Chosen By The Lover's Constellation

Lianna Velcross, a girl who came from nothing, with no family, no worth to her name, and no place in the world. Enverna Alteri, a young woman carrying the weight of an entire house's expectations on her shoulders. One wants nothing more than to have a purpose, the other has one but cannot possibly fulfill it. These two women who would never have crossed paths normally end up with their fates being intertwined when a Constellation decides to empower them both, on one condition... That these strangers, from different nations with different beliefs, get married. And, both of them accept. --- A GL story about a marriage arranged by a higher power!

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214 Chs

Eternity, Part Four

Once the tour came to an end, Lianna went back to the armory on her own. 

Stepping closer to the display cases, Lianna activated her {Target Analysis}.

[Wow,] Lianna thought, looking at some of the weapons. [Cynthia was just collecting this stuff?] 

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence.

"Yo, Lianna." 

Lianna whirled around like a kid caught stealing cookies at night.

Relief flooded her as she saw Zura leaning against the doorway. 

"Zura," Lianna said, lowering her hand. "You scared the hell out of me," she laughed nervously. 

Zura chuckled, a low rumble that echoed in the sterile space.

"Sorry, boss."

"Boss?" Lianna arched a brow.

Zura shrugged.

"Sure feels that way these days. I'm not complaining, mind you. Just saying." The woman walked forward, then. "I just wanted to let you know, I've been poking around." 

"And?" Lianna asked, her curiosity piqued. "Did you find anything?" 

Zura nodded.