Chasing Butterflies in Another Life Book

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Chasing Butterflies in Another Life


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[ Mature Content ] Kang Minnie was a stubborn anti-romanticist, an eyesore for the goddess of love who was coincidentally fulfilling her punishment as the temporary watcher of the gates to the afterlife the day Minnie unexpectedly died. And so to quench her thirst for entertainment, the bored goddess, Aphrodite, decided to play with Minnie’s soul and trick her into an agreement. One that contained the promise of another chance at life, which the desperate and naive soul of Minnie immediately accepted without any further questions. Due to this mistake, instead of the mundane Earth that Minnie was expecting to return to, she found herself waking up in a completely different world where magic exists and love was the ultimate source of everything, including life. Would the anti-romantic Minnie finally find a reason to open her heart and find love? Or would her stubbornness ruin everything including her one and only last chance of getting back to Earth through completing Aphrodite's quest? __ Please support and add to library if the story is to your liking! Also please do send reviews so I can reflect on the parts where I'm lacking and improve. Standard 5 chapters a week 50 power stones = +1 extra chapters per week (publishing may be delayed due to school but I will still try my best!) Artwork not mine


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