Chaos' Heir

A recurring nightmare afflicted Khan's nights since the Second Impact. His dreams replayed the scenes of the crash of the Nak's spaceship, an alien race that the humans had defeated five hundred years ago. Khan's life had turned upside-down after the tragedy. His mother had died during the incident, and the Nak's toxic mana had infected him. His father had managed to save him, but they ended up losing their home and name in the process. The nightmares wouldn't let Khan forget about the Nak, so he decided to join the Global Army and learn to wield mana. He had to put an end to those dreams, even if that meant hunting down that alien race through the stars. ------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EoCNovels Instagram: eocnovels Discord link: https://discord.gg/fNsPwXMP7P Cover artist: https://digitalrowye.com/

Eveofchaos · Fantasy
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835 Chs


Khan didn't expect a General to sponsor his promotion, especially since he had close allies who could perform the same task.

However, the event wasn't too surprising either. Khan's fame had gotten big enough to spread concerning doubts about his figure. The public had to be reassured and a Colonel might not cut it.

Of course, the matter worked in Khan's favor, but he couldn't help but feel hesitant. Clearly, many big figures had gotten interested in his training methods and alien techniques. Major General Arngan didn't seem the type to play those political games, but Khan worried nonetheless.

"A week," Khan announced. "That's sooner than I thought."

"The promotion isn't scheduled yet," Monica explained. "It's not even official, but everyone knows it will happen."

Khan didn't need to read Monica's expression to understand what she implied. The same thoughts had popped into his mind, and a helpless sigh inevitably escaped his mouth.