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You wake up as Matt Garetty the day you get your powers. Oh, and you have a group chat. What do you do? Go. (Currently on Hiatus) ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Daily chapter, but subject to change.) https://www.royalroad.com/profile/246535/fictions https://www.fanfiction.net/u/15132842/ https://www.scribblehub.com/profile/97664/rubberpeen/ Hello, everyone! This is my first try at fanfiction so forgive my rookieness. Also, kudos to you if you understand that reference from the synopsis. So, I recently watched Chronicle and I remembered how much I like it. I've also wanted to try fanfiction writing for a while now so I thought why not go for it. Chronicle is a small storyline overall so I decided to do something a little different with it, you'll have to read and wait to see. Also, this is more for my self-enjoyment than anything so sorry if you don't like it. As for romance, I'm not confident enough in my writing in general much less romance. I'll definitely keep it in mind, but it'll be a slow romance if at all. No harem, but MC will probably sleep around. Only one romance partner though, in the end. Obligatory notice of me not owning anything.

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Catching Up

Arriving back at the hotel, the bodyguard handed me a check before I stepped out of the car. Waving them goodbye, I looked at the check to see $5000.

'Phew, treating rich and powerful people sure is worth it. Speaking of rich and powerful people, I'll have to ask Ciri about a trip to Cyberpunk, if she can even travel with someone. Too much tech to be left alone, not to mention a lot of, if not most, people there have modifications to their brains which can let me access all the knowledge they have. I just need to find one ripper that's a bad guy so I won't feel bad about looking through his memories.' I thought as I made my way up to my hotel room.

Entering my hotel room, I was greeted with the sight of Ciri modeling clothes while standing in front of a phone.

"Uhh, what are you doing?" I asked closing the door behind me.

"Oh, Matt you're back. I'm showing the girls the clothes I bought." she said while picking up the phone and showing me her screen.

"Wait, why is your DGC a phone? I thought it was a book." I asked seeing her holding a phone similar to mine.

"The DGC asked if I wanted to change its appearance, so I changed it to a phone." she said tossing her phone to me.

"Hi, Matt." said Amelia waving at me from the screen.

"Hello, handsome. I heard you two had some fun out on the town. Next time, I'll have to visit." said Yoruichi with a teasing smirk on her face.

"Hey you two, how's it been?" I asked, ignoring Yourichi's teasing.

"Good, just debuted yesterday." said Amelia.

"Oh you did, congratulations, and good luck on your streaming." I said.


"And you Yoruichi?"

"Same old nothing, but I've seen that orange-haired kid running around in shinigami attire. So, that means the story has started."

"That's good to hear. By the way, what did you guys get for your rewards?" I asked curious to know what they got.

"Oh? Why don't we call the boys so we can all find out what we have together? Don't really see the need to have multiple conversations about the same thing." said Yoruichi.

"Good point. Let me invite them." I said before sending an invite to a video call to Guts and Uzui.

A few seconds after I sent the invite, Guts was the first to join.

"It's nice to see everyone. It's been a while." said Guts.

"Oh right, I forgot time is faster in your world Guts. How long has it been this time?" I asked.

During the one week I spent with my family before moving to New York, the group chat was constantly talking to each other and our times would sync, so Guts' world didn't move as much. Apparently how it works is that everyone's world is moving at different times. Mine is the slowest, followed by Ciri, Amelia, Yoruichi, Uzui, and finally Guts' whose world moves the fastest.

We asked the group chat how much faster and it said that when we interact on the group chat, our time sync and move at the same time. But when we don't interact with each other, the time moves normally. For Guts, one day in my world is 7 weeks or so, and 1 week is 1 year for him. Concerned that it would always be like this, the DGC said Guts' world would slow down the older he got. I'm assuming the longer someone's story is, the faster time moves.

"14 weeks, more or less." he answered.

"It must be lonely." commented Amelia.

"It's been okay. Especially since I got my new rewards. Also, the war I'm fighting keeps me busy." he replied before Uzui entered the chat.

"Yo! What's everyone's rewards?" he asked, straight to the point.

"Nice to see you too, Uzui. How've you been since the mission?" I asked.

"Awesome! Those rewards really are something." he said with a big smile on his face.

"Glad to hear that. Okay, I'll go first. I got an axe, some money, and an ability that lets me see the weaknesses in people's bodies."

"Cool." x4

"I'll go next. I got a sword, a container that never runs out of alcohol, and [Space Talent] that lets me improve on anything space related much faster." said Ciri.

