Chaotic Journey.

Oemitsu Gremory, the son of Grayfia and Sirzechs, is neglected by his own family for not being born with the Power of Destruction. A power that is characteristic of those of the Bael Family, however, it was inherited by those of the current Gremory generation. He was not only born without this power, but he was doomed to be a low-class devil. Finding no warmth in his real family he sets out to create his own family. Disclaimer: We do not own any of the original animes used on this fanfic. We only own our current original characters. The mc will be evil. He will regard most human life as grass or as pawns that he will get rid off. The only people worthy of his respect are the ones as strong or stronger than him. He will do anything to protect his new family even if it means comiting crimes, massacres or torture. If that is not your cup of tea, then we suggest you to leave and find a more suitable novel or fanfic for you. Also, our character will not be overpowered we will try to balance him as much as possible. We will decide the pace of the story and will not change it even if the readers ask. This is supposed to be a slow story with character development. If you spot any grammar mistake, then you can write it in the paragraph and we will edit it. If you want to do some review, it must be in english and do not review this novel based on the other novel.

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Caught Red-handed.

A pink missile landed on Sona.

This pink missile is a beautiful girl looking in her late teens with black hair, tied into twin tails and blue eyes. Her body while childish like, has huge breasts making them stand out. As if that wasn't enough, she is wearing a magical girl outfit that comes with a short skirt that barely hides her underwear.

"So-tan are you alright? Do you have any injuries? Any muscle sore? Any bone broken?"

Oemitsu watched with great interest as the girl in front of him groped her little sister's body using the excuse that she is looking for injuries. She even lifted Sona's skirt and peeked on her underwear.

'Are all Satans massive perverts?'

Oemitsu wondered as he remembered that his father has a thing for his aunt even though she is 9 years old.

(All devils are perverts... that is what disgusts me about this race, if I though of them as a race worth of my time I might have just wiped them out. They are lucky, I was very selective of my targets back in the day.)

Oemitsu rolled his eye when he heard her words.

'You are a worst pervert then all of them combined. what do you mean you were very selective of your targets?! You were just lazy, you spent most millenniums sleeping.'

Nyar sighed when she heard his words. He just couldn't understand the love that she has for him...

(I will have you know that I am not a pervert, I am an artist. I paint and write about what I love. Besides I am not lazy, I just work smart not hard.)

All his years with Nyar told him not to ask about what she had painted or written. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

'What about your sister? Is she going to be a problem?'

This was the main reason why Nyar was away for a couple of hours, she was trying to figure out, just how strong her sister is.

(Don't know. She is way stronger than she used to be... if you fight her you will die, before you can even touch her, her power is extremely dangerous. The good news is that she still has the same weakness as before.)

Oemitsu immediately asked.

'And what is this weakness?'

Nyar giggled with a very dark tone in her voice.

(She still over relies on the power that she was born with. She never bothered training her body, so if you find a way to stop her power, then you can kill her. Before all of that though, you should kill all of her subordinates.)

Oemitsu nodded, but he kept this information in the back of his mind. Something told him that he was not going to fight nyar´s sister that soon. Vergo touched him in the shoulder, making his presence known.

'You were right, she was rushing directly to your room. We were lucky, she had no idea where your room is, so she got lost."

Oemitsu almost fell head first when he heard this. He wasn't planning on killing Sona, he was just plotting on scaring her for life. He was part of one of the most influential clans in the underworld, he would get off with a slap in the wrist. Specially since they could heal her with a phoenix tear.

It would also make Serafall go berserk and the Sitri couldn't really press charges if Serafall did the same to Oemitsu.


Sona finally exploded and ran away, crying for her life. Oemitsu would have done the same if he was in her situation. The embarrassment of having her older sister hug her in front of all of her friends was too much for Sona. She might be smart for her age, but she was still a brat in the inside.

"So you are Serafall Leviathan, you are exactly as the rumours described you."

Oemitsu stepped forward and started speaking with the weird but incredibly hot woman in front of him.

"Nice to meet you Mi-kun☆! I am the Maou Serafall Leviathan☆. Call me Levia-tan☆."

Oemitsu was not expecting the weird poses. He spent a lot of time with weirdos with a lot of power, hell his family was filled with them, but Serafall is on another level.

'Really? Mi-kun?'

Oemitsu though as he braced himself, this conversation was going to be harder then he expected.

"Levia-tan I am gonna cut to the chase what were you doing sniffing around my room?"

Serafall did a spin and lifter her wand, Oemitsu took this opportunity to take a look at her white panties. There is no wonder those geezers allow her to dress like this, she was fan service in flesh and bones.

"Mi-kun you can hide it from everyone but you can't hide it from me. I know your secret."

Oemitsu lifted an eyebrow and looked deeply into her eyes. He couldn't read Serafall, it doesn't matter how much he tried, he just cannot see over that magic girl persona.

'Nyar, what are my chances against Serafall?'

Nyar immediately responded to his question.

(If you guys fought 10 times you would win 6 of them. If you use "that", then you would win 9 out of 10.)


Oemitsu looked at this energetic girl with new eyes, she sparked his interest ever since she arrived. Now that small spark that she created in his mind was slowly growing to a huge fire.

"Tell me Levia-tan what is this secret that only you know?"

Oemitsu asked as he stepped forward, he was not scared of serafall or anybody in this party. Some Devils here might be stronger than him, but as a general that has massacred millions he knows no such thing as fear.

"The members of your family, they are all anime characters. You specifically picked secondary characters to hide this, the only exception is your little sister Shiro. You might be able to trick every single Devil around, but you can't trick a magic girl."

Oemitsu smiled, this was no secret. He knew that once he revealed his family to the underworld, everybody would know that he can get access to anime characters. He seriously underestimated how little Devils actually watch anime. They have their own anime that is all made by Serafall, so they have no real need to watch human anime. Specially since they consider themselves superior to humans.

"Oh! You got me. What are you going to do with that information levia-tan?"

Oemitsu showed the face of a child that was caught with his hand on the cookie jar. A super otaku like Serafall obviously watched every single anime there is in the human world, so she knows exactly what type of powers his family has or at least she thinks that she does.

"I want to make a deal with you. Not here though, meet me in 5 days on the border between the Sitri and Gremory territories."

Her childness gone from her face, she was not playing games.

Interesting... Oemitsu thought as he looked at Serafall. Serafall could be an asset if he plays his cards right... he knows her weakness and he knows exactly how to manipulate her into doing what he wants. Getting one of the Satans under his wing, might give him the inside scope that he needs to control the entire Devil Council

"I will be there..."

Oemitsu whispered as he looked at Serafall's breasts, he never bothered to hide his lust. Serafall smiled and turned around to leave before suddenly turning around and looking at Oemitsu again.

"Oh! One more thing before I go... if you use So-tan to get my attention again, I will exterminate you in the name of love."

Serafall said out loud with a smile and her wand pointed at Oemitsu.

"Fufufufu, Scary... I will keep that in mind."

Oemitsu smiled as he watched her leave. Her ass swaying with each step she took, he might be lying to himself when he said that he was trying to get her under his wing just for her power. Bending her over and fucking her cross eyed is something that he is looking forward to.

"Well I am officially bored. I need something to clench my boredom... let me think! OH! I know, how about a little good old fight between brothers."

Oemitsu smiled at such thought, if he was going to leave the party might as well leave behind a scar.