Child of Two Bloods

Everyone should follow the rules. As the creatures of majesty and loyalty, the encantors should follow what’s written in the stone. But then, the time comes that someone shattered it into pieces… One of them, along with a human, breed a child... A child now belongs to two different bloods, a child of two different creatures… Meria Arcson hated to take responsibilities to problems that she didn’t even commit. Until, one time, she discovered that she was different from the others. She was human, still, but at the same time, was not. And of course, people will take advantage of this strange occurrence for their own benefit. How can she avoid the threats that kept chasing her? Will she able to unravel the mystery surrounding her identity?

TheALONEMan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
118 Chs

Chapter 102: Untold Goblet Prophecy

    The goblet and the scroll were still trying to pull me towards them, like a magnet and I was just their mere metal. My heart started to beat faster, and I couldn't help but freeze at my position, still trying to find the reason behind it. I can't still remove that feeling, but I tried to read the contents of the scroll.

Red flames of wrath, cold ice of agony

Dark giant rocks that lead to misery

Yet the waters in their chambers

On the cup of four clusters

Could bring the light of the sun

Could turn two bloods into one

  "Turn two bloods into one…" I mumbled the last phrase. 

  It must be referring to the child of two bloods, the cursed child, which means, the previous phrases could be the way to lift the curse. But unfortunately, I couldn't be able to solve them right away. I continued to the next paragraph.

But hope will break and fall