2 to protect my children, what kind of sacrifice can I not make?

Mina got scared, she received a system something common in soap operas that she read online in her past life.

'suck a dick? cheat on my husband? what kind of system is this' Mina turned red, it's not known if it was from shame or anger

*the good wife system is a legendary system, created by the deity of Netorare, helping young women to unlock their potential*

* if you expose yourself to nudity with other people, blowjobs, vaginal and oral sex with other people, you gain experience points, you can increase your power level and battle skills or even increase your ocular techniques and lineage *

*as a good wife also includes the genetic heritage of a good mother, the better her strength, the better her children's potential*

*in addition there are also unique quests with rare rewards, a large store and many other advantages, please start your good wife experience*

Ending the series of messages, a status screen appeared.

[name]: Mina Uchiha

[level]: 2 (low level gennin)

[status]: Uchiha bloodline purity level D, genjutsu = 9/100, Senjutsu = 0/100, Ninjutsu = 15/100, Taijutsu = 9/100

[body data] Tier A tits, B grade ass, B grade pussy, B grade fertility

[Good Wife Skills]: C-level dick jerking, B-level blowjob, C-level vaginal sex, D-level anal sex, E-level exhibitionism

*tips, every level that any skill in the "good wife skills" tab goes up you get a unique gift, the higher the level the higher the quality of the gift*

Mina looked at all this in amazement, although she wasn't a virgin she wasn't a slut, so why did she pick up this system?

"see you later mommy" Karui yelled as she ran to school

Mina realized that she had already arrived

"see you later my love" Mina

Oda was quieter, but he ran up to Mina and hugged her long legs lovingly.

"I love you mom, see you tonight" Oda said in a low voice and ran too

Mina looked at her two cute children and her heart filled with love.

'no matter what happens, I have to protect my children' Mina thought


Mina didn't come home right away, she walked to a square and sat down

She was thinking, her system is the only way she has a chance to protect her family.

'system, there is no other way to earn points? no rookies present?" Mina

*no, no newbie gifts, if you don't want to have sex with other men then you can just choose to be an exhibitionist*

Mina got it, doing any act of sex earns her Xp, but exhibitionism also earns XP.

Mina slightly lifted the skirt of her dress, she showed the part of two thighs sitting in the square, she pretended to be scratching

'system, why am I not gaining XP?' Mine

*earn xp by showing a small part of the legs? at least show all your thighs, your panties or how about leaving a little titty out? exbicinism only earns xp if you put in the effort*

the system has a robotic voice, however Mina felt he sounded like a pervert

'system, this legendary dick-sucking mission gives me a bloodline Ss level of purity, I can stay Itachi's level?' mine asked

If she gets power just by cheating once, she could risk it and never use the system again.

*bloodline purity defines the maximum natural potential you can reach, Madara Uchiha has an S level purity, your bloodline purity will be ss which makes your POTENTIAL obvious however it would take years to train your bloodline*

*however, there is a small chance that his SS-level bloodline will awaken the mangekyou sharingan instantly, however even if that happens, can his gennin chakra defeat Itachi?*

*what ninjutsu are you good at? some genjutsu? the system suggests that you need to level up at least one chunnin to have enough chakra, in addition you can buy some jutsus in the store, the system store has unique jutsus that haven't even been created yet*

Mina sighed, she knew the system didn't lie, as a gennin what right does she have to want to defeat Itachi?

'okay... if I'm going to do exhibitionism then let it be in a more appropriate place' Mina got up

She decided, although she loves Koda, as a mother she must protect her children, even if it means sacrificing her morals.

Mina headed for the public baths

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