Chasing After My Wife

Jilyanna's face paled when she saw the man coming out from an expensive car. His face was as handsome as she last remembered but his dark eyes were cold and penetrating. His lips pulled up into a devilish smile making her heart faltered in its beat. "Why don't you return with me my sweet wife?" his voice was husky as he beckoned her to come closer. "I'm not your wife sweetheart. You've mistaken me for someone else." Jilyanna played along but her eyes were scanning her surroundings for possible escape. "You're not? Then give me back my sperm." Jilyanna choked at his words. She did promise him to be his wife, but she didn't want to get married at all. However, she did steal his sperm and it's over a month old.

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Just as Jillyanna's car disappeared from Savannah's sight, Travis appeared with a confused and unbelieving face.

"What's the matter, boss? Were you able to find the thing you wanted to buy?" Savannah asked nonchalantly.

"No. I just think she was there." Travis murmured to himself but Savannah still caught his words.

She took a sip of the coffee before responding. "You mean the girl at the cemetery?"

"How did you know?" Travis asked with a raised brow.

"Well, I just had a conversation with her earlier. She gave me this." Savannah raised the coffee to show it to him.

Travis sighed before getting inside the car. Hawk had been waiting for them.

"I just found her familiar," Travis commented when they were all inside the car.

Savannah turned to face him with an eager face but then she realized it wasn't even possible. She hesitated for a moment but she still decided to tell him in the end.

"Her name is Jillyanna. Jillyanna Madrid. I checked her hand and she doesn't seem married. I mean, there were no ring marks on her fingers." Savannah reported her findings. "Based on my previous encounter with her, she doesn't rely on men."

"You're the best assistant," Hawk interjected which earned him a glaring look from her.

Travis just listened but the name wasn't the same as the person he was looking for. "Just ask the PI to hurry their investigation."

"Hai, wakarimashita!" Savannah responded in her native language which was Japanese meaning 'I understand".

Travis closed his eyes while Savannah checked on some files. Hawk would sometimes talk to her to relieve her boredom.

In less than an hour, they arrived at Beverly Hills where Travis owned a huge villa. It was just one of his many properties.

'Bang! Bang! Bang!'

The sound of the opening and closing of car doors made the two people inside so happy.

"We're back!" Savannah announced their arrival as she removed her shoes and changed them to slippers.

Even though they were acting as subordinates of Travis, once they were outside the office and when there were no clients or business meetings, they were just a group of friends.

"Let's all go to sleep. Let's have a day off tomorrow and relax our brain and body. I'm so tired of dealing with idiots every day." Travis announced as he loosened his necktie while walking upstairs - to his room.

"Let's go to clubs or bars? How about that?" Valkyrie suggested with an obvious mischief on his face.

"I'll go to sleep. Good night!" Brown left them with a sour face when Valkyrie wanted to go to a club.

"You angered him again. We won't be shocked if one day he'll overdose you with anesthesia." Hawk commented before walking Savannah to her room.

"Good night Mr. Knight!" Savannah stated to Hawk.

"Good night, princess," Hawk responded before placing a kiss on her forehead.

It was their secret endearment. Well, a little-known secret to everyone but nobody knew why Hawk was called Knight or why he would address Savannah as princess. Everybody thought it was just a nickname they gave to each other.

The next day which was Sunday, Jillyanna was so tired after working all night. She scheduled the release of the recording at noon by sending it to Cielo.

Cielo acknowledged that she got her message and made an alarm for it. Jillyanna went to her room after everything was settled and slept all the way until late in the afternoon.

She checked her phone the moment she woke up and found several notifications that were congratulating her. She smiled before putting the phone back on her bedside table and was planning to go back to sleep.

However, three consecutive knocks rang from the outside of her room.

"Wake up sleepy head! You've been sleeping for a day! It's time to celebrate another feat of success." Cielo's voice came out with excitement.

