15 Chapter 15. Hyold, The Story Master

"Tch, kid you want to become an adventurer, huh? Don't you look down on us too much??"

As I heard that someone is insulting me in front of my future wife without any reason, I looked back and saw a bald ugly-looking man with a 2-meter tall muscular body, and a big scar on his face. Just after seeing him anyone with good eyes could say that he is a rogue guy, who likes to make trouble for other people and now it seems like it was my turn to get into trouble since currently, he is standing 5 meters behind me while staring at me with a face full of disdain like I did something that I should not.

Just as I am observing a bald man who insults me in the middle of entire the adventure guild while thinking How? Just how on the earth did he come to this conclusion, that my becoming an adventurer is looking down on him, I heard Aisha's voice.

"Mr. Hyold, quarrels inside the guild are prohibited, please don't disturb other people."

Aisha shouted a warning at the bald adventurer named Hyold but it was clear that this kind of low-level warning which probably doesn't even work on a child, made no effect on Hyold.

But one thing I still don't understand that which kind of parents named their son Hyold. I mean what are they thinking when they decide to name their son Hyold, and Hyold is also a name? It sounds disgrace more than a name.

No wonder he becomes like that, if I have this kind of weird name then I have also become a scoundrel like him. I can say with full confidence that his childhood may not have been spent very well, since children certainly tease him while saying "Hyold, how old are you? Or like, Hyold, do you want to eat this sweet old candy, this is really an old candy like your name."

While Myne thinking of all kinds of possibilities that what are Hyold parents thinking when they give him his unique name, Hyold stop looking at Myne and with a gentlemanly smile that can scare even the bravest child in the town, he said to Aisha, "Miss Aisha, this isn't a quarrel, I'm just teaching about the reality to this kid who doesn't know his place, so you can rest assured and watch the show."

Myne after hearing that without asking, he get a teacher who most likely doesn't know that how real reality looks like, to come out from his thinking and use Appraisal skill on Hyold, to see what kind of skills give Hyold so much confidence.

[ Name: Hyold

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 29 years old

Occupation: Adventurer (D Rank)



Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Stamina) ]

By the way, if you are thinking that why Hyold doesn't have a last name like Aisha, then that's because most of the commoners don't have any last name. Only people with high status in the kingdom or people who have too much money can get their last names. For commoners having the last name was like getting awarded by the King, it's a world-class honor for them. We'll my mother also has a last name but after she married with father who was a commoner, she throw away her last name in order to live a normal life like him.

So he just wants to bully me in order to attract Aisha's attention, huh. With those skills that he has, I think my one punch with full power is more than enough to show him real painful reality, Myne thought while looking at Hyold, who again stares at him, like he is looking at an ant.

But this is also a good thing for me, now I can get two more skills since he wants to mess with me, then he should also be ready to lose his skills and his support magic skill is really quite good, with this skill I can probably satisfy Big Sis Maya, Myne thought while thinking about some perverted thing.

Just as my train of thought start going in the wrong direction, suddenly an idea pop-up in my head out of thin air. it was really too unexpected since I am thinking about something that only people who have a nice girlfriend, wife, or too much money can do. After that idea come to my mind, I start looking at Hyold in a completely different light. Even though Hyold is still the same ugly as before but in Myne's eyes, now he looks like an ugly angel more than some poor villain.

Just as I want to sleep, god send me a pillow, this is what people say God-given opportunity, Myne thought while looking at Hyold with great admiration. how can someone's timing be so perfect, he only comes to make trouble when I asked all questions that I want to know about the adventure guild, and when I hardly have anything to say to Aisha, he comes like a real villain to make a hero love story.

For some moments I felt like I haired Hyold to do this work, otherwise this level of timing. He is really a man who can do anything for the greater good. I really want to give Hyold my respect but then I remember that great people don't like this kind of show-off, so I Heald back, in order to not distract Hyold since he still has to contribute to my and Aisha's love story.

"Oi, Shitty brat! Becoming an adventurer is not something that a child like you, who might still drink mother milk can do. It is a dangerous job that only powerful people like me can do. Look at this scar, I don't make this with a knife to show off, but I get this from a Night Panther when I am doing a mission in "Shadow Forest". Do you even know what is a Night Panther?"

"It is a super dangerous monster that can easily kill a C-Rank adventurer, but I fight with him 2 hours continuously alone without any help, and in the end, I killed him with my Axe, Hyold said loudly, while everyone in the guild listening to his story silently. "

Some ignorant girls in the guild after hearing Hyold's story start looking at him with full of admiration, clearly they believe in his story.

Some have doubts about Hyold's story, but since they don't want unnecessary trouble, so they didn't say anything.

"Boss, Did Hyold really kill a Night Panther?" A new guy who had just joined an adventuring party and now sitting in the guild with his team asked to his team leader after hearing Hyold's story.

"Don't believe everything that you heard from people, Manji. Do you really think that a D-Rank adventurer can fight with a Night Panther for 2 hours continuously? And after that, he can come out from Shadow Forest in one piece?? "

"Do you know last time I heard that an adventuring party of 5 people with 1 B-Rank and 4 C-Rank adventurers take a mission to kill a Night Panther and bring back his head as proof?"

"Do you know what happened to them?"

The team leader asked his party members while drinking some alcohol from his glass.

"They killed that Night Panther," again curious baby Manji said hurriedly.

