Chasing After My Wife

Jilyanna's face paled when she saw the man coming out from an expensive car. His face was as handsome as she last remembered but his dark eyes were cold and penetrating. His lips pulled up into a devilish smile making her heart faltered in its beat. "Why don't you return with me my sweet wife?" his voice was husky as he beckoned her to come closer. "I'm not your wife sweetheart. You've mistaken me for someone else." Jilyanna played along but her eyes were scanning her surroundings for possible escape. "You're not? Then give me back my sperm." Jilyanna choked at his words. She did promise him to be his wife, but she didn't want to get married at all. However, she did steal his sperm and it's over a month old.

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They arrived at their room after a few minutes. Jillyanna gripped her bag tightly when Travis opened the door.

The room was big with plenty of furniture. They have their own refrigerator with some beers and water in it. There was an LED TV and cable and of course the king-sized bed.

"Here we are," Travis whispered, startling her and her heart started beating wildly.

'I just made up my mind earlier but now I wanna go back!' she was crying in her mind for such foolish action but she would never let him laugh at her.

She could only endure and finish everything. Hopefully, something would really come out of this plan.

"I'll take a shower first." Travis went directly to the bathroom, leaving her standing in the middle of the room.

Jillyanna placed her bag on the couch and took a cold beer from the ref. She needed something to boost her confidence. She's normally confident in herself but this was something she was doing for the first time.

"He's worth it. He matches the qualifications. How would he look if he's doing it?" Jillyanna was clearly on cloud nine, dreaming of what would happen to them.

Travis called out to her from the bathroom. "Sorry. I forgot to get a towel. Can you fetch one for me?"

And since she wasn't thinking straight, she pulled out a towel from the cupboard and went up to him.

"Open the door a little. I'll slide this in." she inhaled and exhaled slowly to calm her heart. She was still in the process of relaxing her nerves when a pair of strong arms caught her and pulled her inside the bathroom.

Travis pinned her arms right above her head. He was already wearing a bathrobe. "What were you thinking? Did you really think I would still need that towel?" His smile was full of mischief as he looked at her hotly from head to toe.

Jillyanna looked around the bathroom and that's when she found that the room was really huge. In one corner of the bathroom was a bathtub and next to it was a cupboard with bathrobes.

'How would I know? I didn't see the bathroom alright?' she was already scolding herself internally.

Travis skimmed her face with an intense gaze. He looked at her mouth, her nose, her brows, and her eyes. There was something on that stubborn look in her eyes that was very familiar to him.

"I'm getting cold," Jillyanna whispered softly while shivering under him.

"Then let me keep you warm."

Before she could even process his words, his cold lips touched her lips like a feather. It was cold yet it was making her face feel hot.

At first, it was featherlight then he became intrusive. He nibbled on her lower lips softly. Then his tongue slipped inside her mouth. He sucked on the tip of her tongue again and again making her lose her strength.

He moved her hands and have them wrapped around his neck for her support. His other hand was holding her waist while the other skimmed over her thigh.

Jillyanna let out a soft moan from the pleasure she felt. 'So this is how kissing feels. It's making me itch for something else.' she noted to herself.

Travis unclasped the metal ring around her neck and pulled down her clothes, leaving her with only her undergarment. Since the dress was padded, when it was pulled down, her chest was completely exposed.

Jillyanna hugged him abruptly to hide herself from his view. Her chest was pressing on him. "Don't look at me. This is actually embarrassing." Her face was in a deep shade of red from being shy.

Travis had her hands wrapped around her waist to hold her steadily. She was shaking in his arms.

"We can always stop, you know," Travis suggested but she only glared at him.

"I've come this far from confessing my love to you. Don't spoil it." Jillyanna responded even though she was trembling within his embrace.

"If that's the case, then..." Travis lifted her and brought her out of the room. Her legs were straddled around his waist. He kissed her shoulders, her collarbone, her neck, her jaw and traveled back to her lips.

He didn't put her down on the bed but he sat on it while she was on his lap. He didn't stop kissing her as well as his hand didn't stop touching her.

He cupped her breast gently while kissing her. "I never thought sex would really be this good," Jillyanna murmured when his kisses traveled down and reached her chest.

"This.isn't.sex.yet.baby." He responded in between kisses. He pressed a gentle kiss on the swell of her right chest before sucking on her nipple.

"God! This is too much!" Jillyanna mumbled while trying to stop her moans.

"Let me hear you say my name. It's Travis." He put her down on the bed without pulling himself from the kiss.

That night, in a city with so many pretty lights, one hotel was used as a love nest while another hotel was under monitor for a mission.

Travis held up his end of the bargain. He provided her with so much pleasure that she felt so tired and numb. After a few rounds, she didn't want to move already.

There were condoms provided by the hotel but Jillyanna didn't want him to use them. She insisted that it was a safe day for her. Even if it wasn't a safe day, Travis was willing to have her as the mother of his children.

He wiped her body with a tissue before sleeping beside her peacefully.

Cielo and Lucian were anxious about how Jillyanna was doing so they didn't dare sleep at all. The plan of getting a room for themselves was rid of.

They walked around the area, eat and chat while waiting for the time.

On the other hotel, a commotion had erupted. It was a good thing that most of the guests had left already. Well, it's past midnight so that's expected.

There were several bodyguards around Blaze so they couldn't act willfully. Savannah walked towards them with her killer legs.

"Hey handsome, do you have some lights?" He asked Blaze while showing a little swell of her chest.

Hawk kept a poker face but he wanted to gouge the man's eyes already.

"Get a light for the young miss. I don't have one with me." Blaze smiled at her while eyeing her cleavage.

Savannah approached him happily and sat down on his lap. The next seconds were like a blur. Things happened so quickly that no one had time to react.

Hawk shot the two bodyguards quickly. The two military personnel who dressed up as waiters came to help as well.

"Drop your guns! We've got his head!" Hawk announced loudly which made everyone turn to Blaze.

The lovely lady sitting on his lap had a dagger pointed at his throat and a red dot was aimed at his forehead.

Nobody moved and the hall sunk into silence. The General who was commanding this mission came out. He handcuffed Blaze and covered his eyes with a black cloth.

"Mission accomplished. Gather everyone who's associated with this man." General Calhoun announced before turning towards them. "Thanks for your team's hard work."

Hawk and Savannah just made a salute and left the battleground.

"Now, I wonder how Travis is doing. Who could have hooked up with him? You don't think he's drugged, do you?" Savannah looked at Hawk for his opinion.

"That won't happen. If I must say, the woman should be someone he knew." Hawk stated which wasn't far from truth, but that's all from the surface of how things are going.