Chosen Bride of the Seven Dark Princes
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Chosen Bride of the Seven Dark Princes


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What is Chosen Bride of the Seven Dark Princes

Read Chosen Bride of the Seven Dark Princes novel written by the author SerafinaF on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering comedy, r18, beauty, vampire, sweet. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[WINNER WPC #197 GOLD : MATURE CONTENT : REVERSE HAREM.] Who in the world wakes up to find a hot and sexy man bat sitting in their house, and then whisked away into another world to do battle after battle just to stay alive??? One night, during a routine heist run, a high-level jewel thief was caught by a band of winged-demons. The seven demons turn out to be drop-dead gorgeous Princes of the Shadow Realm Erenveil. They have been looking for the Earth woman who can handle the Avgo and bring her back to the Shadow Realm. The seven princes did not expect the Avgo-carrying woman to be feisty spirited Candace Farrah, a ballet dancer, martial artist, archaeologist, cat burglar extraordinaire. They also did not expect this high-level jewel thief to steal their hardened demonic hearts. --- Connect with me. Discord: https://discord.gg/SerafinaF#8315 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/serafinaaaf/ --- If you like this novel, try my other novels! - A Werewolf's Seduction - The Disabled Mage at the Topaz Academy of Magikal Arts - Ravish Me, Oh Great Wizard King - Demon System, Activated


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Still early in the novel but loving the background and different personalities of all the characters!! The development of the novel has been suspenseful, unexpected, and steamy😱🔥Love it and cant wait for more🎉🎉


This story grabbed my attention from the very beginning. I love how the author describe the scenes and the characters so vividly; it is as if I am watching a movie. I love Candi's character and I can't wait to find out how she captures the hearts of the 7 demon princes!


Lots of Love from Kerala, India❤❤❤ Actually my English is not good.. So this review is only to express my love.. Pls forgive me... I got this story from daily recommendation.. And I just thought to read this story for 15 mins to gain points in daily challenge... But when I started it I can't stop it... I read all the 43 chapters in a single stretch... But now the real issue came... I can't wait for the updates.. Pls update soon all the chapters... I loved all the 7 princes.. Slate, Jason, Jaden & Bryon have a soft feelings to Candi.. But u are giving all the chances to Slate only 😭😭😭 Please give some opportunity to all the princes to have some time with Candi 😉😉😉 Finally allow them all to marry her & let her live a happy life with her 7 husbands... Actually its not a problem to have multiple husbands.. In our History, there is queen Draupadi, the common wife of the five Pandava brothers—Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva and hence got a name Panchali.. In Hinduism, she is extolled as one of the Panchakanya ("five virgins"), archetypes of female chastity whose names are believed to dispel sin when recited. Its all described in the book Mahabharata, one of the major Hindu epics of Ancient India.


This is truly a masterpiece, a story well-written. It's really a good thing that the chapters are not locked like most of the stories, and gives chance to people who are not able to read locked ones. And to the author, I just want to say that the storyline as well as the character development, everything is going great. Your work is much appreciated![img=coins]


Dear author, I’m completely hooked, I can’t put it down. Who gets up at 3am and says just one more chapter and then reads until 6:30am. ME! 😂😂😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️ I love the action, ROMANCE, the worlds, everything!


Author will there be a mass release?????? I can't wait to read this book..... ...... . I can't get enough of it 😍😍 you have to definitely consider it


When I started reading this book I was a little confused.(probably just me being a spastic), but as I read more I started to get really interested in the plot. The scene in the beginning sets the story really well and I really like how it was executed. I am really excited to see how this book will progress and I will definitely revisit this book in the future. Good job author keep up the good work :D


Absolutely obsessed with this book, accidentally stumbled upon it for the “Reading Carnival” challenge and could not put it down. I’m not a fan of harem books, but I cannot complain. Read the entire 300+ chapter in a couple of days. Now impatiently waiting for more updates.


I've been on webnovel for over a year and read so many great books with amazing authors(some not so great as well) but this book is my absolute favorite. its deffinitly a must read. The author has successfully brought each character to life for the readers. The story is written tastestfully while still letting the readers enjoy all their dirty fantasies.


I came across this unexpectedly, and I am very happy i did. This was such a good surprise. The story development is nice, the characters are defined and built up very well. Space, trials, love, betrayal, war, what more could you want? I definitely recommend this for a good read. I’ll be checking out more.


Fantastic characters. Amazing world building. I am so impatient for more even though we get at least 2 Chapters per day! One of the best books on this platform. The main female lead is smart and feisty even though shes thrown into a world that she knows very little about. The male leads are individually hilarious and cant help themselves from falling for her. Im still torn who i want her to end up with in the end. This world is so well written and described plus the story moves at a consistent face pace. Its not rushed but there are no fluff chapters either.


Once you get over "traditional demons", you'll be in for a wild ride! Vivid imagery, sexy bois and a stunning female lead. Book is so good so far I may have to read it again just for the new comments! Can wait to see where this goes...


I love how the author describes the scenes and the characters with such sharpness. If you are looking for a wonderful romance, with magical adventure, humour all thrown in a uniquely amusing, and entertaining way, please give this novel a try. You will surely love it![img=recommend]


Simply awesome! 😘😗😘 If you are looking for a beautiful romance, with magical adventure, plus humour all thrown in a uniquely hilarious, and entertaining way, please give this novel a try. For sure, you will never look at a beauty pagent in the same way! Hehehe... 🥰😍🥰


I was bored and a bit sad, needed something to distract me. I keep anxiously awaiting the daily chapter although I tell myself I will wait until I have more than 5 chapters to tead at once. I can’t stop reading it.




If there is love in the world that is why I am here... There are great love scenes in the novel, that is why I am here... I think that this book would reach the top 20 that is why I am here... When the author needs support that is why I am here...


Very interesting start! It was quite descriptive that I can imagine and feel the scene in detail. I'm being honest here. If I weren't busy, I would have read this to the end.


I'm nobody look good press fav hehe -----------------------------------------------💅----------------------------------------------------


I absolutely love this book. I came across it for the ”Reading Carnival” challenge and got sucked in. I‘m not a huge fan of harem books, but this one is different. Definitely my new guilty obsession. The best part the book is COMPLETELY FREE.


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