Chaotic Journey.

Oemitsu Gremory, the son of Grayfia and Sirzechs, is neglected by his own family for not being born with the Power of Destruction. A power that is characteristic of those of the Bael Family, however, it was inherited by those of the current Gremory generation. He was not only born without this power, but he was doomed to be a low-class devil. Finding no warmth in his real family he sets out to create his own family. Disclaimer: We do not own any of the original animes used on this fanfic. We only own our current original characters. The mc will be evil. He will regard most human life as grass or as pawns that he will get rid off. The only people worthy of his respect are the ones as strong or stronger than him. He will do anything to protect his new family even if it means comiting crimes, massacres or torture. If that is not your cup of tea, then we suggest you to leave and find a more suitable novel or fanfic for you. Also, our character will not be overpowered we will try to balance him as much as possible. We will decide the pace of the story and will not change it even if the readers ask. This is supposed to be a slow story with character development. If you spot any grammar mistake, then you can write it in the paragraph and we will edit it. If you want to do some review, it must be in english and do not review this novel based on the other novel.

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Suspicion and Arriving.

Sirzechs is currently sitting on his office, when something unexpected happened. A green magic circle appeared on the ground, in its middle the symbol of Asmodeus was engraved.

Falbium Asmodeus, a good old friend of his, decided to pay him a visit.

"Falbium, my good old friend. Come in, take a seat. Do you want a cup of tea? It has been 2 years since we last saw each other."

Sirzechs, with a rather surprised face, pointed at the cup of tea.

"Unfortunately, I am going to have to decline that offer. I came here on duty, I need to talk with you about a certain incident."

Contrary to his expectations, Falbium wore a business face, as if he wasn't meeting his friend.

"Quite unfortunate. What incident do you wish to speak about?"

Sensing that his friend was not here to play around, Sirzechs filled the cup of tea because something told him that he would need it.

"It is about the Nekomata incident..."

Falbium spoke with a rather dark tone.

"Oh! You mean the incident that took place two years ago? Quite an unfortunate event, but my sister did manage to get herself a new peerage member so not everything was terrible. I still haven't thanked you for that little girl, my cute little sister loved the present, it is quite a shame that her sister had to be labelled a criminal or she would have made a perfect peerage member for my son."

For some reason, when speaking about his little sister, Sirzechs' mood always shifts to good.

"Yes, I am speaking about the incident that took place two years ago. After some research with the help of Ajuka, we managed to find out that a third party was involved in the incident..."

However, despite being in a good mood, Falbium's next words made Sirzechs squint.

"Why wasn't I warned about this? I remember that you reported that the leader of the research facility went berserk with one of the Evil Claws, killing everyone on sight."

Sirzechs interlocked his fingers and rested his elbows on the table before looking at his old friend.

"That is what I thought in the beginning. However, I had a feeling that something was not right and I used my spare time to investigate the laboratory instead of sleeping. For starters there was no blood neither corpses which is weird... in the beginning I believed that the one possessed by one of the Evil Claws went berserk and destroyed everything, but it doesn't make sense."

With each word that left Falbium's mouth, Sirzechs' interest in the topic grew.

"You are saying that someone possessed by the Evil Claws had no way of eliminating every single evidence of their existence. Blood, body parts, survivors... are things that are extremely hard to eliminate from a crime scene. It takes a lot of time to erase all of their traces."

Falbium nodded.

"There is only one thing that was left behind... damage on the walls. There were clear signs of struggle and a lot of the damage on the walls indicated that a fight took place in the laboratory. At first I thought that the scientists fought back, but with time I scrapped that idea out of my mind because there were signs of a certain type of unique magic..."

At this moment, Falbium's face turned dark.

"What kinda of magic?"

Seing his friend's dark face made him want to know who that third party could be.

"The lost Lucifuge magic... as far as I know there is only one woman that still knows how to use that magic."

After sighing, Falbium revealed his findings.

"You are not insinuating that my wife was responsible for the massacre in the laboratory are you? We are friends Falbium but don't push your luck."

Sirzechs placed his hands on the table and slowly got up, showing why he is in the current Lucifer seat. His aura was strong and even someone like Falbium, who is renowed for having an impenetrable defence, had to be careful against Sirzechs' extremely powerful Destruction Magic.

"I am not saying that your wife did it. I am just saying that the only woman who knows that type of magic is her... unless she taught it to one of your sons."

With a not so intelligent choice of words, Falbium deducted just to be met with a rather irritated response.