"Unlimited alcohol? That sounds fun." commented Yoruichi.

"Now me. I got viagra, a whetstone that's basically an upgrade for my swords, and an ability that makes me super flexible called [Kami-e]." said Uzui.

"Now I understand why you had that big smile on your face." I said while Ame and I chuckled.

"What's viagra?" asked Ciri.

"It's pills that perk up the little guy downstairs so men can last longer." I explained.

"Oh, I get the smile now." she said while chuckling.

"Alright, what about you Amelia?" I asked.

"I got [Gale-Force Reading Glasses 64x], an enchanted terrarium, and [Observation Haki]."

"Looks like you have some destiny with One Piece." I commented.

"I do, don't I? But I'm most excited about the terrarium. It's a miniature world contained in a standard terrarium where I can create my own ecosystem. I'm like a god. MWAHAHAHA!" she said while pretending to laugh like a villain.


"I got an [Enchanted Cat Bed], [Magic Headphones] from a world called Fairy Tail, and [Lightning Talent]."

"Another talent. Now I'm feeling a little jealous. What about you Guts?"

"I got [Gravity Weights], a [Coin of Fortune] which improves my luck, and [Enhanced Regeneration]." he explained.

"Now I understand why you've been so busy. That's the perfect combination of rewards for a training junkie like you. You can train a lot faster and for a lot longer than before." I said, surprised at the compatibility of his rewards.

"Speaking of training, how's the breathing technique been kid?" asked Uzui.

"I've gotten the hang of it. My new ability really sped up the process."

"That's good to hear. I'll send over the gourds needed to train the constant version once we're done here. I'll also send over the breathing styles since I'm pretty sure none of them are suitable for you but they'll be good inspiration." said Uzui.

"Thank you. I can't wait." smiled Guts.

"What about your Nen?" I asked.

"I've already completed the basic techniques and I'm currently training the advanced techniques. I want to get a good grasp on them before I try to create my own skill."

"Nice. Jesus, you really are a training madman, aren't you? Compared to you, I've been slacking quite a bit. Although I guess it has only been two days for me and 14 weeks for you, so maybe I'm being too hard on myself." I said while rubbing my chin in contemplation.

"No, you do need to train more. Maybe you should join Guts in his world and use the time difference to train." said Ciri.

"That's not a bad idea actually. I have a World Travel Token so my world would freeze and I could stay with Guts in his world to train my body and my powers. I also feel like I've slowed down a bit ever since the first mission. I think it was too easy, and I don't think all the missions are going to be like that." I said while actually putting some thought into the plan.

"If you do, I welcome you with open arms. I'd be glad to see you in combat." said Guts with a smile.

"Hey, that's not fair. I want to go too." said Uzui.

"The only problem is if we would age while in Gut's world. If we stay there for three years and come back not even a moment later in our worlds, looking older, it'll be suspicious." I said.

[If members use the World Travel function from the DGC, members' age will be reverted back to the age they left the world where the function was used]

"Well, that solves that problem. Another question is if the travel token we got has a time limit we can be in another world."

[World Travel Token has a time limit of 5 years]

"Okay. 5 years in another world for training. Sounds like a good time to me." I said with a smile.

"HAHAHA! I'm in!" said Uzui.

"What about the rest of you?" I asked the girls.

"I'm in. It won't be fair if you guys get so much stronger than me when I could join in." said Amelia.

"I'll join as well. Besides, it'll help keep my mind busy and I can come up with a plan for the future with all the time we'll have." said Ciri.

"Mmm, the cat in me wants to refuse, but I'll join as well. If anything, I'll get five years of worry-free rest." said Yoruichi.

"Good, that's settled then. Ciri, you should probably go back to your world since I'm sure it wasn't frozen since you came with your abilities. You should use the travel token from there so you won't have to worry about anything happening." I said to her.

"Yes, I was thinking that as well. Well everyone, let's see each other soon. And remember to pack anything you may need for the trip." she said before picking up the phone, hanging up, and jumping back to her world.

"This is going to be fun."



Training Arc begins. But don't worry the training he'll receive while definitely a power-up, won't be where he'll be overpowered and unbeatable. He will train his telekinesis but he'll focus on training his body more. I know some people are going to be confused by this since by training his telekinesis for 5 years, he can be just giga-overpowered. I have explanations for this, which I'm sure you can guess with that hint if you remember how his power works.

Also, let me know what you thought of the other's rewards. I went for useful personally for the items, and useful but not overpowered for the abilities.

Fourty-eighth chapter done and as always let me know what you think.

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