24 Chapter 24 – Class D at the end of its rope

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Horikita's suggestion to raise the selling price of points was met with enthusiastic support from most D-class students: "Right! Chabashira-sensei, if we must sell them the points to lower our scores, let's sell high."

"A billion points for each mark! Let's see if those guys in C-class can afford that."

"Haha, it looks like D-class will win in the end! As long as they can't afford the price, they lose."

However, as D-class students mocked C-class, only Ayanokoji quietly shook his head. If it were that easy to dissuade C-class, Chabashira-sensei would have done so from the start, instead of discussing "class affairs" with Yukio.

C-class students, hearing this, anxiously looked at Yukio, wondering how he'd handle it if their teacher really raised the price. Would they really spend a fortune just to expel three dunces from D-class?

Ryuen followed Yukio closely, sensing the gaze of his classmates. Waving his hand dismissively, he said, "Just watch. Yukio wouldn't be here if he wasn't sure of his plan."

"Wise words, Ryuen," Yukio replied, giving him a thumbs-up. Turning to Chabashira-sensei, he said, "So, Chabashira-sensei, let's talk prices for these marks."

Yukio had already obtained insider information from their teacher, Sakagami-sensei, before coming here. He knew teachers had the discretion to trade marks and set prices arbitrarily. However, the school had a hidden rule: a minimum of ten thousand points and a maximum of one hundred thousand points per mark. Within this limit, Yukio confidently brought his classmates to confront D-class, reinforcing his authority.

Unbeknownst to the teachers, Yukio knew these limits through Sakagami-sensei's help. He had previously inquired about buying extra points for better grades. Sakagami-sensei, unable to reveal this due to school rules, regrettably shook his head, indicating he couldn't tell Yukio.

Yukio cleverly rephrased his question, asking to buy an extra point for a slightly better score than perfect, which wouldn't be considered revealing secrets. Sakagami-sensei, amused, agreed to sell for ten thousand points, then feigned anger and raised the price to one hundred thousand when Yukio pretended to notice something in his eye. Yukio declined, content with a perfect score, and led his classmates to D-class without hesitation.

"Prices are subject to mood," Chabashira-sensei said coldly, eyeing Yukio warily. "Since your arrival has soured my mood, the price for you is now 100,000 per point."

This response amused Yukio, as Sakagami-sensei had said the exact same thing.

D-class students were surprised by the low price set by Chabashira-sensei. However, the price of one hundred thousand points per mark was steep enough to ensure Sudo and the others' expulsion if D-class had to pay it. But for C-class, there was a fear they might afford it, given their different financial situations.

In contrast to D-class's zero class points, C-class had 560 points per student. Even if they had spent their initial 100,000 points, they would still have an average of 560,000 points each by May, enough to afford the purchase.

"We'll buy it," Yukio agreed. "After all, you guys need to buy 28 marks, while we only need to buy three."

Horikita frowned deeply, realizing the dire situation. D-class needed to pay a massive price to save three students by fully boosting their marks to the passing line.

For C-class, it was a simple task to ensure the expulsion of the three dunces from D-class by just buying three points, ensuring they always fell one point short of passing. The stark disparity in scores and the vast difference in points between the two classes put Horikita in a difficult and bitter situation. She realized she was virtually powerless against Yukio's tactics and felt incredibly frustrated and helpless.

On the podium, Chabashira-sensei sighed helplessly, surprised by C-class's cunning timing. She wondered how Yukio had so quickly deciphered the school's system to orchestrate such a clever plan in just over a month.

Kushida, hidden among the crowd, was outwardly scared but internally wary. How could they deal with Yukio, who boldly confronted them and left the whole class helpless? She was infuriated about the video revealing her true nature still in Yukio's possession, yet had to suppress her anger to maintain her facade.

Ayanokoji, who had suggested the points trading idea to Horikita, appeared indifferent, as if everything happening had nothing to do with him. It seemed that this time, even he had no solution to the predicament, as D-class was thoroughly outmaneuvered by Yukio.

In D-class, the students were silent and despondent, realizing their defeat was inevitable under C-class's assault. The mockery they had previously directed at C-class now felt like invisible slaps to their own faces.

Seeing his classmates' misery, Sudo finally understood that he couldn't escape expulsion. He looked hopelessly at Horikita, his classmates, and the C-class students outside before collapsing in despair, devoid of any will to fight back.

Ike and Yamauchi were also filled with resentment towards Yukio and C-class but were powerless to do anything. They felt completely cornered with no way out.


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