1 Chapter 1

Jason Pov

The bumpy ride made me jump slightly as endless street lights passed by me. The laughter slowly fades as I pass through the tunnel into hell. In the midst of this, hot, heavy breath surrounds me, sending shivers down my spine, chain banging against the metal chairs every time there was a bump. Feet were hitting the ground softly, fingers fidgeting with sweat, anticipating to see who would start a fight in this God-given opportunity.

Who wouldn't take it?




Do you hear the heart pounding in anticipation? Heavy bloodlust at either end of the bus.

Where do you think I am....? Yes, directly between them. Haaaa...

Still, I'm excited about some action, yet once the light blazed through the window, it indicates the end of the tunnel showing the murderous aura disappear almost instantly.

"But I wanted to have some fun..... " I thought to myself, feeling upset while looking down. Suddenly I felt someone intensively starting. Hence I lifted my head slowly to meet with a particular breathtaking individual watching at me with his sharp devil-like eyes, drawing me in...

"Heh, really... as if!" I quietly muttered

His long black hair tied together neatly in a ponytail, sitting with his back against his chair and his muscular legs spread apart, beckoning me to sit on it. But the only wall stopping us is the cage that encloses him.

"Ahem!" a deep grunt was heard from behind me, making me turn in that direction. There it was. The same posture and the same face was looking back at me. However, the only different thing was that the man behind me had his hair down, covering one side of his face; otherwise, I would have thought they installed a mirror at the back.

I guess they were the ones ruining my fun with their intense bloodlust when they didn't do anything, but then again, it's not like they can do anything; besides, both were trap like animals.

No wonder the minute we were out of the tunnel, death painted on their face. Their heart pounding in anticipation was probably heart beating, hoping they didn't accidentally throw themselves to their death.

Ah, I can't wait to tame them...

Deciding to no longer play with them, I looked outside of the window. Figuring the bloodlust disappear, the crowd of insolent peoples started to yell with delight, screaming at the top of their lungs, provoking each other, two sides clashing, guards trying to stop them. But was either push away or beaten.

I love a good fight, but I wasn't in the mood for one, so I decided to ignore it and to savour the view one last time before going to prison.

Until a chain was wrapped around my neck, interrupting my thoughts, ready to strangle my neck, but before it could, the male was dragged off screaming into another dispute.

"Hahaha, what did I expect from this simple-minded fool? Not finish his job and leaving me hanging," I laugh crazily.

That is until someone tighten the chain around my neck, suffocating me.

"Hey babe, I'll finish it for you." whispered some disgusting guy with his spit all over my ear. "Don't worry. It would be quick."

As if that could kill me. I headbutted his nose, which made him lose his grip before I turn around and give him a deadly uppercut.

Yay, but next time I don't want him anywhere near me; how do you whisper and spit simultaneously?

But, anyway, that feels good!

Drown in the pleasure and pain in my fist, making me forget about the rest crowding around me until a fist misses my cheek. Which made me unconsciously giggle because of how much of an amateur they are.

"What are you laugh about?" shouted the guy who punches missed. Which caused me to stop giggling and looked at him blankly as possible, which caused him to flinch, and a tiny squeak came out of his mouth. This made my smile return as I walk towards him step by step. I grabbed his collar and was about to punch his face to show him how it is done correctly before my lovely baby at the back roared "stop" in his cage.

I loosen the grip on the guy collar slightly to show that I'm listening while looking at him, but.... am I going to let him go?

Of course not?

I grin, shift back to my target, tighten my grasp and punch him so hard, blood scattered out of his mouth; maybe a couple of teeth flew out. The crowd took a step back, first because they didn't want to violate their... I presume their leader's order or one of the leaders considering there are two. Second, perhaps they didn't want to get knocked out like this fellow in my hand. This is why I call them simple-minded fools, don't start anything that you can't finish. Nevertheless, before drowning in my thought, I dumped the male and glanced around the bus to see if there is anything to clean the blood away, except there wasn't. Till I noticed my baby at the back scowling at me for defying his order.

This drove me to grin wider while I strolled towards him, diminishing his scowl slightly due to being astounded as to why I'm walking towards him? Yet not on guard since he doesn't consider me a threat if you look how carefree he is. I had to stop because I couldn't unlock the cage to reach him. But lucky me, a guard was right beside me where I could grasp the key.

I moved towards the unconscious guards and took his key; successfully, I infiltrated the cage, smiling down at him because he couldn't get up. There wasn't anywhere to sit other than his beautiful thick muscular thigh, which causes him to jolt with surprise, but no sound came out of his mouth. Everyone else was scared because of what I did, but I paid no attention to it except for a particular jealous baby. I wiped my bloody hand on his shirt, but since he didn't stop me, I continued until I saw his name, Vita.

"Vita", I whispered. I felt Vita shivered; I guess he must like me calling his name.

I beamed, pleased I had that effect on him.

I kissed his cheek and whispered, "Thank you, Vita."

As I got up, locked the cage, not looking at his shocked yet red face as I proudly walk back to my seat, looking out of the window again while also hearing everyone else shuffling back to their seat, they groan from the guard getting up from the ground and a frightful glare in front of me which I chose to ignore till the bus stopped right in front of the most frightful prison and my permanent home.

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