Chosen By The Lover's Constellation

Lianna Velcross, a girl who came from nothing, with no family, no worth to her name, and no place in the world. Enverna Alteri, a young woman carrying the weight of an entire house's expectations on her shoulders. One wants nothing more than to have a purpose, the other has one but cannot possibly fulfill it. These two women who would never have crossed paths normally end up with their fates being intertwined when a Constellation decides to empower them both, on one condition... That these strangers, from different nations with different beliefs, get married. And, both of them accept. --- A GL story about a marriage arranged by a higher power!

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214 Chs

Eternity, Part Six

The first thing Lianna saw as she woke up the next morning was:

Quest Gained

{Defeat Vy today}

{Reward: Undying Love (Instinct)}

She sighed, sitting up on the bed. Enverna was already out. For a moment, Lianna worried that she'd overslept but, no. It was 6:00 am on the dot.

She ran a worried hand through her hair, looking down at the wooden floor.

[Today, I'll avenge you, Miss Taylor. I promise.]

Almost as if on cue, Lianna's phone vibrated.

Mel: What time should we meet up?

Lianna: Come by in two hours.

Lianna: There's a lot we need to do before we go to fight her.

With those messages sent, Lianna got up, heading to the bathroom to get ready for what was probably going to be the longest day of her life.

Hours later, Caroline, Mel, Zura, and Enverna stood before Lianna, with G.E.M. standing by the door.

"So," Zura clapped her hands. "What's the plan?"