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[#r18] [#alternate universe][Do not translate my work you rulate site bastards.] Brian died during a plane crash and woke up in Marvel World with the ability to control Gravity and some more. He is a famous chef who is suffering from amnesia in that world, which made it easier for him to escape everyone's prying eyes. But things took a reverse turn when Captain Carter nearly beat him up for ghosting her. Gwen Stacy enters his office for an interview the next day... Suddenly, out of nowhere, his peaceful chef's life filled with women and danger. Join Brian on his journey as he is forced to leave behind his peaceful life after five years in hiding, and navigate the treacherous streets of New York. MC isn't too OP or too weak from the beginning. ***** The cover picture ain't mine. Found in on Google. __ Support Link: www.patre on.com/XcaliburXc [Close the space] __ If you are going to ask me for permission to translate or post my fics on other sites, ask me. The answer will be no. So, don't bother and don't steal my hard work.

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Cooking for Fantastic Four

Must read the author's note before you continue. Because if you complain even after reading that, your comments and reviews will be deleted.


It's been five years since I woke up in the Marvel world after dying in a plane crash and taking over the body of a comatose man. Life has definitely taken a crazy turn for me. The name's Brian Lawson, and even though I don't use my superpowers like the heroes and villains around here, I've developed some pretty cool skills that help me navigate this extraordinary universe.

I've always been outgoing, confident, and funny, so adapting to this new reality wasn't too difficult. People often describe me as good-looking, charming, and flawless, but I don't let it get to my head. Looks aren't everything, you know? What really matters is how I use my abilities and the resources I have.

Speaking of resources, I'm loaded. I own a bunch of successful restaurants all over the world, each with a top-notch chef. Money isn't a problem for me anymore, but I prefer to keep things simple. Even though I'm one of the richest guys on the planet, I find joy in the little things in life.

Now, let's talk about my powers. They're pretty unique. First off, I've got the power of charm. It's like people are naturally drawn to me, finding me fascinating and magnetic. This comes in handy when I need to socialize with all sorts of people.

On top of that, I've mastered the art of bluffing. Whether I need to convince someone to see things my way or pretend to be someone else entirely, my smooth talking skills are unbeatable. I can spin a story so well that even the biggest skeptics have a hard time doubting me.

Lastly, I can manipulate gravity. It might not be as flashy as some of the other powers out there, but it's pretty useful. By subtly changing the gravitational forces around me, I can boost my agility, cause small disruptions, or even immobilize my enemies if I need to.

So yeah, life in the Marvel world is definitely different, but I'm making the most of it with my unique set of skills.

Tonight, I had an exciting task ahead of me. I was invited to cook dinner for the Fantastic Four, Marvel's famous superhero team. Mr. Fantastic himself, Reed Richards, personally reached out to me, expressing his desire to try the delicious food from my restaurants.

I was thrilled and honored to take on this challenge. The Fantastic Four were not your average group of people; they were extraordinary heroes with incredible powers. I knew that their taste buds would be as extraordinary as their abilities, so I was determined to create a meal that would truly impress them.

Standing in the state-of-the-art kitchen at the Fantastic Four's headquarters, I took in the wide variety of ingredients available to me. Fresh produce, exotic spices, and all sorts of culinary tools were at my disposal. I had brought along my team of talented chefs to ensure that every detail was perfect.

I had done my homework. Each member of the Fantastic Four had their own unique preferences and dietary needs. Reed Richards enjoyed scientific and innovative dishes, while Sue Storm appreciated elegant and visually stunning presentations. Johnny Storm, also known as the Human Torch, loved bold and fiery flavors, and Ben Grimm, or The Thing, had a taste for hearty and comforting meals.

As I carefully organized the ingredients and planned the menu, my mind couldn't help but wander to Sue Storm. She had been my first crush since I arrived in this world, and the thought of finally meeting her in person filled me with excitement. She was not only incredibly beautiful, but her role as the Invisible Woman fascinated me.

I knew that this dinner was not just about showcasing my culinary skills; it was also a chance to make an impression on Sue. I wanted to create a starter dish that would not only tantalize their taste buds but also captivate Sue with its artistic flair and elegance.

