl again. 'Wait... wasn't I supposed to forget everything? How do I remember?' This thought suddenly appeared in her mind.


Meanwhile, in another part of this same hospital, Pique had already been admitted.

He had undergone surgery an hour ago and his arm and leg had big casts placed on them as his leg was hung upwards while he laid on the bed.

His mouth was wide open and his lack of teeth was very visible.

A family member seemed to have come for him and kept asking what happened but Pique answer to that was he had an accident and crashed his car.

However, his car was back home in good condition so this explanation didn't make any sense. Pique wouldn't budge no matter how many times he was asked. The visible look of fear on his face whenever he thought of Azaroth was quite alarming.

The doctor and family members had to stop asking him because each time they did, he wet the bed.

He had wet the bed about four times in the last hour. His garments had to be changed along with the sheets so it was getting tiring.

They stopped asking and left Pique to rest. The doctor had said it would take at least four months before the cast could be taken off and Pique wouldn't be able to play football for the rest of the year because of the injuries.

The family member in attendance decided they were going to report this to his parents when they were back from their trip out of the island. They needed to get to the bottom of this incident.

Felicia was later discharged around 11 pm and left with her mum after all signs of the substance had been cleared in her body.

The girls left some time ago after calling for someone to come pick them up since it was late in the night. They bid Felicia a heartwarming farewell and she was grateful to have such friends after recalling everything that went down.

It was really a close call today and she just couldn't get Azaroth out of her mind.

'How did he know I was there? How did he even get to the party? I heard Pique's cries, that means there was a fight... He defeated Pique?' Football players were known to be very strong so it was a hard pill to swallow knowing that Pique was beaten up to the point where he shed tears.


-3:00 pm Tuesday

Azaroth and Felicia met in one of the libraries after their lectures had been concluded for the day.

Just as Felicia promised herself the other time, she sat right in front during class so she wouldn't be distracted by Azaroth.

She was relieved because Azaroth always sat behind in class. Although he was still on her mind now and then, she was able to concentrate this time.

When she met up with Azaroth her first words were, "Thank you, Jonathan,"

"For what?" Azaroth asked while sitting on the opposite side of the table.

"For yesterday," She said with a slightly shy expression.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Azaroth feigned ignorance trying to get her to talk more.

'There is no way she remembers...' He said internally, however her next words caused him to freeze.

"Thank you for saving me from Pique... I can't believe he would try something like that after all those years of our friendship. He just threw everything away... This is the second time you're rescuing me," Felicia almost teared up at this point.

"Oh... you're welcome... Don't mention," Azaroth responded with a low tone but he was still shocked as to how she remembered.

"I have decided on how to deal with him without involving our families because I don't want to drive a wedge in between our parents... I will make sure he never tries this on any girl again," Felicia swore.

"You don't have to worry about that," Azaroth stated.

"What do you mean?" Felicia inquired with a suspicious gaze.

"I've taken care of it... he won't be bothering anyone ever again," Azaroth said with a low and strong tone while bringing out a laptop.

"Huh?" Felicia was still confused.

"Have you seen him in school today?" Azaroth asked.


"Precisely... You won't be seeing him for some time, don't waste your time,"

Felicia still wondered what Azaroth did to Pique but she was sure she would find out soon enough.

"How exactly did you get there? How did you know I was there? And how did you know to come save me,"

"I was invited to the party,"

"What but I didn't even see you when I arrived?

"I was in the forest by myself and I just happened to stumble across the suspicious treehouse,"

Azaroth didn't want anyone to know he lived not too far away from Pique's home within the heart of the forest.

Before Felicia could pop in another question, He added, "Let's get to work,"

Felicia noted the look of seriousness on his face and proceeded to bring out her laptop as well.

"How much history have you compiled so far?" Azaroth asked her.

Felicia smiled as she heard this question, "Quite a lot... I have here with me, knowledge I have acquired from researching the island history over the years," She seemed excited as she mentioned this.

"I have here with me the documentation of how the island was discovered. Also who it was sold to along with the year. The first town square, the location of the first building to ever be raised.

The names of the first businessmen who stepped foot here. The year the island was attacked by a wave of dangerous land aquatic animals who were able to survive on land for a period of time. They called this the Shaboba back then but these species are no longer in existence.

The starting of the first factory and the second wave of people to visit the island and make it their residence..."

Azaroth watched as Felicia kept yapping away about different historical documentation of events that had happened in the past.

She seemed too passionate about it, he found it quite charming.

It wasn't until about ten minutes later that she came back to reality and looked up to see Azaroth staring straight into her eyes.

She was jumped a little in fear before a smile appeared on her face, "Oh my... sorry about that, I just got lost in all this a little," She said with an apologetic look.

"It's fine... You like historical stuff a lot," Azaroth responded.

"Yes, I do... I want to visit a lot of places with historical significance once I graduate," She voiced out with shimmering eyes.

"I didn't ask but okay...." Azaroth mumbled before turning his laptop to face her.

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