"No, they were never seen after that day, and after some time I heard from my friends that some people found weapons of that adventure party members one kilometer inside the shadow forest, and most of the Night Panthers live around 10 to 15 kilometers inside the shadow forest. So can imagine how dangerous is that place and now this idiot Hyold whom one time fought with a lady owner of a brothel, who beat him so hard that in order to escape from her, he made a big cut on his face as apologies, now saying that not only he killed a Night Panther solo but also walk out from Shadow Forest safely? Only someone who doesn't have a brain can believe in his story," the team leader said while drinking all alcohol in his glass in one breath.

"Ohh, I see, so he just saying those kinds of things so can scare that newbie," Manji said while nodding his head with understanding.

Just like this adventuring party, other experienced people present in the guild also find out about Hyold's little scam in just a matter of seconds but since they don't have anything to do, so they just watch Hyold's nonsense silently while looking at Myne with a smile like taking pleasure in other people misfortune.

As for Myne, he becomes completely speechless just after Hyold said that he single handly killed a Night Panther. Even though he never saw Night Panther personally but as a good child who always follow his mother's command, he read many books, and know little about the most dangerous monster that you might see in the Augusta Kingdom.

Just when Hyold said that not only did he kill Night Panther alone but he also walks out from Shadow Forest with his little power, he knows that this little piece of shit just wasting his time with nonsense.

If he add something realistic to his story like fighting with five people alone or killing an iron bear, then he might have had more chance to scare people with his story but no, this guy wants to before a hero, and impress girls with his meaningless false story, Sigh, This guy is a stain in name of villains, and I am expecting for him that he can make a contribution in my and Aisha love story, Myne thought while looking at Hyold helplessly.

"Now, say thanks to me for teachings you this important lesson, and for saving your little life from the upcoming danger. So now you honestly hand over all your money to me as a teaching fee and get out from the guild, Hyold said with an evil smile."

What a unique way to rob people, and he seems quite experienced in this job. Since he is already in this profession then he probably doesn't need his skills, Myne thought and cut Hyold both skills and paste them in his skills column.

Let's play with him a little and made him annoyed so can do as I planned for him, Myne thought while making an Innocent and confused look on his face like someone as innocent as him has not even been born till today and said, "Mr. Hyold, right? When did you teach me something and if you did, Then why don't I know anything about it?? Don't you just tell a nice story where you fight with a big cat???( ̄ω ̄)

Hahahaha!!! The adventurers inside the guild burst out in laughter after hearing me.

"Oy, Hyold, it seems like now your story doesn't have much power, since now even newbie doesn't take them seriously, you are not as good as before! Just looked at yourself, Now You're even getting looked down upon by a brat, you should go home and drink your mother's milk, this is not your cup of tea anymore, hahaha."

"With a minute! but Hyold doesn't have a mother, now he can't even drink that, Hahahaha.

Soon one after another adventurers starts making jokes about Hyold, while laughing loudly, and after hearing that Mother milk joke on Hyold, for a moment I too lost my laughter.

As the source of the laughter, Hyold, face long since become red as an apple from anger and he started shouting loudly toward me like a madman.

"Don't screw around, you shitty brat! Since you don't understand, then let me help you to understand it!" Saying that he starts running toward me at his full speed and after coming in front of me, he throws a punch with his all strength at my stomach.

Finally, the time I have been waiting for comes. Everything is going as I planned. Currently, I am standing in front of Aisha's working desk and if anything happened to me here, that will be probably Aisha's responsibility since it was her work to not let happen this kind of conflict in the guild.

Second thing is that If I dodge Hyold's attack, then with his momentum, he will probably not stop until he hit Aisha's working desk like Mutton sheep. Even though there is no chance that anything can happen to Aisha with her current strength, but she doesn't know that I know about her power, so as a gentleman it was my responsibility to protect a girl in danger and become her knight in shining armor.

So I just stood there in front of Aisha and let Hyold hit me but not before saying something that every hero said before sacrificing himself for others, mostly for girls.

"Miss! please step back, otherwise, you might also get injured."

That was the last word Myne said before he felt a strong force on his stomach that send him to fly in the air.


Like an arrow, Myne violently collided with the counter table and broke the counter table, he only stop when a beautiful white hand supported his back like a metal wall.

Ahhh F*ck!..... that's really hurt, I don't think that he has so much power, Myne thought while holding back his tears since he didn't want to show his crying face to his future wife, who is standing behind him.

Aisha, who is supporting me with her one hand has a big frown on her beautiful face, while adventurers in the guild start whistling and cheering loudly after seeing a live-action-like barbarian.

Next time, I probably make a good plan, so I don't have to go through this kind of torture, by the way, does my plan work, Myne thought while slowly opening his one eye and looking at Aisha.

Aisha, after seeing Hyold's behavior, not only he didn't take her warning seriously but also attack a civilian and injured him heavily in front of her, now looked super angry while tightly holding a pencil in her other hand and staring at Hyold like an angry beast. She probably needs a little bit of push and Hyold will become the first person in the history of this kingdom who is going to die with a pencil.

It seem like my plan worked quite a lot, now I felt a little good, Myne thought with a smile, Ouch! but it still hurt too much.

People really have to go through all kinds of ways for love, and I am going through a hard and painful way.

Okay, now since everything going as planned, then I should also take a little nap since my head felt quite heavy, Myne thought before losing consciousness.

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