After giving it some thought, I made up my mind about the two appetizers that would set the tone for the entire meal. The first one was a vibrant and refreshing dish called "Celestial Carpaccio." I thinly sliced colorful vegetables like radishes, watermelon radishes, cucumbers, and yellow beets, and arranged them artfully on the plate. To add a touch of elegance, I topped it off with delicate microgreens and dressed it with a tangy citrus vinaigrette. It would be a visually stunning and palate-cleansing way to start the meal.

For the second appetizer, I wanted to cater to Johnny Storm's love for bold flavors and fiery elements. So, I came up with "Inferno Shrimp Skewers." I marinated succulent jumbo shrimp in a spicy chili-garlic sauce and grilled them to perfection. To add some flair, I garnished them with charred scallions and served them on a bed of smoky chipotle aioli. This dish would definitely ignite their taste buds and impress Johnny.

With the appetizers planned, I coordinated with my team of chefs and assigned them specific tasks to ensure everything would be ready when the Fantastic Four arrived. As we worked together seamlessly, I couldn't help but feel a surge of confidence. This wasn't just any dinner; it was a chance for me to showcase my culinary skills to the very heroes I had admired from a distance.

Time flew by, and before I knew it, the moment had arrived. The Fantastic Four would be here in thirty minutes. It was the perfect time to put the finishing touches on the dishes and make sure everything was perfect. I carefully checked the seasoning, making sure that each flavor was perfectly balanced.

As I added the final touches to the Celestial Carpaccio and Inferno Shrimp Skewers, a mix of nervousness and excitement washed over me. I wanted this dinner to be extraordinary, not just for the Fantastic Four, but also for Sue. Tonight, I would win over not only their taste buds but also their hearts.

With one last look at the beautifully plated appetizers, I took a deep breath, ready to meet the Fantastic Four.

As the countdown to the arrival of the Fantastic Four continued, I double-checked that everything in the kitchen was in perfect order. My team of talented chefs worked diligently by my side, their expertise and precision shining through in every move they made. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement, creating a buzzing atmosphere.

Just as I was about to leave the kitchen to welcome our esteemed guests, I heard the sound of approaching footsteps. The door swung open, and there they were - the Fantastic Four, emanating their unique aura of power and determination.

Leading the way was Reed Richards, the brilliant scientist and team leader. His tall and slender figure exuded a calm and commanding presence that demanded respect. By his side walked Sue Storm, also known as the Invisible Woman, gracefully showcasing her elegance with every step. Following closely behind was Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, radiating youthful energy and flashing a mischievous smile. And lastly, Ben Grimm, famously known as The Thing, entered the room, his imposing presence filling the space. I couldn't help but be in awe of these extraordinary individuals.

To my surprise, they were not alone. Accompanying them was a distinguished guest, Captain Carter of the Illuminati. I had heard tales of her heroic deeds and her role in protecting the world, so her unexpected presence added an exciting twist to the evening.

Captain Carter, also known as Peggy Carter, was a sight to behold. Her beauty seemed to transcend time, exuding an elegance and grace that was truly captivating. With her radiant blue eyes, flowing golden locks, and a strong jawline, she possessed a striking and mesmerizing presence.

Her confidence was palpable in every step she took. There was a sense of purpose in her movements, as if she was always aware of her surroundings and ready to take action. Her no-nonsense demeanor spoke volumes about her character, reflecting a disciplined and focused mindset.


AN: Brian was in a coma for 4 and a half years. That's when MC's soul fused in that body. MC spent the next 5 years learning about his new life and medications, therapy, and all.

I am not going for only sex and harem, but a proper story. This one will be a bit different from Multiverse in the aspect of storytelling.

**Vol-2 will have light lesbo action during threesomes. So, don't complain by saying it's ntr or cuck. It's funny how some are saying it's cuck, yuri, or blah, blah, blah. It's a smut fic, other than ntr everything goes.**


I might have overused some hard words and big explanations for the first few chs or so. So, bear it a little. Some complaints about why am I using simple words. while other says why am I using hard words. Then a group says this guy is using hard words and bigger explanations he is using chatgpt this is the funniest excuse I have ever heard lol. And then there are those who use translators to read and argues over something their translator app mistranslated. If you don't know the meaning of any specific words, search it up or ask me. And to those using a translator, please don't argue over some mistranslations your apps might show.

That's all... Hope you have a nice read.

MC isn't a weakling or too OP. He has trained enough to defend himself from small timer villains.

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