2 Prologue (2)

(General POV)

"About damn time you got here."

The young man looked bewilderedly around him, finally settling upon the source of the voice. It came from another seemingly young man who did not look much older than he did. He was sitting at a tea table, a cup of steaming tea in front of him. Opposite him was another chair in front of which there was another cup and a teapot.

"Come and sit. The tea has calming effects. I want you with a clear mind before we talk." The stranger gestured to the chair. He himself was dressed in a hoodie and jeans with black sneakers on.

The young man hesitated for a moment before strutting up to the chair and plopping himself down. The stranger poured him a cup of tea as any gracious host would before drawing back and waiting patiently.

The young man took a sip dumbly, still unable to come to reality because of what had just transpired. One sip was all it took before his mind cleared of all thoughts and he finally focused on the situation before him.

The last thing he remembered was choking on a cheesepuff before suddenly he found himself sitting on the balcony of a castle. He looked up to his unexpected companion as he spoke once more.

"My name is Nekros. And you are in the realm of Valaron, my own…personal dimension if you will. A world in which I am lord and master, and exists only for my own convenience. Now you've read enough pieces of fiction and fanfiction to know whats going on right now, Alex."

"You're a god?" questioned the now revealed Alex.

Nekros smiled before taking his cup once again and sipping.

"Mhm, yes. Although not your typical one."

"What do you mean?"

"I wasn't always as I am now. Once upon a time, I was a normal mortal like yourself, before I received the choice of life in a different world of my choosing as whatever I wanted to be. Ever since then, I traversed the omniverse, going where I like and doing as I felt, eventually finding my way to omnipotence. Now I just sit down in my realm, watching events unfurl in every reality."

"So you brought me here to reincarnate me into another world?"


Alex frowned, his gaze becoming piercing towards the deity as his earlier words came into mind.

"What did you mean earlier on 'About damn time'. Were you actively trying to bring me here.?"

Nekros shook his head.

"No. I was just observing you. I was hoping that the truck would take you out and I could just snag your soul and bring you here under the typical cliché of anime context. "Killed by truck-kun and taken to a god to be reincarnated." But you kept dodging and my patience was growing thin. Luckily, you choked on your gluttony right before I lost interest."

"Glad to see that my death experiences amuse you." Alex muttered.

"If its any consolation, it will take first place in my book of funniest moments of death. It will probably stay there for a good minute as I can't imagine anything being more amusing than that."

Alex grunted and took another sip of his tea. Nekros shrugged before folding his arms on the table.

"Now that that's sorted, let's get into your reincarnation. Im going to give you thre---"

"No thank you."



Nekros blinked. And blinked again.

"Excuse me?"

"I said no thank you."

"Huh. Are you actually telling me that you are refusing to be reincarnated into a fantasy world? With cheats of your own?"


"May I inquire as to why? Its unusual for someone to refuse an opportunity like this."

"I don't want to be reincarnated into a different life for the entertainment of some god. You say you're omnipotent? Then use it to send me back to my old life, cuz I was perfectly content there."

"Why would you want to lead such a boring life in the normal world when you could have a new one in what was to you fictional one?"

"Because these worlds don't just mean fun as you imply. Living in a world where there is constant fear of some super powered psycho burning your life down every day? A life where death is within an arms-reach every waking moment? A world where potentially the concept of human rights is not taken seriously? Where life is hard and long without tech and my usual joys? Nah, I'll pas."

Nekros leaned backwards in his chair.

"You seem to think you have a choice in this."

Alex stood up.

"And you're just going to force me into a situation I don't want to be in? To give me something I don't want!"

Nekros merely nodded.

"That is just immensely self conceited!"

Nekros smiled at him.

"One day you'll understand why you don't have a choice. You're going regardless. Now I cant explain everything here. So take this."

Nekros lifted his hand and a sword appeared in it. Alex took a close look at it, wondering why it suddenly seemed familiar before his eyes widened.

"Yes, this is the holy sword Excalibur from the Seven Deadly Sins. When the time is right, you are going to be the new King of Chaos. Until then."


Alex didn't get to finish as Nekros suddenly threw the sword at him and it hit his chest making him fall over. But instead of falling on the floor he suddenly found himself falling through clouds.

"Clouds?" Alex questioned before looking down seeing himself miles up in the sky, and what he realized was a city swiftly becoming bigger and bigger by the second.

"THAT LITTLE SHITHEAD!" Alex franticly flailed about in the air, desperately grasping for something to catch a hold of. His hand suddenly found the grip of his sword. He looked at the blade in panicked confusion.

"This is supposed to be a magic sword right? Can't it do SOMETHING to help me?"

But before he could do anything, his hand suddenly collided with a bird that just appeared out of nowhere in the air. The blade was knocked out of his grip and suddenly started sailing away from him. Alex dejectedly realized that wherever the sword was going, would be far away from wherever he was going to land.


He desperately looked around, looking for some form of salvation. Suddenly his eyes caught sight of something in the distance. In the far off distance, he caught sight of a great tower in the middle of a medieval looking city. He squinted a little, trying very much to remember where he had seen this tower before.

Suddenly it hit him. What that tower was, and where he was.

"The tower of Babel. Then that means… I'm in Danmachi."

Unbeknownst to him however, his body was becoming smaller and transparent. Until eventually, by the time he realized what world he was in now, he'd become an orb of bright light.

If anyone were roaming the streets that night, they would have seen a bright light rocket through a window. Moments later, there was a woman's scream…and the cries of a baby.


Nekros smiled as his signature warp gate in the floor closed. Taking out an hourglass from his pocket, he set turned it over and set it upon the table, beginning the count down to the point where the top half would be completely empty of sand.

He stood, folded his arms behind his back and walked off the balcony, into the room within.

"By the time that hourglass is empty, your life will have produced for me a nice new anime show to watch. Have fun Alex… or should I say Lyzof Keele. That is apparently your name from now on. Hm, Lyzof Keele, the King of Chaos. Don't really know if its catchy, but it'll do for now."

He turned once more to walk away, before stopping again.

"Oh wait. I forgot the blessing."

He lifted his left hand, revealing nails that were a little sharper than normal. Driving the thumb into his finger, he squeezed out a large drop of blood. Before it could hit the ground, a small warp gate opened underneath it, swallowing it hole.

"This is going to be another cheat for you. Not like it would actually benefit you though, technically. But all in good time. Now then, Lyze, entertain me."


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P.S. If any of you are wondering, yes it is Nekros from my other fic, after all his adventures are over.

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