Chosen By The Lover's Constellation

Lianna Velcross, a girl who came from nothing, with no family, no worth to her name, and no place in the world. Enverna Alteri, a young woman carrying the weight of an entire house's expectations on her shoulders. One wants nothing more than to have a purpose, the other has one but cannot possibly fulfill it. These two women who would never have crossed paths normally end up with their fates being intertwined when a Constellation decides to empower them both, on one condition... That these strangers, from different nations with different beliefs, get married. And, both of them accept. --- A GL story about a marriage arranged by a higher power!

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214 Chs

Eternity, Part Two

The pale light of dawn crept through the window, painting soft stripes across Enverna's slumbering face.

Lianna stirred, the warmth of Enverna's body a comforting weight against her own.

She took a deep breath. Enverna's sweet scent and the faint echo of their lovemaking were a nice counterpoint to the heaviness that had settled in her chest. 

It hadn't erased Lianna's grief, not by a long shot, but it gave Lianna the first smile she'd had since she heard the news. 

Closing her eyes, Lianna focused on the internal shift, the subtle changes within her body left behind by their night together.

Another satisfied smile touched her lips as she noted the improved stats. 

Lianna Velcross

MP: 250/250

RP: 60






L: A+

[The buff isn't as strong since I let it go when I heard about Cynthia. I need to get back into the swing of things.]