Chaotic Journey.

Oemitsu Gremory, the son of Grayfia and Sirzechs, is neglected by his own family for not being born with the Power of Destruction. A power that is characteristic of those of the Bael Family, however, it was inherited by those of the current Gremory generation. He was not only born without this power, but he was doomed to be a low-class devil. Finding no warmth in his real family he sets out to create his own family. Disclaimer: We do not own any of the original animes used on this fanfic. We only own our current original characters. The mc will be evil. He will regard most human life as grass or as pawns that he will get rid off. The only people worthy of his respect are the ones as strong or stronger than him. He will do anything to protect his new family even if it means comiting crimes, massacres or torture. If that is not your cup of tea, then we suggest you to leave and find a more suitable novel or fanfic for you. Also, our character will not be overpowered we will try to balance him as much as possible. We will decide the pace of the story and will not change it even if the readers ask. This is supposed to be a slow story with character development. If you spot any grammar mistake, then you can write it in the paragraph and we will edit it. If you want to do some review, it must be in english and do not review this novel based on the other novel.

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Oemitsu walked in the direction of the small child in front of him only to be stopped by his aunt, who was clearly not happy with his presence.

"What do you want?"

Four simple words were enough to tell oemitsu that Rias wasn't happy about his presence.

But he couldn't care less about her opinion. He is here for a reason and he will not leave until he achieves his objective, that is what he stands for and will always stand for.

"Is that how you treat family? I am hurt, you haven't even introduced me to your friend."

Oemitsu's smile could foul anybody that didn't know him, but Rias knew clearly what type of monster he is. She heard about it from everybody.

"You are not family, you are a monster. I will not allow you to come close to Sona."

Rias stood between him and Sona, clearly protecting her friend from Oemitsu.

"I could say the same thing to you. Soon enough, you will be Mrs. Phenex. I can feel the tears in my eyes when I remind myself that in a couple of years you will be married."

Rias was clearly not happy with the conversation.

She lived in her little world, surrounded by her family that allowed her to go around showing off her clan's prestige and honour.

The only person who mocked her and reminded her every single time of her marriage is Oemitsu.

Unlike his brother who is kind and nice to her, he is the complete opposite always rude and inconsiderate.

"I will not marry Riser. I will only marry a man that I approve, not a man that my father chose."

Oemitsu laughed at her words.

'Good words, but they lack credibility. Specially considering your past, everything that you have ever achieved was a product of your parents pulling the strings. Your peerage, your friends, your possessions and your lifestyle. Even your current power was a product of Venelana, if you weren't born from Venelana's vagina then you would have been a plain woman.'

"I would love to see that happening, but you lack the power... you are weak, ridiculously weak. To the point that it is pathetic to be breathing the same air as you. If you ever get over our clan's fetish for supremacy then come find me and I will happily train you."

Oemitsu was truthful with his words.

He never hated or disliked Rias, she was just a girl that was born into a family that neglected him. She was fed the wrong things ever since she was born, so if she decided to start making an effort on gaining her things through effort without taking shortcuts then he saw no reason to not help her.

Of course, he would also try to manipulate her into thinking like him.

"I don't need your help, if I need assistance then I will ask help from people stronger than you, like your brother."

Oemitsu almost died from laughing as soon as she said those words.

'How delusional can you be?! Then again if she grows up to become as stuffed as venelana then I wouldn't mind keep her as a pet.'

"My name is Sona Sitri, the heiress to the Sitri clan. I don't think that you need to say your name out loud, considering your reputation. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Sona approached him out of her own will, stopping his conversation with Rias before Rias could say something that she regrets. She didn't join the conversation between Oemitsu and Rias earlier, because she was trying to figure out Oemitsu's personality.

That was easier said than done, he was controlling the flow of the conversation between Rias and him and he was making her walk right into his traps. He was hiding his emotions behind a mask, that way of acting like he doesn't care about anything is clearly a mask.

"This is quite unfair, you know everything about me but I never heard of you. Your sister shows up in any history book about devils and you... you don's even get a page."

Oemitsu looked around and smiled when he saw 3 individuals hiding in shadows, clearly assigned to protect Sona.

'So this is how much your sister cares for you!'

Oemitsu slowly hid his hand behind his back and strings started to contract in between his fingers.

He looked at the figures that he didn't recognise and spilled a little bit of killing intent, leaving his true intentions clear.

He knew perfectly that those weren't Rias's guards since he never saw them before, he was quite familiar with every single individual that served his family.

"Give it time, I am only 9, soon enough I will spread my name throughout every single book. I will achieve my dreams without the help of my clan, with my own sweat blood and tears I will gain my place in history."

Sona said out loud with stars in her eyes, she was clearly a dreamer.

She had a dream and she was willing to do anything to achieve it, without help. She was different from his aunt, she actually wanted to achieve her dreams through her hard work.

