Child of Two Bloods

Everyone should follow the rules. As the creatures of majesty and loyalty, the encantors should follow what’s written in the stone. But then, the time comes that someone shattered it into pieces… One of them, along with a human, breed a child... A child now belongs to two different bloods, a child of two different creatures… Meria Arcson hated to take responsibilities to problems that she didn’t even commit. Until, one time, she discovered that she was different from the others. She was human, still, but at the same time, was not. And of course, people will take advantage of this strange occurrence for their own benefit. How can she avoid the threats that kept chasing her? Will she able to unravel the mystery surrounding her identity?

TheALONEMan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
118 Chs

Chapter 109: Do Not Die


  As the cue was heard, arrows started raining from the sky, passing through the sunlight as if there was a storm incoming to those who will stay on the shore of the island, like flocks of birds that were dropping down towards their prey. And it seems that the prince already realized what will happen if he won't move an inch on his position.

    Meanwhile, his companion, who had been busy preparing in the woods, finally came out as the former called for her name or a nickname that he had created for her. She might be wearing an expressionless face but there was still annoyance hidden in it, as her eyes turned into slits. She didn't see the arrows yet and only focused on Danico, thus she wasn't aware of the danger.

    "I would appreciate it if you can just stop ca–"