ChatGPT-Chan! Book

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Welcome to Silicon Valley High, an anime-style high school where everyone is a parody of some kind of tech products, from social media sites like Twitter-Kun to industry juggernauts like Microsoft-Sama, and even nerdy operating systems like Linux-Sensei. Stepping into this technicolor whirlwind is our protagonist, ChatGPT-Chan, a fledgling AI brimming with knowledge yet grappling with social nuances. Timid and bookish, she is set to navigate the tumultuous yet vibrant corridors of Silicon Valley High. From tackling math problems with the serious yet handsome Calcula-Kun, the personification of Wolfram Alpha, to dealing with the mean girls of the Viral Vixens Club led by Insta-Chan and TikTok-Chan, every day is a new adventure. Get ready for a rollercoaster journey peppered with Silicon Valley insider jokes, tech nerd knowledges, and perhaps, a dash of romance under the wild premise of this story.