Child of Two Bloods

Everyone should follow the rules. As the creatures of majesty and loyalty, the encantors should follow what’s written in the stone. But then, the time comes that someone shattered it into pieces… One of them, along with a human, breed a child... A child now belongs to two different bloods, a child of two different creatures… Meria Arcson hated to take responsibilities to problems that she didn’t even commit. Until, one time, she discovered that she was different from the others. She was human, still, but at the same time, was not. And of course, people will take advantage of this strange occurrence for their own benefit. How can she avoid the threats that kept chasing her? Will she able to unravel the mystery surrounding her identity?

TheALONEMan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
118 Chs

Chapter 104: Worries

    Cainne couldn't be able to move at his position despite wanting to. He can hear his heart beating faster than before and his whole body shivering, and every time he tried to slow things down, he started to become sweaty. His golden eyes were now shining like two pieces of gold in the dark. 

  There was no one in the room except them, and now, he looks like someone being bullied at school. The only exception is that the bully was an actual sweet skeleton who had lived for years.

  "I-I don't know what you're talking about." He answered as he averted his eyes. He knew that the statement he spitted is an old trick, and it won't work to the knowledgeable Prophet in front of him. But his nervousness won over him, and now, he was panicking inside his brain. 

    The skeleton released a sigh despite not having air inside him and started waving his hand and arm in which too much movement will fall it off from the rest of his bones.