131 Rating Game (Final Part)

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"What should I do with you? You touched something that belonged to me, how should I deal with this situation?"

Oemitsu asked out loud as he looked deeply into Gragg Forneus's eyes.

Gragg was unable to look at Oemitsu in the eye, he couldn't even speak. The pressure was so strong that he just looked at the corner and turned his face away.

"Hey!!! Since when does my ass belong to you?"

Menchi asked out loud while Oemitsu simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Ignore the details Menchi... wanna do the honours?"

Oemitsu asked her as Ponzu passed her a gallon of gasoline.

"I thought you were never going to ask. Its time for some fried fish."

Menchi picked up the gallon and started to spill its contents on top of Gragg.

She was right on one thing, he does look like a fish, a really ugly anglerfish. Needless to say he was showered with gasoline before he could even realise what was going on.

Rating games normally resolve around weapons, magic and physical strength, the strongest Devil would win.

However, Oemitsu is using unorthodox methods just to make his opponents suffer more, from chemical gas to lethal animals. Everything to ensure that his enemies don't get an easy death.

"PLEASE! My family can give you anything that you want! Gold, wealth, woman, I will give you my peerage too... just have mercy!"

Oemitsu couldn't help but wonder, just how many times has he heard this exact same words.

Devils, humans, Dragons, they are all the same... none can accept their demise so they beg for their lives.

""I could kill you, but killing you would be mercy. I am sorry but I am all out of mercy. Instead I am going to scar you for life, making sure that every single time you look in the mirror you will recall this single moment."

Oemitsu threw his cigar in the air and he watched as the cigar flipped before it landed on top of Forneus. The fire slowly spread around his body, his screams increasing by each second that passes by. Oemitsu watched with emotionless eyes as green light surrounded him.

His body became charred and no Magic was going to restore him to his former appearance. Even if someone manages to restoring him to normal, nothing is going to heal the mental damage that Oemitsu inflicted on his mind.

"The winner of the rating game is Oemitsu Gremory!"

Serafall's voice resounded throughout the area as Oemitsu was teleported back to the party.

His body completely uninjured and his suit perfectly fine, this was not a Rating Game it was a massacre.




Immediately after arriving he looked around, this time with emotionless eyes, scanning everyone inside the party.

There were some veteran Devils that were looking at him with interest and the devils in the same age as him were scared out their minds... if fighting him means getting their peerage killed and tortured then they would rather stay in their corner silently.


Oemitsu asked out loud as he looked at Diodora and his group, none dared to speak, they just stared silently.

"That is what I thought."

Oemitsu said as he slowly turned around, only to feel somebody rushing at him. The killing intent behind the person rushing him could be felt throughout entire party.

"You tortured my son, you bastard! Your father is not going to stop me this time, I will behead you and present your head to my son!"

Lord Forneus brought his sword down on Oemitsu.

Oemitsu watched his movement with bored eyes as he slowly lifted his finger, his finger then blocked Lord Forneus's attack effortlessly.

Silence ensued in the party, Oemitsu just stopped an attack from an Ultimate-Class with only his finger.

"I let you use me as a hostage in your first attempt at my life, but don't push your luck."

Oemitsu brought the rest of his finger down on the blade and Lord Forneus was filled with cuts instantly, his sword was broken into 5 pieces.

Only the most experienced Devils managed to pick up what just went on, Oemitsu broke his sword with his finger and slashed him 15 times in the spam of a second.

He used the broken part of his own blade to cut him. In the eyes of an unexperienced Devil, it looked like Oemitsu didn't even move.

Each strike was delivered in his vital spots, however, they were shallow enough to prevent his death, but deep enough to give him huge amounts of pain.

Oemitsu released the broken blade and took off his handkerchief, cleaning his hand from the blood spatters.

It doesn't matter how fast you are, you always need to dirty your hands.

"Oemitsu gremory you are under arrest for the murder of Lord Forneus! Put your weapons down and lay down on the ground!"

Oemitsu looked at the guards that were surrounding him and sighed. He would rather not have problems with the government, at least not yet.

"This idiot is not dead. Besides you can't blame me for self defence."

A kick in the stomach was more than enough to get Lord Forneus to open his eyes.

He brought his hands onto his stomach and gasped for air, it looks like Oemitsu hit him a little bit harder than planed.

'Oh well, he is alive that is all that matters.'

"Now if you don't mind, I have a party to return to. I still haven't seen my aunt or my dear brother."

Menchi came close and whispered.

"You are not really planning on seeing your brother or your aunt are you?"

Oemitsu picked up a bottle of champagne and smiled. He pored himself a cup and one for Menchi as he watched with keen eyes the party returning to his normal state.

They are clearly avoiding him and pretending like he doesn't exist, but it is a little bit too late for that.

The environment on the party is completely ruined and the Devils keep glancing at him from time to time.

"Look around you what do you see?"

Oemitsu asked Menchi as he delivered her a cup. Menchi picked it up and took a sip while looking around.

"A bunch of rich kids inside adult bodies with too much time, power and money on their hands."

Menchi said out loud pissing off the nobles that were close to them.

This was the only thing that she saw on this party, nothing else.

"Menchi this is a gold mine. A perfect opportunity to expand our business and our influence. With Monet's sister, Sugar, getting Sacred Gears has never been easier. We have the product all we need are the costumers... look around you, there is a bunch of costumers interested in our products."

Oemitsu whispered revealing the initial stage for his plans.

He would sell them Sacred Gears and humans so that they could keep as their toys while he would get a bunch of favours and wealth. He also has Sebastian working on the Phoenix Tear Formula... he will become the leader of the underground trade in the underworld, selling Sacred Gears and all kinds of magic products that he can get his hands on.

Power, influence and money. Everything that he could ever dream off... he can get with his plans, there is only one obstacle.

The four Satans and the one who really rules the Underworld.

He needs some kinda of base that he can retreat to in case of an emergency, he has possible locations, but he needs time.

Oemitsu turned his eyes to the 4 Satans that were seated on a table in a podium, only to notice that one of them is missing. Serafall Leviathan is missing...

"Vergo come here!"

Oemitsu said out loud as Vergo immediately rushed to his side.

He doesn't like that one of the major players is missing, he needs the situation under his complete control. The last thing he needs is a satan going to his room and finding out what he is hiding.

"Where is the Leviathan?"

Oemitsu asked as Vergo looked around trying to spot her, only to see that she just dissipated from the party.

"Spread out and find her. Do not allow her to leave the party."

Vergo nodded and disappeared from his side.

Serafall is a big otaku, everyone knows that, Oemitsu knows perfectly that she recognised some of the members of his peerage, but if she gets too curious and ends up exploring his room... then she will end up ruining most of his plans, if it was any other devil Oemitsu would just kill her and make her dissapear, but she is a Satan.

Fighting her without causing attention is impossible, she is extremely experienced and a war veteran.

Oemitsu looked around the party, trying to find any type of leverage on Serafall, something that would force her to come to him immediately.

His eyes stopped on his aunt that was playing with a girl that is about the same age as her, the main difference between the two is that one had red hair and the other one had black hair and wore glasses.

"Bingo. I couldn't have asked for something better."

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