Chosen By The Lover's Constellation

Lianna Velcross, a girl who came from nothing, with no family, no worth to her name, and no place in the world. Enverna Alteri, a young woman carrying the weight of an entire house's expectations on her shoulders. One wants nothing more than to have a purpose, the other has one but cannot possibly fulfill it. These two women who would never have crossed paths normally end up with their fates being intertwined when a Constellation decides to empower them both, on one condition... That these strangers, from different nations with different beliefs, get married. And, both of them accept. --- A GL story about a marriage arranged by a higher power!

Already_In_Use · LGBT+
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214 Chs

Eternity, Part Nine


Back at the fight against Kate, Mel, Zura, and Athene had her cornered. Kate's eyes darted around, looking for an escape. Her movements were quick, but she was tiring, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

Kate tried to slip away, but Athene sprinted forward, cutting her off. Athene's sword and shield were raised, her stance unyielding.

Kate, wounded and bleeding, spat out some blood, a defiant look in her eyes.

"You think this will stop Vy? Even if I die, even if Vy dies, we'll still win."

Mel watched, her hands ready to cast another spell if needed. She could see the resolve in Kate's eyes, but it was clear Kate was weakening.

Athene's expression remained stern, her focus unwavering.

"Enough talk."

She activated {Judicator's Judgment}, her sword glowing with a righteous light. With one final, swift slash, Athene ended Kate's struggle.