"Are you saying that my sons are responsible for that attack? It is true that my wife taught both of my sons how to use ice magic, but the talented one didn't care for it. The only one who did pay attention is Oemitsu and I highly doubt that he has the strength to survive a blow from somebody that is empowered by an Evil Claw."

"I know... but it is still a possibility. Let me investigate Oemitsu. There are rumours going around that your son has gone insane thanks to your terrible parental skills."

Being accused of not raising his son properly caused a little of bitterness on Sirzechs, but he still kept his composure.

"It is not my fault that Oemitsu turned out the way he did... look at my other son, he is perfectly normal... anyway, you will not investigate my sons and that is final. Are you really expecting me to believe that by some miracle that my son managed to sneak out of this castle and travel thousands of kilometres in seconds? I have two spies under Oemitsu and they are always tracking his movements, he never left this castle for longer than a day."

After calming himself, Sirzechs sat on his chair and took a sip of the tea.

"Fine. I will remove your son from the suspect list. But things just got a lot worse then... if your son isn't a suspect, then it means that somebody from the Lucifuge clan survived and managed to get his hands on some special research notes."

Falbium's already dark face, darkened even more.

"What was that lab researching? Did you manage to find anything about it? As far as I remember in the report you said that everything had been lost in the fire."

Seeing his friend's face becoming worse by the second made him inquire.

"Only one page remained and we managed to recently decrypt it. You are not going to like this, according to what we managed to retrieve from it. They were researching Devil Arms and their possible locations..."

When Sirzechs heard this, he realized the severety of the situation.

"What are the odds of the locations of the devil arms being compromised?"

With a hand on his head, massaging his temple, Sirzechs asked.

"Low, but we should still move them. If those weapons fall under the wrong hands...."

"I know... I fought one in the civil war, not a experience that I want to repeat. I will ask for help from the Babel clan, we need to move them to a safe location."

Nodding with his friend, Falbium declared.

"I will also place every single soldier searching for the last Devil Claw. We need to retrieve the last one, we cannot allow it to go berserk or millions of lives will be lost."

"Good! Hopefully we will solve this issue quickly without any casualties."

Sirzechs got up, shook Falbium's hand, but suddenly, a knock on the door is heard stopping Sirzechs and falbium from continuing their discussion. A beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early twenties with back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids and red eyes enters the room. This woman is recognisable to anybody that lives in the underworld, She is Sirzechs's queen and the mother of his two sons, Grayfia.

"Sirzechs-sama, you have a party to attend to in two hours. You need to change and get ready for it."

Seeing his beloved, sirzechs changed from his serious persona to his usual childish mode.

"I gotta hurry up, my son is going to participate in his first rating game."




In a huge saloon, lots and lots of both men and women were gathered. Each one of them held, on their hands, a cup of high quality wine. Women were dressed in beautiful and somewhat revealing dresses possessing a variety of colours, while men where using blazers and tuxedos of generally black and grey colours, some were daring and used red or blue.

However, instead of being a normal noble party, this is a Devil Noble Party. Each and every single one of the invited were powerful Devils, who brought their sons and daughters to socialize and create connections between households. Even the four Great Satans were attending this party.

In this saloon, a man possessing long red hair and dressing extrenely regal clothes, suddenly got up from his adorned chair while calling for all the Devils attention by lightly hitting his glass of wine with a spoon. Just as everyone stayed silent to hear Sirzechs Lucifer's words, he got interrupted by a rather... unexpected event.


Just as when everyone wasn't expecting, one of the guards that were protecting the doors started chocking the other one with his bare hands.


The other guard says in between breaths. They tried to keep silence, but when the guard started to lose consciousness, the perpetrator lost himself in despair.

"Cut that out already! What has gotten into you two!"

Another guard tried to separate them both, but to no avail.

"ARE YOU... TRYING... to... kill me?"


The guard screamed while he slowly drained the life out of his colleague.

Before he could finish the job, however, he was stopped by Ajuka who threw some a piece of paper and managed to cut down the string that was controlling him.

"Who dares to interrupt my son's birthday?!"

Enraged, Sirzechs screamed as he looked at the entry to the room, the two huge doors slowly opened revealing darkness... somebody cut the lights out in the hallway.

"Fufufufufu! Interesting so it is my birthday, I completely forgot about it. How about we make this party more... interesting. Shall we? "

A deep voice resounded through the hall. Everyone stayed silent, only the sound of shoes touching the ground echoed. Coming from the dark corridor, only a single blue eye could be seen, glistering menancingly in the darkness.