Cheatless reincarnation in the world of Dxd Book

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Cheatless reincarnation in the world of Dxd


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[Warning] I made this fanfic that even I am not proficient in English, and I apologize if there is bad grammar in it, please correct it. =============== Tells the story of a chunin student who had been hit by a car to death for picking up a small child's toy in the middle of the road. Thinking that he was dead, but he wasn't, he was sent by a god to the world of Dxd, the anime world he last watched. Not knowing the intentions of the god who incarnated him without knowing anything didn't even give him a cheat ability. But still he did not surrender to the cruel Fate, even himself without a Cheat could be the one who stood at the top of the World Dxd.