18 absurd news

Itachi fiercely thrust his dick into the white ass in front of him.

Mina felt the sensation she'd long wanted from her husband, Itachi's cock was thrusting deep inside her.


She screamed, she didn't know if it was despair or pleasure. her body was still and without chakra, Itachi could do whatever he wanted

Itachi's dick was going in and out of the pussy hard, he looked like a beast

He grabbed Mina's tits as he penetrated her pussy

At that moment Mina couldn't think, she couldn't move.....but if she cold...would she go?

She felt pleasure, after months she finally felt like a woman, her pussy got wet every time Itachi penetrated

Itachi started to slap her ass, what was white turned red

*slap, slap, slap*


At that moment she didn't care anymore, she liked it

Itachi didn't understand her moans, he was in lust beast mode

He turned Mina around again and lay on top of her, his cock deep in her

Mina looked at Itachi's handsome face and moaned in pleasure.

Some survivors around don't believe it, their heroine was fucking with the man who killed the clan

Some people thought it was rape, but Mina moaned in pleasure and seemed to enjoy it.

Itachi continued to poke Mina felt like she was going to explode, her pussy started releasing cum, she came on that dick

Itachi continued, wasn't it that after a long 5 minutes he finally couldn't take it

Itachi released a strong jet of cum inside Mina's pink pussy


Itachi released more jets and his eyes started to return to normal.

When he returned to consciousness he saw the beautiful woman beneath him, her body flushed with pleasure, her seductive moaning voice.

Itachi withdrew his cock, he knew what he had done and when he looked at the young girl he felt something in his chest.

Mina was at her most fragile, not only without chakra but naked with pussy dripping cum

Itachi didn't take the sword, he lost the will to kill her....watching the girl for the last time he ran and fled

He no longer had the strength to continue fighting, Itachi fled not before taking one last look at Mina who was lying on the ground.

Mina smiled and slowly fell asleep

She fell asleep naked on the floor.....but it didn't stay long, Izumi had woken up and saw a bit of what the

Izumi saw her beloved Itachi rape Mina, she felt sad but owed Mina her life

Izumi took a blanket and placed it on Mina

voices resounded suddenly, the anbu had arrived to arrest the traitor Itachi


2 days passed

Mina opened her eyes in the hospital

her children slept at the foot of the bed while her husband rested in the chair

Mina's eyes filled with tears....she remembered everything

remembered her shameful screams of pleasure...her feeling of relief, she felt that she didn't deserve her husband

Koda finally noticed that his wife woke up, he walked over and kissed her

"My love....finally you.....I'm sorry I thought....." Koda

Mina thought she would be scolded for being a bitch by her husband, but there was no accusation

As she talked further, she understood that the story was not all told to the public.

the official story that the village gave was that Itachi revolted and Mina Uchiha awakened her strength to defend the village, in the end the Uchiha clan lost about 70% of its members

the part where she had sex with Itachi was hidden, after all she wore a mask during the act so only those who took her to the hospital would know her identity

Mina didn't know whether to be happy that her husband didn't know or sad that the high level of the village could now threaten her.

The family gathering continued, Koda was proud of his powerful wife.

Mina invented that she had awakened her strength some time ago and only hid it because she wanted to be a mother and not a ninja.

The family was happy, Mina would be released from the hospital in 1 day

but Mina's happiness was short-lived with the system's announcement

*Complete the quest, earn a Mythic Large Box and Matriarch Panties, Matriarch Panties = Increases your leadership by 50% and has a chance to upgrade your disciples' talent level*

*your vaginal sex skill increased by 1 level, get a gift*

*complete the hidden mission, fuck with a legendary level character, win a large mythical box*


*congratulations, you successfully conceived*

*hidden quest completed, get pregnant by another man, reward= legendary dress of the good wife = wearing the dress increases the chance of being sexually harassed by 99%*

Mina was paralyzed, she was pregnant.....by another man