She is like a Valentina, except she isn't willing to destroy an entire Kingdom to achieve her ambition.

"What is this dream of yours? I am rather interested, what has gotten the interest of the heiress of the Sitri? You have everything... Ppower, money, family..."

Rias wanted to step in but Sona stopped her. She was not afraid of Oemitsu and she doesn't need her best friend protecting her.

"Why are you so curious? As far as I remember, you expressed your hatred towards our kind multiple times. You despise devils and yet here you are questioning one. Stop with the games and tell me, what do you want from my sister?"

Oemitsu was surprised, she is more cunning than she looks. At the bold age of 9, she can see through a scheme with facility, he almost wants to steal her away.

'She might be as smart as Shiro or more.'

"I have no desire to speak about your sister, I wish to learn more about you. You are the first young Devil that has managed to spark my interest. So tell me, what is your dream?"

Oemitsu inquired as he watched one of the Devils watching Sona disappear, probably to warn his master about this development.

'Hopefully, Serafall will come running or else I will have to eliminate such a special specimen. She is an incredible smart Devil, uncorrupted by this society. It would be a shame having to end her, but if her sister forces my hand then I will have no choice. Anything to ensure my family's future...'

You can't expect me to just tell you without getting anything in return. I tell you mine and you tell me yours. Deal?"

Rias was surprised by Sona's words. She was actually trying to force oemitsu into a deal in which she benefited. Everybody knew Sona's dream and she was mocked for it, the only thing he had to do was search for a kid their age and ask.

This information was not worth what she was asking for, Oemitsu was secretive about everything that he did. Not even the gremories knew what he was after.

"Interesting kid. Sure, I will take your deal. Well! Ladies first..."

Sona raised an eyebrow, clearly not trusting Oemitsu. Silence soon ensued, she wanted guarantees and oemitsu was wondering to himself. Was he really that untrustworthy.

"Don't worry kid, I keep my word."

Oemitsu smiled as he saw Sona take a step forward.

"I will open a Rating Game School that is open to all regardless of their status. Your turn..."

The ambition behind her words, she truly is similar to Valentina.

'A shame that her dream is something so small, with the right people and the right moves, she can get that done in a year.'

The Devils around her laughed like it was the biggest joke they ever heard. Under normal circumstances, they would never do that since Serafall is always close to her sister, but today she isn't around.

"Me?... well, I will become the most powerful man in existence."

Oemitsu said out loud as he released his Conqueror's Haki, knocking everyone around them.

Showing them clearly that he is not kidding, the laughter stopped and the only sound around him was Devils hitting the ground. He didn't kill them, but they will sleep for a little while.

"You are quite ambitious, is that why you kill? You want to show off that you are stronger?"

Sona inquired as she looked at his eyes while gripping her fists. Rias was completely out of the picture at this point, she wasn´t even trying to say anything, she was just hearing them. It felt like a clash of titans right in front of her.

"Nop, I kill because I can't forgive my enemies. There is only one place for enemies... Below the ground."

(You are lying, you enjoy it. You can lie to everyone, even to yourself, but you can't lie to your Onee-chan. After all, you are the best successor any Chaos Lord could hope for.)

Nyar whispered in head.

Oemitsu sighed, he missed her. She was gone for quite a while, she said that she had business to take care and rarely spoke.

'Perhaps... But let's keep that a secret. Let's implant a good image in this girl's mind.'

Sona had a weird feeling that she was being ignored even though oemitsu was clearly looking at her.

"That is still no excuse to be evil... That rating game was brutal from what I heard, so much so that it was forbidden for me and Rias to watch. You do know that being evil has a price, when you take whatever you want a lot of people will be upset. You are going to have to bury a lot of 'enemies' if you keep your current path."

Oemitsu smiled at that naiveness on the little girl's words.

'You are going to have enemies in everything that you do... even in your small dream of building up a Rating Game School, there are going to be a lot of Devils that are going to try and stop you from succeeding. For success to exist, there needs to be someone that gets the short end of the stick.'

"I would rather kill my enemies before they become a problem to my objectives. It is a simpler way to deal with them."

'I know that perfectly, but it hasn't stopped me in the past and it will not stop me in the future.'

Oemitsu said out loud while thinking of something else. His enemy count will not increase and he knows that perfectly, after all who wants to make him his enemy.

It is one thing to risk your life when you are fighting somebody that you hate, but fighting Oemitsu means that you want your entire family to disappear. Everyone has something that they love and Oemitsu will always exploit that.

Take a look at Serafall, one of the strongest Devils alive and yet here he is with her weakness right in front of him.

'Your time has ran out Serafall... you forced my hand.'

Oemitsu though as he was about to end Sona's life. For the first time, killing somebody was going to leave a bad aftertaste on his mouth... he quickly brought his hand upwards and looked at Sona.

However, before he could deal the final blow.