1 Biggining Of Things

Madame Esi(Esi is a local name in Ghana)cried to her mum

"mummy he touched my mimi", "who touched your mimi", her mum asked. She explained by telling her how their neighbour force himself on her. Esi's mum shouted at her and even beat her on top of that, saying she was a bad girl.

Maame Esi was a brilliant girl and had many dreams she prayed God helps her achieve. But her life change totally on her 12th birthday.

Since her mum never believed her when their neighbour abuse her sexually and she tells her, that made her drew closer to her imaginary friend who she trust and talks to.

On the 1st of January 2001,Esi was celebrating her birthday. Her father has always been away and finally he has come to stay for good. On the day of her birthday,her father talked to her about the bad attitude of some people especially men, harassing little kids and even adults. Mr.poku told her everything she needs to know about sexual abuse.

The birthday party started in the afternoon around 12noon. Everything was moving smoothly and Esi was having fun until she went to change her clothes because one of her friends spilled drink on her.

When she reached her room, she noticed a figure in her room,as she moved forward to switch the light on, the door was closed behind her and was completely locked. Esi saw her neighbour coming closer to her, she started begging him to stop and not repeat what he did when she was young.

Esi: please don't do this, I know you don't want to.

Neighbour: who told you? you are looking more beautiful now.

Esi: I'm still a kid.

Neighbour: your hips, boobs and butts are telling me something different.

Esi: HELP!!!!!

Neighbour: stop, I have a knife here, don't try me.

The neighbour used physical force to make Esi take part in the sexual activity. He started by touching her boobs and butts, touching of her genitals and then finally penetrating his fingers and penis into her vagina. She cried for help but no one could hear her cries.

It is then that her father noticed her absence and went to look for her. As he walked in front of her room, he heard her crying and tried to go inside but it was locked. He broke the door and entered,he was shocked to see her daughter bleeding in pains.

Mr.Poku asked her what happened to her but she could not talk. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. After days of treatment, she was discharged and went home. When they reached her the door to her room, she started crying and shouting that, she won't sleep there. She was moved to her elder brother's room. Two days of silence being in the house bothered her parents. They forced her to talk and she told them all that happened and even when she was a kid.

Mr.poku was very angry with his wife for letting such things happen to their daughter while he was away. Esi's father rushed to their neighbour's house and dragged him out.

Mr.Poku: how dare you, shameful molester.

Neighbour: don't disgrace me by calling me names.

Mr.poku: oh you don't want to be disgrace in public,but you didn't think about it, when you were abusing Esi.

Neighbour: your daughter?

Mr.poku: don't pretend or I will call the police now .

Neighbour: She liked it

Mr.Poku: you are not ashamed for saying that. I'm calling the police now right now.

Madam jane: my husband please don't call the police,let us settle this home. He will compensate Esi.

Mr.Poku: such a bad wife and mother.

Madam jane: don't say that,I want the best for my daughter, the family and my daughter will be stigmatized. Esi may not get a life partner.

Mr.Poku: you must be stupid for saying that.

Madam jane: you pamper her too much.

Mr.Poku: can't stand your nonsense, I'm leaving the country.

Mr.poku left for U.S.A the next morning, when Esi heard about it, she cried and was disappointed in her father for leaving her alone with her cruel mother. Esi became a frigid girl. She never went to school until one day she noticed a new guy in their neighbourhood. The guy wanted to befriend her but she feared all guys are the same.

She developed insomnia for years. Her mum cared less about what she was going through. She had sleepless night,as soon as she tried to sleep, she begins to recall all that happened.

Charles gradually made Esi her friend, he helped her forget about what happened and she went back to school to fight for her dreams.