"I still want to sleep!" Jillyanna's shout wasn't clear to her friend since she was curling herself under her thick blanket.

"If you won't dress up, I'll barge in already!" Cielo responded while tapping her foot on the floor.

She had access to Jillyanna's house since she was the one who supervise the cleaning while her friend was away, so it's not a wonder how she got herself in.

"Wait. I'll put on some clothes!" Jillyanna stated while grabbing a large shirt from her closet. She's the type of woman who always sleeps naked when she's in her own house.

"That habit of yours needs to be changed. When will you start sleeping with your clothes on?" Cielo asked while leaning her back on the wall beside her door. She had her arms crossed on her chest with a scowl forming on her face.

Jillyanna opened the door with a helpless look at her best friend. "I don't think it would be soon. I'm comfortable sleeping without my clothes on." She responded to her before leading her inside.

Cielo gripped her shoulders and made her sit down on her bed. "The success of your recording calls for celebration. You spent so much effort on that."

"Where are we going? I'm not in the mood to celebrate this time. I wanted to spend my time looking for a person who would match my qualifications."

"Heh! You're at it again. How about we find someone at the bar for you to hook up with?" Cielo's mischievous grin made Jillyanna laugh.

"If Lucian hear how badly you influence me, he'd really confine you for a week."

Cielo's eyes rolled at her statement. "I am not a bad influence. I am such a good friend that I supported you with every decision. Since you wanted it, then go for it. I am not here to hinder your happiness. I am here to be your shoulders when you cannot get it."

"Jeez! What's with the drama?!" Jillyanna rubbed her arms as if goosebumps started to form all over her. "You're being cheesy again."

"Me being cheesy is normal. Anyway, get up and take a shower already. We'll have dinner first before going to a bar." Cielo grabbed her to stand up and pushed her towards the bathroom. "Clean yourself thoroughly. You might meet your Mr. Right tonight," she added while laughing evilly.

Jillyanna took a shower while preparing her bathtub. After a few minutes, she dipped herself in her scented warm bath and relaxed.

"She never changed," Cielo murmured while sending a message to Lucian about their girl's night out plan.

When she met Jillyanna for the first time, she had asked her to sleep with her in her room. She asked her to take a bath while she watched some dramas on her laptop. Unknowingly, even after she finished one episode which was almost an hour, Jillyanna didn't come out. That's how she knew that her best friend would take fifteen minutes to brush her teeth and shower, then another forty-five minutes to soak herself in a scented warm bath.

Indeed, after almost an hour, Jillyanna came out from the bathroom. She had a bathrobe tied around her body and a towel was wrapped around her head.

"What do you think should I wear?" she asked Cielo who was busing texting her boyfriend.

Cielo put down her phone and moved to Jillyanna's closet to help her choose her clothes. She rummaged through her wardrobe and found a fiery red dress with a metallic ring as a collar.

"You would look great in this and it fits the occasion." she handed the dress to Jillyanna while looking for a bag and shoes to pair with it.

"You're very troublesome," Jillyanna commented before looking for some undergarments to change.

She dried her hair and tied them in a ponytail to showcase her small face and kissable collarbone.2

"Hurry up. Lucian booked a restaurant for us already but he won't be coming. This is our night alone." Cielo winked at her while putting some facial cream on her face.

"Sure sure. Let me put my lipstick on. I might find someone to put a stain on a collar." Jillyanna joked as well while drawing the red lipstick on her beautiful lips.

"Everyone would think you're a bitch and I'm the only one who knows you're a virgin." Cielo gave her a smug look while grabbing her bag and phone.

"Isn't that fun! Let's enjoy ourselves tonight! Let's hit the bars and the club!" Jillyanna punched her friend lightly before walking out of her room.

Yes. This book will be longer compared to my first work. I am planning to make it double the number of chapters.

I have sweet plans for this work. As I have said, I am biased to this book. Haha ^_^

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