Child of Two Bloods

Everyone should follow the rules. As the creatures of majesty and loyalty, the encantors should follow what’s written in the stone. But then, the time comes that someone shattered it into pieces… One of them, along with a human, breed a child... A child now belongs to two different bloods, a child of two different creatures… Meria Arcson hated to take responsibilities to problems that she didn’t even commit. Until, one time, she discovered that she was different from the others. She was human, still, but at the same time, was not. And of course, people will take advantage of this strange occurrence for their own benefit. How can she avoid the threats that kept chasing her? Will she able to unravel the mystery surrounding her identity?

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Chapter 5: Worst Scenario

"Sir, I already told you, you can't get in."

The guard who is staying inside the shack rubbed the back of his head. I can't really see the troublemaker's face due to his cloak, but his pale skin and white strands of hair are visible. Someway, those features are oddly familiar.

"R-Really?" He asked in his deep friendly voice. "B-But… my father was here… I'm sure of it."

"Even if your father was here, you must receive an appointment from him, sir." The guard explained with his eyebrows finally sticking together, frustrated by his stubbornness. "You can't pass if you don't have that."

"Oh, I see…" He reacted, lowering his head to show the shame. But then, he raised his head. "Then, I'll get it inside myself."

After that, he started walking towards the tall metal gates with a cheerful vibe. I think he's still new around this place and besides, I've never seen that kind of clothing nor that face before.

"N-No, sir! You can't!" The guard yelled, pointing his index finger to the intruder.

And yet, he didn't listen and just continued. But then, a bunch of lances coming from the knights stopped his path. Their emotionless faces as they stare at the man are completely unstoppable.

"Did you hear what he said? You can't go inside without an appointment." One of the knights spoke which made me gulped even though I wasn't facing them. Somehow, I feel sorry for the man that was just trying to go inside.

Since he wasn't covering our queue, we approached the shack to give our work passes. I was about to give my own work pass but I kept staring at the poor guy every time he tried to get in. Then, suddenly, Dalary stole my work pass from me and gave it to the guard.

"That nasty man." He muttered as he accepted both of our work passes. Because of what he said, I turned behind once more, as I see him walking around back and forth, lowering his head while he was trying to think of a plan to get in. I can feel something coming from him, but I still don't know yet.

"U-Umm…" I tried to speak to the guard, who was about to bring back our work passes. "…t-that's actually my friend. Sorry about that. He just forgot his work pass."

The guard raised his eyebrow with grown suspicion, while Dalary tilted her head. Even though I'm looking directly at the suspecting man, I can still see her face saying 'what are you doing' in my peripheral vision. I chose not to answer her question.

"Really?" He asked.

"Y-Yes. It's here." I said and started grabbing something inside my bag. Dalary was still in shock, but I didn't let it bother me from my troublesome actions. I found another piece of copper in my bag, which is actually my brother's work pass. I gave it to the guard as he was examining it.

After that, all three of us are finally being accepted and entered the kingdom with no worries. I sighed in relief as we walked in. That is actually my first time doing something sneaky that would upset the kingdom, but it feels good that I can help someone.

"Thank you for helping me, ladies. Really appreciate it." The hooded man said as he turned his head around to us, showing his face that belonged to a young man, in which I was stunned, couldn't get my eyes off of it. His golden glowing eyes inside the shadows of his hood, his pale skin, and white neat hair were features that are very familiar to me. Even though he was trying to hide it, I could still be able to see his face. "My name is Cainne Gregory."

"I-I'm Meria Arcson…" I stuttered. I was too focused to those familiar characteristics he had. I turned my head around to see my friend on the back, just smiling. "…and this is Dalary."

"Hi." My friend said, not removing her face so he can give a good first impression of her. She is always doing that all the time, so I'm used to it.

"I hope you can find your father," I said with a genuine smile.

"Y-Yeah…" He faltered, while he is averting his eyes from both of us and rubbing his nape. I could still see the sweat dripping from his cheek. I blinked at his suspicious reaction. Did I say something wrong?

"Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you." He changed the subject easily. "Maybe I can repay you with a treat."

"N-No. We're good." I answered, shaking my head to him. I just don't want to get in trouble with him again. I know I said that I feel sorry, but I don't want to risk my own identity just to help anyone.

"Okay… I hope to see you. Bye." He said with a wave of goodbye and finally left in our sight. I also did the same thing as he was walking away. I sighed in relief that he was already gone. But… a part of me was curious about him and wanted to see him again. I don't know but I felt something on that man and it's not just the familiarity that I've seen. There's something that piqued my interest in him, and I'm hoping to see him next time to find out about it.

After that moment of farewell, I hopped into the wagon which didn't move for a while. I was curious and turned my head to look at Dalary, who had been staring at me the whole time. I found it annoying since she wasn't always looking at me like that long.

"What?" I asked her with my eyes turned into slits.

"I thought you hate getting into trouble." She answered, stopped looking at me and just stared at the busy streets in front of us.

"I still do." I simply replied, not trying to give some clues.

"Then, why did you do that?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. It's like she's trying to read my whole identity. Come to think of it, I also didn't know the answer to why I did it. Maybe it was sympathy or something else…?

"At least I didn't get into trouble, Dalary." I excused, fighting her with the battle of the faces. "Come on, we'll gonna be late."

Defeated, she just sighed and started to make the cargo move through Dino. We started riding towards the library as everyday routines have been. I jumped out of the cargo and bid farewell.


As I was about to start walking inside, I heard a familiar scream coming from the place. It took me too long to recognize that voice. It was from Sir Leonard, and he was in trouble again.

I immediately rushed into the library but went into hiding since I don't want to be reckless and do something wrong. The lord that came here yesterday is back again to cause a problem, along with his guards in the back. His wooden cane is still poking Sir Leonard in the chest while he was lying down on the floor.

"Peasants like you don't have any position in this kingdom. All you have to do was to be a good dog and follow your lord's orders. You're nothing but just slaves." The tyrant said with a wide grin on his face.

Despite my desire to help him, I know that I don't have that power to stop them from what they are doing. He is a noble and with many guards, compared to us, just peasants who just wanted to survive their whole lives. To them, we're nothing but slaves and tools to be used and thrown away when broken.

But if only… if only I can do something to help my master, if only I can do something that it was only me. If only I have that power to stop them from abusing him… then I want to do it now.

Everything went into slow motion as my chest started to feel the intense ache that I felt last night. I grasped for it. It was the most painful thing I can feel right now. But… something is different this time. Somehow, the pain ended in an instant.

A huge amount of force was released from my body and pushed everything that was surrounding me. I found out that the force right now was stronger than last night. The bookshelves toppled one by another and the books that were neatly arranged started to fall over the ground. The banners, chandeliers, and other furniture fell down from the ceiling and walls, falling down to one of the knights.

The marble walls of the whole building started to gain cracks but thankfully, it wasn't falling apart. The lord along with his guards and the innocent visitors fell on the floor like. Sir Leonard was being protected by his table so he avoided my blow.

"W-What…?" The noble turned around in every direction. Until, he finally saw me standing in one of the corners of the room, trying to hide but to no avail. The other people also started to look at me, as well as Sir Leonard with confusion.

"Meria?" He called, trying to get up.

"I-I…" Stuttered in my words, my whole body shivered at the position I was in. They knew that I was behind that sudden impact, and I couldn't even hide it.

It looks like they finally found me out, and this is the worst possible scenario that I have been trying to avoid.

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