1 Prologue

Adrian Fenrir sat on the old, creaky bridge, the dim glow of the streetlights casting long shadows, as his mind replayed the painful revelation of betrayal he had seen an hour ago.

His girlfriend, Emma, entangled with his half-brother, Joseph, and his parents, the people he thought he could count on, supported this treachery. 

Moreover, the family business he was set to own had slipped through his fingers, now in the undeserving grasp of his conniving half-brother, as he now had a 'family' to care for. He had never liked his stepfather but thought his mother would at least be on his side, but he was wrong.

As Adrian replayed the heart-shattering details in his mind, he felt the world's weight on his shoulders. The cool breeze carried the scent of despair, and he mumbled his disillusionment to the empty night.

"Guess that's family for you," he sighed, his voice barely audible over the distant city sounds.

During the countless challenges he had faced, he had always visited the Oakville Bridge. It was the place closest to his heart as it was his father's favourite place and also where he had died on duty. 

Adrian felt like he was talking to his father whenever he was there, bringing him peace, and tonight was one such night. 

"Well, it is what it is," Adrian shrugged and chuckled. "Can't let my old man see me crying over girls and money, can I?"

After a while, a newfound determination sparked within him. Adrian decided it was time to move forward and rebuild his life. He stood up, brushing off the invisible remnants of his shattered past, and headed towards his home, promising to see his father some other day.

However, fate had a different plan for Adrian. As he strolled back, head held high, a banana peel appeared out of nowhere on the sidewalk. Adrian, oblivious to the yellow hazard, stepped on it with grand optimism. 

The next moment, his feet instantly flew out from under him. He staggered, trying to hold the railing to balance himself, but his momentum proved too much, and he got flung over the bridge instead. 

Arms flailing, he tumbled down the bridge, waiting to meet his maker. But even then, he didn't yell at god for ruining his life again and again. 

"Seriously?" he sighed, the world spinning around him as he descended to his certain death. "This is how I die? On the bridge where Dad died?"

Resigned to his fate, Adrian closed his eyes, waiting for the cold embrace of the water below. But nothing happened.

Frustration building, he opened his eyes to find himself in a bizarre and unfamiliar place. Confused, Adrian raised his hands to grasp onto something, anything, to steady himself. 

Suddenly, a shrill female shriek pierced the air. Adrian realised his hands were about to grab a woman's chest. Just then, an elf, standing beside them acted and pushed the woman away, before flicking Adrian's hand away.

Unfortunatley, the force of the kicking made Adrian swing around and he ended up spanking the elf's ass. In a panic, Adrian glanced up and found himself awkwardly cupping a man's butt.

"Watch where you're grabbing, you oaf!" He scolded, his cheeks flushed with anger.

Adrian recoiled, releasing his unintended grip, but not before receiving a resounding slap across the face. He was sent flying across the room, his body bouncing off furniture until he collided with the wall, stopping abruptly.

Dazed and embarrassed, Adrian surveyed his surroundings, a bewildered expression on his face. The room was filled with shocked onlookers, and the lady who delivered the slap stood with her hands on her hips, glaring at him.

"How dare you touch, Prince Vincent?" The female elf glared at him.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" Adrian yelled and raised his hands defensively. 

But that wasn't all. The more he looked around, the more disturbing everything became. There were creatures that Adrian had only read about in fairy tales standing right in front of him. From centaurs to elves, such creatures were standing right before his eyes. 

Only then did Adrian realise he had no idea where he was and why he was there. After all, the last thing in his memory was falling from the Oakville bridge. It didn't make sense to find himself in a weird room filled with strangers who definitely saw him as a pervert.

'Am I hallucinating before death or something?' Adrian thought. 'But that slap... I can still feel the stinging pain.'

"Where am I?" he mumbled, hoping to get some answers from strangers. 

But the doors to their chamber were flung open before anyone could answer, and a chaotic scene was revealed as armed individuals rushed inside, causing panic among those present. Still recovering from his slap-induced disorientation, Adrian glanced around as confusion and alarm filled the room.

"What the heck is happening?!" A man akin to a gorilla asked, puffing his chest as if ready to take on the armed people. 

"Wait, I was promised treasures, not this!" Another human shrieked.

"Treasure? The man promised me a lifetime supply of coffee!" A frail-looking lamia mumbled, nervously smacking her tail around. "I just wanted coffee, not a sword fight!"

'Did I just trade family drama for a war zone?' Adrian thought, wondering how back his luck could get.

Strangely enough, the commotion swiftly subsided as a stunning maiden entered the chamber. Her grace and elegance captured everyone's attention, and the room fell silent as her raven hair cascaded behind her.

"Thank you, oh, thank you, my lord," she whispered, her words carrying a sense of reverence before turning her ocean-blue eyes towards the crowd gathered inside the room. 

Feeling a strange mix of awe and curiosity, Adrian peered through the dispersing crowd to catch a glimpse of her. The maiden's aura exuded purity, and her mere presence seemed to bring a sense of calm to the chaotic atmosphere.

"Greetings, dear strangers," she said, her voice resonating with kindness. "I am Seraphina, a guardian of this realm, where you have been summoned for a special purpose!"

With a gracious smile, Seraphina continued, "I extend my welcome to each of you. I know you may have hundreds of questions going through your minds... rest assured, I will answer all of them. But for now, we must leave this place."

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